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-------------------------------------------------------------------------Academic Drill ...

Preparation For HouseJob

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Frame: 29th Dec 2016 - 18th Jan 2017
--------* Clinical Examination: Region Wise

@ 4 HRS With Video

5 Days/Reg

- GPE @ 3 Days
- Abdomen @ 5 Days
- Surgery Specific @ 3 Days
- Respiratory @ 5 Days
- Neurology @ 5 Days
- MSK @ 5 Days ... See M.E Task 1
- CVS @ 5 Days
- Eye/ENT @ 5 Days
- Miscellaenous @ Gradually 1 HR Daily For 1 Year Minimum - LifeTime
Note: These Time Frames Are Not Fixed & Can Be Adjusted According To
ess. Sequence Can Be Swapped Depending On Which Rotation Starts
* 1 Milestone Examination: @ 1 HR
* 1 Hx Adults
@ 2 HRS
* 1 Hx Pediatrics (Merged OR Seperate)
* 1 Counselling Session
* 1 Skill

@ 1 HR

@ 1 HR

* 1 Hx Writing Component ... See KDLB Patient File @ 30 Min

* Terminologies (Urdu) @ 30 Min
* 1 Subscription Writing

@ 30 Min

* 1 Differentials (According To Region)

* 1 Discharge Summary
* 1 SOAP

@ 30 Min

@ 1 HR

* Labs (Region Wise)

1 HR

* Chest Auscultation Sounds @ 30 Min

@ 30 Min


* 1 Pharmacology (Region Wise)

@ 30 Min

Note: Most Of These Components Require 1 Time Study, So Initially The

Schedule Which Seems To Span 14 HRS Will Be Reduced To 10 HRS Accordingly.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------Personal Recommendations
-------------------------------------------------------------------------Regional Skills Also Include GPE. Please Go Through PROF Folder & Your
Existing Booklets Contained In Wardrobe, Followed By Macleods Etc
See M.E Task 1 Recommendations Relevant To Your Case For Now.
Please Convert Videos To FLV & Save It In Your Mobile Phone For Viewing.
Practice Your Introduction & Confident Approach Towards The Patients.
Practice Counselling (Scenarios: OT, Emergency, Wards, OPD)
In Discharge Summary: Urdu & English Both Should Be Given Preference.
In SOAP: Consider Scenarios Of Both Wards, OT
In Labs, Chasing Them Will Be Required Too. Also Radiology Reports &
Readying Files For On The Round Rotations Of Consultants Will Be Mandatory
Before Hand.
Initial Differentiation In Different Lung Conditions Should Be Considered
As Well As Differentiation Of Bruise, Scars & Different Abdominal Conditions (Us
eful Irrespective If You Are In Medicine, Surgery Or Peds)
Pharmaceutical Aspect: OPD Drugs & Somewhat Having A Basic Background Knowledge
On Drugs Used In Hospitals For Different Conditions.
Although Not A Worrisome Issue, But You Should Know How To Deal Emergencies
Like Have A Training In Calling Relevant Departments, Consultants, Giving Emerge
ncy Medications. A PG Will Be There For You In Private Setup But Just Realize Ho
w This Situation Would Have Been If You Were In A Government Setup.
This Is The Minimum That Should Be Covered Within 3 Weeks Of Your Start Of House
Job. Further Progress Is Mandatory After This In The Form Of:
- Interpreting ECG
- Interpreting Heart Sounds, Different Lung Conditions
- Interpreting X-Ray, MRI, CT-Scan, Ultrasounds
- Learning Different Conditions Thoroughly By Going Through Medicine,


-------------------------------------------------------------------------Summary: Now Keeping Inview Of The Above. Make Seperate Sections In Your
Notes And Go Through Each Points As Mentioned Above Daily.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: Theres A High Probability That Your Session Will Begin With Surgery
Therefore, You Should Focus More On Abdominal Region Initially.