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Optometry patient treatment

Doctor: good afternoon

Patient: good afternoon
Doctor please come in
Patient: thanks
Doctor: welcome, I'm Dr. Juan, nice to meet you.
Patient: Thank you, for me it's a pleasure too.

Doctor: how can I help you?

Patient: I come to change my glasses.
Doctor: how old are you?
Patient: I'm 25 years old
Doctor: how long have you had them?
Patient: more than one year
Doctor: Are you diabetic?
Patient: no doctor
Doctor: are you hypertensive?
Patient: no doctor
Doctor: I will give you a visual acuity test, please take a seat.
Please spell the letters that are under the red line.
Patient: I can not recognize them
Doctor: then please read the letters from line 1

Patient: E
Doctor: line 2
Patient: F P
Doctor: line 3
Patient: T O Z
Doctor: line 4
Patient: L P E D
Doctor: line 5
Patient: P E C F D
Doctor: line 6
Patient: E D F C Z P
Doctor: thank you, you seem to have farsightedness, you need to
change your lenses and change graduation.
Are you interested in purchasing your new lenses?
Patient: yes
Doctor: This is the diagnosis, I recommend you visit us every two years
to perform your respective visual examination
please go with my partner, she will show you the available lens models
Patient: thank you doctor for your attention.
Doctor: to serve you, have a good day.