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Cilacap, November 9th , 2016

Attention to :
Head of HRD

Medco Power Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear Sir/Madam
Having known about a job vacancy from my Seniors Mrs. Novi Hery Yono on November 4 th 2016, I
am interested to applying my application letter in Medco Power Indonesia. Here with my short cv :
: Apriyanto Ahmad Faizal
Place and Date of birth
Address based ID
Mobile Number
Graduated from

: Cilacap, April 8th 1995

: Male
: Jl Wijayakusuma RT 4 RW 1 Sumingkir, Jeruklegi, Cilacap 53252
: 085725056403
: apriyantofaizal@gmail.com
: D III Chemical Engineering major at Diponegoro University
: 3.63

With my qualificationts, i am interested to joint in Medco Power Indonesia, I will be able to

contribute effectively to your company. Here with i enclose :
1. Curriculum Vitae.
2. Letter of graduation
3. Academic transcript
4. Copy of ID card
5. Certificate of asisstant laboratorium
6. Color photograph
I would gladly welcome an opportunity to have an interview with you at your convenience. I hope my
skills can be one of your companys assest. I am looking forward to hearing from you in the near
future.Thank you for your consideration and attention


Apriyanto Ahmad Faizal