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Riverview Missionary Baptist

11 Riverview Drive P.O. Box 977
Coeymans, NY 12045

(518) 756-2018
Rev. Antonio Booth Rev. Dr. Roxanne Jones Booth, Co-Pastors

Calendar of Events: 2017


4 Diaconate Meeting
14 Annual Church Meeting (10 AM)

16 MLK Program- Empire State

Plaza 9:30 am
21 Mens Prayer Breakfast 10am

22 Christian Unity DayCongregational Church 3pm

28-29 HRFMBA Congress Weekend
Macedonia Baptist Church

February Black History Month

1 Ash Wednesday Worship -Trinity

United Methodist Church
Coeymans Hollow
1 Fast Begins
4 Diaconate Meeting 10am
25 Riverview Short Term Mission
Trip Orientation 3pm-5pm


6 Diaconate Meeting 10 am
7 CROP Walk 2pm
21-26 HRFMBA 3rd Quarterly
SessionMt. Zion Baptist Church 7pm
28 Church Anniversary
28 Pastor Appreciation

Bethany Baptist Church 7pm

4 Diaconate Meeting 10am
19 HRFMBA/ Central Hudson
Regional Retreat- Pre-Retreat
Praise Concert- Metropolitan
Baptist Church 7pm
20 HRFMBA/ Central Hudson
Regional Retreat ClassesMacedonia 9am
26 African-American Luncheon
(after worship)


March- Womens History Month

2-3 HRFMBA 2nd Quarterly Session-

1 Diaconate Meeting 10am

8 Ministry Leaders Quarterly
Meeting 10am
9 Palm Sunday Fast Ends
14 Good Friday Worship
22 Mens Prayer Breakfast 10 am
16 Resurrection Sunday
29-30 HRFMBA Congress Weekend
Macedonia Baptist Church

June- Kidney Walk

3 DC Trip to National Museum of

African-American History & Culture
($60 per person)
10 Family Celebration Luncheon


1 Diaconate Meeting 10 am
5-28 Riverview Summer Day Camp
8 Ministry Leaders Quarterly
Meeting 10am
28 Movie Night (dusk)
29-30 HRFMBA Congress Weekend
Macedonia Baptist Church

August- No Bible Study

September- Hispanic Heritage


2 Diaconate Meeting 10 am
16 Mens Prayer Breakfast
24 Hispanic Heritage Luncheon
HRMBA Adjourned Session (TBD)

October- Italian Heritage Month

2-3 HRFMBA 1st Quarterly Session

6 Baptist Women World Day of
Prayer (TBD)
4 Diaconate Meeting 10 am
23 - Thanksgiving
25 - Gospel Holiday Concert 7pm

7 Diaconate Meeting 10 am
14- Quarterly Ministry Leaders
Meeting 10 am
16-20 EBMC Annual Session
Radisson Hotel Albany, NY
22- Italian Heritage Luncheon
28-29 HRFMBA Congress Weekend
Macedonia Baptist Church
31 Harvest Party 5:30-8pm



5- Diaconate Meeting
7-11 EBMC Congress of Christian
Ed/ Young Peoples Conference/
Laymens Workshop- Albany, NY
Radisson Hotel
13-18 HRFMBA Annual Session
Macedonia Baptist Church 7pm
20-25 Tri-Cities RevivalMetropolitan Baptist 7pm
26 Riverview Annual Block Party
12pm 4pm

10-23 Short Term Mission Trip

16-Christmas Luncheon 1 pm
25 - Christmas
31 - Watch Night Sunday 10:30 pm
to 12am
Breakfast afterwards

Regular Church Meetings

2nd Tuesday Monthly -Prayer Meeting 6:30pm 7:30pm
Every Wednesday -Prayer Shawl Ministry 4:30pm- 6pm
Every Wednesday- Bible Study 6pm-8pm
Every Saturday- Womens Bible Study 9am-11am
Every Sunday- Spirituality on Sunday (NA Meeting) 7pm

Being Gods Family: Loving, Caring, Supporting and Encouraging

One Another
Galatians 6:10