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There are a few dedicated temples to Dhanvantari in South India especially in Kerala and

Tamil Nadu, where ayurveda is highly practised and patronised. The Dhanvatari temple in
Thottuva in Kerala is a particularly famous temple, where Lord Dhanvatari idol is almost
six feet tall and facing east. On the right hand the lord holds Amrith and with the left hand
the lord holds Atta, Shanku and Chakra. The 'Ekadasi'day celebration, which falls on the
same day as the 'Guruvayur Ekadasi' is of special significance.
In Tamil Nadu, in the courtyard of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple (Srirangam), there is a
Dhanvantari shrine where daily worship of the deity is performed. In front of this temple
there is an engraved stone believed to be from the 12th century. According to the writings
on the stone, Garuda Vahana Bhattar, a great ayurvedic physician, established the statue
inside the temple. A prasada or theertham, a herbal decoction, is given to the visitors. The
shrine is the oldest Dhanvantari shrine in the state.[2] Another Dhanvantari shrine is found
in the second precinct of Varadaraja Perumal Temple in Kanchipuram.[3]
Dhanvanthari temples in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry include:

Thevalakkadu Sree Dhanwanthari Temple, Kulasekharamangalam Post, Vaikom,

Kottayam, Kerala[4]

Aanakkal Dhanwanthari Temple, Thaniyathukunnu, Thrissur [5]

Sree Dhanwanthari Temple, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.[6]

Sree Dhanwanthari Temple, Maruthorvattom,Cherthala,Kerala State [7]

Sree Dhanwanthari Temple, Prayikara, Mavelikara, Alleppey, Kerala 69001 [8]

Sri Dhanvantri Swamy Sannidhi within the Sanjeevi Vinayakar Temple, JIPMER
campus, (near Kendriya Vidyalaya School), Dhanvantri Nagar, Puducherry 605006

In Varanaseya Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh state, one statue of

Dhanvantari is present in the University museum. Two statues are at the headquarters of
the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha at New Delhi. There is another
statue inside the Ayurveda Maha Sammelan office, Dhanawantari Bhawan at New Delhi
and one statue of Dhanvantari is present at Mohyal Ashram in Haridwar.[citation needed]
One Black stoned statue facing south is also located in a personal property of a Brahman
family in Chowk area, varanasi. It's said that the Idol was found beneath the premises of
that property when it was getting constructed and the Brahman couldn't figure out who it
was hence decided to have it drifted in Ganga next morning, however same night lord came
in his dream and introduced himself as KashiRaja Devodas(Dhanvantari) and asked to
leave the statue where it was found, hence he built this temple in his house which very few

in that area are aware. Among all, this temple seems to be most divine and spiritual as the
idol emerged on its own and the story associated with it.