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Tender: South ARFF Station Refurbishment AAIA

Tenderer: Lazourdy Contracting & General Maintenance


Company Overview and background

Lazourdy Contracting & General Maintenance is a highly-specialized construction company
with core competence in building construction, maintenance including all Civil and MEP
works, Located in United Arab Emirates. Lazourdy serves both government and private
sectors with unparalleled engineering skill, professionalism and strong commitment for each
and every project. For over 8 years, Lazourdy has built a reputation as the reliable and
valuable construction company in UAE by successfully delivering construction and turnkey
construction projects of varying sizes to different parts of the country.
Because of engineering excellence and project management expertise, Lazourdy has been
promoted to 3rd category in building project and metal construction contracting Abu Dhabi
Municipality. In 2014, Lazourdy achieved the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
Certification, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management system and OHSAS 18001:2007
Occupational Health and Safety Management for its entire range of operations; demonstrating
Lazourdys commitment towards uncompromising quality, health and safety standards and
excellence in customer service. Lazourdys primary safety rule for accidents is governed by:
Zero Tolerance. This policy not only enhances the safety of work crews, it also has the
benefits of reducing injury-related downtime and maintaining reduced rates of materials
Lazourdy employees deliver outstanding work for their clients through unparalleled
engineering skills, professionalism, and strong commitment, while adhering to strict cost and
time management. Lazourdy has always demonstrated its capability to deliver projects on or
often prior to schedule. Under the able leadership of all of Lazourdys management team, we
deliver the highest quality construction projects in alignment with our vision.

Present Conditions
Lazourdy head office is in Al khalidiya, Abu Dhabi having one branch in Al Ain and site offices
at various project. As described in the company profile Lazourdy has successfully executed

projects up to the cost of 45 million dirhams. Currently Lazourdy is 60% to its optimum
capacity and has ability to take new jobs without disturbing its current projects schedule.

Lazourdy total workforce consist of 144 employees. Having 130 labors and 14 Engineers and
supporting staff.

Quality Control
Lazourdy is a contracting multi-disciplinary firm. We specialize in quality control in planning,
and management of engineering projects throughout UAE.
We seek to improve our quality of performance and therefore the service given to our clients.
It is our policy to give clear instructions which are necessary to facilitate the planning and
execution of projects to meet the required quality needed of ISO 9001-2008 quality standards.

Environmental Policy
Lazourdy recognizes the need to protect the environment and to use resources in a way that
helps our future generations. Lazourdy aims to develop and maintain a high standard of
environmental awareness and to continuously improve its environmental performance on its
own activities and on its projects for others to meet the required standards of ISO 14001:2004
Environmental Management system.

Safety Policy
Lazourdy achieved international recognition for its health and safety programmes by
completing OHSAS 18001:2007 certification in Occupational Health & Safety. Our
commitment towards our employees well-being and prevention of accidents is summarized by
Lazourdy primary safety rule governed by: Zero Tolerance. Our personnel continuously
inspect changing workplace conditions to address hazards and minimise any potential risks.
This policy not only enhances the safety of our work crews, it also reduces injury-related
downtime and maintains reduced rates of materials damage.