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Advanced Placement United States History

Ms. Humber
Northridge High School
Course Description:
This course prepares students for the Advanced Placement test. This class utilizes college level reading
materials, assignments, skills, and assessments. The class content covers U.S. history from the turn of
the 20th century and the Industrial Revolution through modern American History. We will also cover, in a
limited scope, the material you covered in your 10th grade history class. Emphasis will be placed on
geography, government, culture, technology, and economics within a chronological and thematic
context. Course objectives correspond to the Alabama Course of Study and the College Board. In
addition, objectives reflect the Alabama High School Graduation examination objectives. Please note:
You must take the AP test to receive the weighted credit for AP US History. The test is
scheduled for Friday, May 5, 2017 at 8:00 am (location TBD) and costs $93.
Essential Functions:
To be successful in this class, students must be able to perform the following tasks and demonstrate the
following skills at grade level (college AP level)
Read and comprehend a college level text and supplemental readings
Communicate by writing essays
Evaluation by multiple choice and essay
Comprehend spoken and written terminology unique to the areas of study
Effectively contribute to classroom discussions
Take accurate and useful notes
Work effectively in cooperative learning groups
Demonstrate independent study skills
Demonstrate independent research skills
A positive and respectful attitude is expected in this class at all times.
Students are expected to comply with ALL policies set forth by the Tuscaloosa City Schools
Resource Guide regarding tardies, make-up work, standards of behavior, etc.
Attendance is required to successfully complete this course. A portion of the course
content will extend beyond the scope of the text and will only be covered in class, such as
skills needed for success on the AP test.
Students should come to class prepared to work. All necessary materials (textbook, paper,
writing utensil, supplies) should be brought to every class session.
Students will be required to read curriculum based readings to be assigned by the instructor
and to complete writing assignments that address specific modes of writing throughout the
Students will be required to read assigned pages in the textbook and use maps (physical,
political, and special purpose) within the context of the course of study.
Students will be required to participate in a variety of projects (technology, research, the
Arts, group work, oral presentation, etc.)
Exceptional level of motivation for Social Studies
Textbooks and Materials:

American Pageant, AP Edition, by Kennedy, Cohen, & Bailey

REQUIRED TEXT: United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination
(2015 Test Edition or newer) by John Newman and John Schmalbach; * ISBN-10: 1682404552
OR *ISBN-13: 9781682404553
Each student needs:
o Binder/folder
o loose leaf notebook paper
o blue or black ink pens

o calendar/planner
PLEASE consider sending for classroom use: paper towels, tissue, hand sanitizer, posters, dry
erase markers, gem clips, staples, notebook paper, etc. I would greatly appreciate any supplies
you can donate!

Reading Quiz Procedures:

You will be expected to read consistently in your textbook, and we will frequently have reading quizzes
on the assigned material. You may bring in reading notes to assist you on the quiz. In order to use your
notes, you must comply with the following procedures:
1. All notes must be hand written, in your own handwriting
2. You may have no more than 1 page (front only)
3. **Notes must be turned into the reading notes basket BEFORE 1st period (You may not use
this as an excuse to be late to class. Plan enough time to get your notes to me and to your
class on time.)
Current Events Assignment Procedures:
Each student will complete a current event assignment EVERY OTHER FRIDAY. This will be due at the
beginning of class on the assigned Friday. Your assignment should be at least 1 page long
and should include a reflection that shows me your opinion on what you have read. No
partial credit will be rewarded (all or nothing). You should head your paper for these assignments
in the following way:
Date (the Friday it is due, not the day you complete the assignment)
Title of article you read
Source of Article (ex. Tuscaloosa News)
**Cut out the article you read (all parts of it) and staple it to the BACK of your written assignment
Attendance and Conduct:
All Tuscaloosa City Board policies, individual school policies, and classroom rules will be followed. Please
review the student Code of Conduct for details on all school and district policies.
General Rules:
1. Respect yourself, others, and your surroundings. We are helpful and kind to each other.
2. Bring all necessary materials to class.
3. Obey all school rules (the Student Code of Conduct applies in this classroom).
4. Be SEATED and READY TO BEGIN when the bell rings.
5. Participate in class at the appropriate times, in the appropriate ways.
6. Drinks with a secure lid are allowed; food is allowed unless it becomes a distraction or sanitation
7. PLEASE no sitting on top of desks or on my desk.
8. No CELL PHONES, iPods/iPads, laptops, HEADPHONES OR EARBUDS or other electronic
devices are allowed unless specifically granted permission by Ms. Humber. NO
9. Each student will receive a maximum of 4 hall passes per 9 weeks. Your pass sheet is your exit
out of class. Please use them wisely. These should be saved and used for emergencies only.
Tardy Policy:
Northridge/TCS has a stringent policy regarding attendance and tardiness this year. You must sign the
YELLOW tardy log by the door when you enter class tardy. Each tardy will be logged and the following
process will take place:
1st tardy = warning
2nd tardy = parent contact
3rd tardy = parent contact (other disciplinary actions may occur, ie detention, etc)
4th tardy = Parent contact and discipline referral (resulting in ISI)
Please refer to the Northridge High School Tardy Policy & Attendance Plan for further discipline
Honor Code:

