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University of Central Punjab


Submitted By: Ayesha Rafique

What is job designing?
Job designing refers to;
“The first instance in which management creates a job by specifying its
duties and responsibilities.”
“The arrangement of the features of job or group of tasks to satisfy
the economic and/or social needs of the worker”
“The specification of the contents, method and relationships of jobs
to satisfy technological and organizational requirements as well as the
personal needs of the job holders.”

Need for job designing?

Job design helps to determine;
• What tasks are done?

• When and how the tasks are done?

• How many tasks are done?

• In what order the tasks are done?

• Factors which affect the work organization of the content and


• What is the remuneration to be paid?

• What are the working hours?

It takes into account all factors which affect the work, and organizes the content
and tasks so that the whole job is less likely to be a risk to the employee
Job Description of Medical Officer in a Govt. Hospital:
Dr. Nadia (Dept. Gyne & Obs)
Position Purpose:
Working as a member of health, safety & Environment team, providing quality primary
care clinical services encompassing patient care, health education, awareness creation,
primary prevention, occupational health & safety.

Area of Interest: Health, Safety & Environment

Location: Lahore General Hospital.

Degree(s)/Major(s): M.B.B.S

Experience Required:
House job 1 year (Medicine/Surgery; Medicine/Gynecology & Obstetrics combinations

Clinical Experience:
2-3 years hospital experience in a main stream specialty (Medicine / Surgery /
Gynecology & Obstetrics)
Key Responsibilities:
1. Standard OPD services
2. Patient Follow up & feedback service
3. Dealing with Para-medical staff to supervise them.
4. Nurses used to help them in assisting little operations like passing IV- lines.
5. Delivering upon the assigned health education & awareness related targets
6. Delivering upon Health Safety and Environment related targets
7. Includes travelling to various offices across Pakistan (as required)
8. Conducts the meeting regarding the management of the patient and assisting
rounds in the wards with senior and junior colleges.

Functional Skills/Knowledge Areas:

1. Evidence based medical practice approach

2. Basic computer skills
3. Computer operating
4. Communication skills
5. Learning & Teaching Aptitude
6. Writing Aptitude

What further training and development the applicant requires?

The medical officers can do specialization in Pakistan and abroad as well
for further training and development;
• FCPS- 4 Papers and 5 Years time requirement.
• MCPS-1 paper and 2 years time requirement
• Diplomas: 1 paper and 2 years.
• USMLE: American based specialization
• PLP: England based specialization
What salary and other benefits must be provided to the applicant?
These should be increased with the basic pay. At least the doctors have their sense of
achievement and have proper rest timings due to better job design.Medical officer or
Trainee earns Rs.17,000 a month with BPS-17. They should be provided with extra
benefits and incentives like;
• Annual increment

• Special addition allowances

• Special relief allowance

• House rent

• Connivance allowance

• Medical allowance for every hospitals

• Pension plans

• Night duty allowance

• Other allowance for the welfare of their children should be given

What are the hours and working conditions?

The applicant standard working hours would be 8am to 2pm, Monday to Sunday. The
applicant may need to work overtime during busy periods such as the emergence, having
two long duties which include 30 hr constant working. There is simple white over-all is
must in dressing. They should be properly time management for the doctors.
Working condition are poor because they do not have the proper bedding, 2-3 theaters
for doing of any Surgery, equipment are just fulfilling the basic requirements,
sterilization is below average according to the international standards.
Better Performance:
It can easily remove the work overload, work under load, repetitiveness, limited
control over work, shift work, delays in filling vacant positions, excessive working hours
and limited understanding of the whole job process.

1. Job enlargement: It can be used to increase motivation by giving

doctors more and varied tasks and raising their basic pay. A doctor
study for 18 long years and earns only Rs.17, 000 which is less
than a police constable pay which are causing great depression in
the doctors which ultimately results in going abroad and earning to
the private practices and mal-practices. If these deficiencies are
removed then doctors would be motivated. Earning according to the
job hrs.

2. Job rotation: It allows the doctors to work in different departments

or jobs in an organization to gain better insight into operations.
This, in itself, does not modify or redesigns the doctor’s job, but
allows the opportunity to increase his/her skills and knowledge
about other jobs. • They should be on regular jobs instead of
contract bases

3. Job enrichment: It allows the doctor to take on some

responsibilities normally delegated to management. The risk here is
that the doctors would be transferred too much responsibility and
autonomy in the planning and control aspects of the job. Done right,
however, the newfound control would invigorate the employee to
work more effectively. Performance appraisal should be conducted. Incentive
plans should be developed
4. Work simplification: It is the analysis of a job's most basic
components to restructure or redesign them to make the job more
efficient. The load on duty should be reduced.

Job design serves to improve performance and motivation.We
started by looking at a job with a broad perspective and swiftly
moves toward identifying the specific activities required to do the
job. This is done for the purpose of identifying and correcting any
deficiencies that affect performance. If our Govt. thinks about the
doctors serving to the nation should be better look after, then they
would provide them with facilities which would make them more
satisfied and motivated.