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Examen de ingles

Module 6

a. billboard

Complete the sentences with words from the box.

b. live gig

1. The of the Lord of the Ring was awarded.

c. trilogy

2. The best for me is Step by Step

3. I had a terrible accident, the . Failed and I crashed

d. plug

4. I need to change the in my hairdryer.

e. engine

5. Put our baggage in the .

f. sitcom

6. The .. cover the car mechanically for a year

g. trunk

7. His next film will be a to last years hit movie

h. warranty

8. The car has a new.

9. Our favorite song was displayed in the . last week

i. prequel

10. The band is going to Atlanta to play a .. at the Foxj.Theater.


A. Match the beginning with its corresponding ending (restrictive and
nonrestrictive relative clauses)
1. My brother


a. whose husband is Canadian

2. the church


b. which we visited yesterday is

3. My friend Jenny ________

c. who lives in Sidney came to see m..

B. Unscramble the words to make sentences (reported speech)

4. said/ Mark/ he/ knew / loved/ Anna/ him.
5. told/ not/ to/ be/ rude/ to/ anymore/ I/ her/ me.
6. again/ asked/ me/ not/ call/ he/ to/ tonight/ call/ him.
C. Circle the correct answer
7. You did your homework

a. wont there?

b. didnt you?

8. You have tea at 4 oclock

t you?

a. doesnt you?

B. did you?

9. He is late this morning a. is he?

B. isnt he?

C. did you?
C. don

C. doesnt he?

10. there will be a strike a will there?

B. wont there?

C. will be there?

Read the text and check the answer.

1. Carolyn Haxs actvice

a. makes sense

3. Carolyn haxs column

a. three days a week

b. makes everyone laugh

b. seven days a week

c. make sense and makes people laugh

c. four days a week

2. Her advice is unusual because


4. Nick Galifianakis Carolyn

a. its only available online

a. son

b. it doesnt provide her readers with a solution

b. editor

c. people with problems can choose what kind of

advice they want.
other 4 col..

c. husband

5. Carolyn Hax has adapted

a. in a Washington D.C. University
b. to discuss for two hours with

c. to help her readers solve their

A. Complete the sentences with words from the box.
1. On-screen translation of speech_________________

a. subscribed
2. All the episodes in one year of a series_______________ to
3. Pay regularly to receive something__________________ b. billboards
c. season
d. dubbed
e. reviews

4. Enormous outdoor advertisements____________________

5. Spoken in the viewers native lanuage___________________
6. Critics opinions ________________________

Read the text and answer the following questions.

1. What was Jerrys job?

2. What kind of boss is Jerry?
3. What was Jerry thinking during the robbery?
4.What attitude did Jerry have in his surgery?
5. What lesson life does Jerry teach you with his experience?
B. Complete the sentences with the proper word from the bank





1. The ___________ of twelve Monkeys includes many big actors from the gene
2. The Lord of the Rings __________ is the most nominated film series evert
3. What ____________ does Leonardo DiCaprio play in Titanic?
4. A fantastic _____________ was filmed to X-men movies, to better understand the
A.- Write the conversation in Reported Speech using the verbs given in

Can you give me ride to the dentist

Fred: I can drive you there in the morning


Meet me outside my house at 9.00 A.M.

Fred: I will be there around nine


Dont be late

Fred: I dont have any other plant.


Im very grateful.

Susan asked Fred to give her (ask) a ride to the dentist. Fred
____________________(tell) there
In the morning. Susan _______________________(ask) outside her house at 9.00 a.m.
___________________________(say) there around nine. Susan_______________(tell)
late. Fred ___________________________(tell) any other plant. Susan Said that she
was (say) very grateful.
B.- Relative Clauses: rewrite and combine using WHO, THAT or WHICH.
Be careful with the using pronouns.
1. Comedies are a type of movie. They usually make people laugh
2. Glee is a popular TV show. It stars Jane Lynch
3. Natalie Portman is an actress. She won an Oscar for her performance in Black
C.- Decide if relative clauses are Restrictive or Non-restrictive, and
write it on lines. Then, put commas where is necessary
1. People who have a sweet tooth consume a lot of sugar
2. People who dont always do what is good for them consume too much sugar


1. The Great Wall of China

3. Easter Island

a. is made completely of dirt and stones

a. is close to Chile and Tahiti

b. was built by wheelbarrows

b. has some large statues

c. is too long to walk in one day

2. Great Zimbabwe is
a. on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia

c. has an unusual sculpture

4. The city where the woman
a. is located in the mountains

b. the largest monument in southern Africa b. is known in English as the Sun

c. a modern city with 20,000 people

c. is over 6.000 year old

5. From Eastern Island, Chile and Tahiti

a. are very remote
b. are really close
c. are far awqy