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Dear sir/madam,

My name is Frederik, 31 years old and grew up in the Netherlands. I am very interested in giving value to this
beautiful house. I like to know if there is a possibility to rent your house for the purpose of initiating a healthy place
where steps will be made to grow a culture of connection. Practically I would make rooms ready to give and exchange
all kinds of things that will benefit the emancipation of the people visiting/participating and to the local neighborhood.
The basic idea is that people here are able to de-learn the things given to them by the dominant culture and relearn
what it is like to be part of a humanity worth living, where value is given by the people involved in a voluntary way.
I would like to have an appointment with the owner(s) of this house to see if we could find an agreement on this idea.
I am very eager to open the first Elefterospiti in the world which is something of historical value, at least for me as
initiator of this project.
Why this project?
Somewhere far back in our history, something happened that caused some people to start the process of
Domestication. Shortly, Domestication is the process in which a living being is deprived of its wildness, true power,
integrity and self-esteem. Simply, forgetting its own truth, and becoming something it is not. The first domesticaters
beginning with agriculture, forcing nature to produce a few specific crops for human consumption. Hierarchies form,
population growing, and that culture needs to expand. The growing culture starts to attack surrounding neighbors still
living a more primitive way. They are a threat to the growing culture, that also needs the space to keep growing.
Through violence and oppression of the other people, they gain control. Perhaps children in those free tribes watched
their parents and elders being murdered and raped. This creates such deep traumas, that these children loose all sense
of self, the link to their ancestors broken, and they become slaves that will obey the authorities that replaced their
parents. These children, having their roots cut off, no memories of loving parents and true connection, continue to
inflict this in others, including their own children, cause this is how they were taught. Generation after generation,
trauma and stress repeated over time eventually causes the brain to shrink. Modern humans have been shown having
smaller skulls than stone-age people. Dogs have a lot smaller brains than their wolf ancestors. They eventually forget
all about their wild origin. They become easy to control when they no longer desire to return to their wild being. But
somewhere deep beneath the surface, they still remember... The process of domestication continues to escalate to this
day. In fact, wild lifeforms have become the exception. Ever more lifeforms on the planet is being forced to abandon
their wild freedom to be assimilated into the domesticated civilization. It is like a cancer, where more cells are
transformed into cancercells, until they eventually kill their host (Earth). In the house we like to give examples of how
to refuse to this dominant culture and give space for reconnecting with our inner wildness. Questions we like to give
practical answers to are; what drives humans to continue craving more things? What drives addictions? What are we
lacking? I like to open the house to vitally reconnect with other humans, where people don't any longer need to
desperately search for any kinds of stimulation, drugs, consumption etc. I wish this house to become an example,
where the wheel of destruction spinning on Earth can come to an end.
What would I practically like to initiate
Depending on the wishes from you as an owner I would like to discover what the unique possibilities of the place
could be. As there are quite many rooms I could imagine there could be a kitchen where things will be cooked from
local farmers, healthy chai could be produced from local herbs, a library of knowledge of all kinds of aspects that
involves an emancipated loving society, there could b a free-shop with local/seasonal products/services, a musicroom,
a repair-place to up-cycle waste, a laboratory for plans to evolve in the region, etc..
You can elaborate more on this idea on www.elefterospiti.weebly.com and you can contact me by email on
I hope to hear from you!
Kind regards,