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Call for PARO Essay Competition to be published in IPSF PARO

Newsletter, Issue 4
This year, the IPSF Pan American Regional Office (PARO) would like to provide one
student from PARO, through a competition, the opportunity to have their response to the
following topic published: How are vector transmitted diseases being managed in your
The objective of this competition is to learn about the differences in each country of our
region and how we can use these differences to improve the healthcare models of our
region. When answering the question, we want you to think about pharmacy in your
country and how pharmacists practice in that area.
We ask that the essay follows the following criteria:
[Theme of Paper]
The value of pharmacists in the fight against vector transmitted diseases: how
can our profession contribute to combatting these diseases?
[Guideline Questions]
While keeping your article unique and original with a focus on how vector
transmitted diseases are being managed in your country, please consider
addressing the following questions in your essay:
o How can the role of pharmacists help in reducing vector associated
diseases and, more specifically, through patient education?
o Do pharmacists participate in interprofessional projects aimed to manage
these diseases in your country?
o What are the barriers that pharmacists face in managing vector
transmitted diseases, and how can they be overcome?
Share with us what actions have been taken in your country to stop vector
transmitted diseases such as Chagas, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika, and
what have been the outcomes of these actions.
Font: Arial, size 11, 1.5 spacing
References: AMA style with superscript in-text referencing
Word Count: 1,500 maximum
Images: Maximum of 4 images (high resolution)

Please submit your essay and a picture of yourself by February 1st, 2017 23:59 GMT-5
with the subject line PARO Essay Competition Submission - Authors name to
the Regional Project Officer, Martin Ramirez at: rpo@paro.ipsf.org.
The winner will be selected by Mr. Martin Ramirez, your Regional Project Officer, based
on answer completeness as well as the inclusion of innovative ideas. Please keep in
mind that as this topic is the same for all countries in the region, article selection will aim
to feature the most innovative and insightful responses that showcase pharmacy in their
country the best.
For any additional information or questions please contact Mr. Martin Ramirez, Regional
Project Officer at: rpo@paro.ipsf.org.

Kind Regards,
Mr. Martin Ramirez,
IPSF PARO Regional Project Officer 2016-2017