Honesty and integrity are important qualities in my classroom. I expect all work to be completed
independently, unless otherwise stated. Copying someone elses work is a great detriment to your
learning, academic success and your future. It is especially important that we have no cases of
academic dishonesty on quizzes and tests, therefore we have an honor code in my classroom that
applies to all assignments (in particular on quizzes and tests). The honor code is as follows and will be
printed by the student and signed to acknowledge their understanding of my policy: I have neither
given nor received help on this quiz/test. All instances where this is violated will be treated seriously
and according to the Code of Conduct (usually resulting in a reduction of grade or a zero, along with a
referral to administration).
The school utilizes iNow for grade reporting purposes- this is the best and easiest way for you to stay on
top of your grades. Please make sure to get your iNow code from the office, so that you can have a
frequent and accurate account of your grades.
The final grade for each grading period will be based on various methods of assessment. These may
include, but are not limited to, tests, homework assignments, projects, portfolios, essays, notebook
organization, quizzes (announced and unannounced), and class participation. All assignments are
awarded a point value based on importance and level of difficulty (i.e. tests are usually 100 or more
points while class work may be 20 points). At the end of the grading period, your grade is based on the
amount of points earned out of the total possible amount. Example: there were 500 total possible points
to be earned and you received 378. That would translate to a fraction of 415/500, which would equal
83% or a B.
Make-up Work:
Any work missed due to an EXCUSED absence may be made up. It is the students responsibility to go
to the While You Were Out station (or to me in the case of a quiz or test) to get any missed
assignments, and I will give you a deadline when the assignment will be due (depending on the
assignment). Credit for late assignments (whether you were absent or present) is at the discretion of
the instructor and may vary. MAKE-UP WORK IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
Additional Help:
Students who are experiencing difficulty throughout the course need to inform me as soon as
they experience difficulty for assistance. I will be happy to offer additional tutoring or practice. I am
more than willing to stay after school or to come in early for any students who need so, as long as they
inform me ahead of time (I have cheer practice after school, so I need to be able to make arrangements
to stay). I do prefer that the student come speak to me first, before going elsewhere for assistance. I
cannot help if I do not know the problem! I also think this helps students develop a self-awareness of
their progress and standing, as well as helping to develop responsibility, maturity and problem solving
skills when they learn to take care of their problems themselves.
Parents, please feel free to contact me at the school to set up an appointment or e-mail me at
mhumber@tusc.k12.al.us (PREFERRED) or mhumber@tuscaloosacityschools.com after your child
has communicated with me first or if there is something I need to be aware of that they are not
comfortable discussing. I want students to develop independence, responsibility and accountability. If
you have a concern about them, please do not hesitate to contact me. But if they need to communicate
with me about absences, missed work, or troubles they are having, I prefer they speak to me directly so
we can handle whatever they need. I will check these e-mail accounts at home, if you or your student
needs assistance after school, though I will not check it as frequently as I do at school. Conferences may
be scheduled during my planning period, 3rd period, between 11:30-12:30 during the week, or in the
mornings or afternoon by appointment. All requests for accommodations for this course are welcome for
Google Classroom (for STUDENTS only):
I use Google Classroom VERY FREQUENTLY. Every student will need to be in the habit of checking for
assignments and announcements every day. I post many assignments, resources and announcements
APUSH code: p74yrnh
Class Webpage (for PARENTS and STUDENTS):

Please visit malliehumber.weebly.com for access to information about this class. I will have the
syllabus and other resources posted here.
Remind Updates (for PARENTS and STUDENTS):
Parents and students need to subscribe to my Remind updates for their assigned class. This is a safe
and free way for me to communicate with my students and parents, and for each of you to
communicate with me. I will send out reminders about tests, quizzes, homework assignments, due
dates, etc via this free and safe messaging service. Please see the attached handouts with information
about subscribing to my updates- you can do so by text or email (your preference)- but this will be
the BEST way for you to stay informed about this class!

APUSH: Text @apushsp17 to 81010