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Kaylee Darke

How to Be an Educated Voter

Although the election has already passed, it's still important to know how to make an educated
decision when it comes to politics.
There are 2 big groups that usually dominate the polls here in America.


An elephant represents republicans.

Their color is red and they are often
called the conservatives.
They believe in tax cuts for
everyone, not just the lower and
middle classes.
They usually oppose gay marriage
and abortion.
They like people having the option to
have guns dislike strict control over
They want to keep minimum wage
the same so that the cost of
products is low so all Americans can
access them.
They tend to agree with free trading
so the cost is lower for the consumer
and for the business.
They believe in less funding and
tighter control for federal programs
like Welfare, food stamps, and
unemployment. Republicans believe
in strict punishment for criminals and
generally agree with the capital


A donkey represents democrats.

Their color is blue and they are often
called Liberals.
They believe in tax cuts for the lower
and middle class, but want to raise
taxes for the wealthy individual or
They believe in gay marriage and
tend to be more pro-choice.
They want strict gun control.
They would like to increase
minimum wage so that the American
people have more money to spend
on goods and services. They believe
that trade should be restricted so as
to give more business to local
They like federally-regulated health
care systems, like the Affordable
Healthcare Act.
They want more tax dollars to go
towards Welfare, food stamps,
unemployment, and other programs
like that. They don't believe in
capital punishment and believe in
less punishment for crimes that don't
involve violence.

Kaylee Darke

Why Its Important to Vote

Its important to vote because the people we elect will be in
power and implement their beliefs and ideas in their respective
offices to their fullest extent. If you vote for someone who doesnt
share your same values, or you dont vote at all, its almost as if
youre giving the vote to their opponent because thats one less
vote for your candidate. Every vote counts. As the next four years
of children become 18 and eligible to vote, its critical that the
public makes an educated decision about their vote, and not just
vote for someone based on their party or gender.

How Do I Vote?
1. You must register to vote in your state. Go to
https://secure.utah.gov/voterreg/index.html to register online
for the state of Utah.
2. Find where you need to vote, or your polling place. You can
usually find them online or through election officials.
3. Find out what ID is necessary to vote in your state.
4. Dont miss it! Election Day is the first Tuesday after the first
Monday of November. If you vote through the mail, then your
ballot must be in the mail the day BEFORE Election Day .

Kaylee Darke

Third Parties
The Green
Party has
four pillars of belief.
1. Peace
2. Ecology
3. Social Justice
4. Democracy

We, the Party
members of
the Libertarian Party,
challenge the cult of
the omnipotent
They have
seven principles of
and defend
belief.the rights of
the individual.
1 Life
5 Constitution
They believe that the
2 Liberty
6 States Rights
government should be
kept out
of personal 7 American
3 Family


Kaylee Darke