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Weve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to better serve you!

1) Which film can we see? You are welcome to choose an appropriate film based on the current movies posted at
www.malco.com or from a list of upcoming titles. Email Karen@malco.com or Groupsales@malco.com for
additional information.

2) Where can we find film ratings information? Ratings information is available at www.filmratings.org.

3) How do we fill out the reservation form? You are strongly encouraged to read all of the information on the

Group Reservations Policies page before completing the reservation form. The reservation form and
accompanying Group Reservations Policies page is self-explanatory and very easy to complete. The form must
be returned via fax or email and the reservation will be confirmed via email UPON RECEIPT OF THE

4) How far in advance can we make a reservation? Reservations for 9:30am groups are accepted approximately 4-

6 weeks prior to the release date, so long as the film title is on the official Malco Theatres calendar. All film dates
are subject to change. Groups wishing to attend a Monday Thursday matinee/evening showing must wait until
the actual film schedule is released. Matinee/evening showtimes are normally released to the public on
Wednesdays and are valid Friday through Thursday of each week.

5) Why cant we make 9:30am reservations further than 3 weeks after the release date for a new movie?

Reservations are accepted for the first 3 weeks of a films release only, as we do not know where or how long
the film will be playing beyond this time. Please refer to #4.

6) Is there a facility rental fee with the 9:30am Packages with Concessions? No. The facility rental fee only applies
to the 9:30am Packages without concessions.

7) Will the concession stand be open for our 9:30am group to buy extra snacks? The concession stand can be
opened for your group. Please circle YES on the line for CONCESSION STAND OPEN FOR ADDITIONAL
PURCHASES. There is no charge to have the stand open and all items are sold at the posted menu price.

8) Why cant we book a matinee or evening reservation for Friday through Sunday? Special matinee and evening
packages are available Monday through Thursday only with one-week advance notice. We are unable to extend
discounts, or offer theatre rentals, Friday through Sunday during operating hours.

9) We dont know how many are attending. What do we do? Fill in the TOTAL # GUESTS with the best estimate
possible, keeping in mind the required minimums for group shows (per the Group Reservations Policies page).
Slight changes in attendance are expected, so we allow a 10% increase/decrease without having to call or email
with new figures. (Ex. 100 guests expectedanticipated attendance can drop to 90 or increase to 110 without
having to notify us.)

10) How many attendees do we need for the 9:30am show? There is a 50-person minimum for the 9:30am show.
Groups that arrive with less than 50 guests will be charged for the 50-person minimum. (Ex. Group arrives with
47 guests, they will be charged for 50.) No exceptions.

11) How many attendees do we need for a matinee or evening show? There is a 25-person minimum for the

matinee or evening show. Groups that arrive with less than the minimum will have the option to pay for the
minimum or revert back to regular ticket prices, thus cancelling the reservation. No exceptions.

12) Can we split the group up to see whatever is showing? No. Groups must attend the same show on the same
day at the same time.

13) Can we bring more than the minimum? Yes. We require a minimum of 50 in order to attend a 9:30am show and
a minimum of 25 for a matinee/evening show, but you can reserve for more. Please refer to #9.

14) How many people does a theatre hold? Auditoriums differ in size but depending on the location, up to 440

guests can be accommodated in a single house and multiple auditoriums can be used for overflow attendance.

15) Are we the only group in the theatre? When available, most 9:30am reservations are scheduled into different
auditoriums. Unless the group has paid for a private show, then the opportunity exists for additional groups to
join. Groups attending regularly scheduled matinee or evening shows will be seated with the general public.

16) Can our group purchase all of the tickets to a Friday, Saturday or Sunday show? No. There is a purchase limit of
ten (10) individual tickets per person, per transaction. Theatre employees are unable to sell-out an
auditorium to a group and will refer them to the home office to discuss group rate options and/or reservations.

17) Cant I just book a birthday party instead for my group? No. Birthday parties are for children under 14 and

have a maximum attendance limit of 30 guests. Parties include use of the party room and other special
amenities limited to the Birthday Party Program. Those wishing to host a true birthday party should refer to the
birthday party page on www.malco.com for further information.

18) Do teachers, chaperones or bus drivers have to pay? Everyone in attendance pays and everyone pays the same
amount as the chosen package. Payment is required for all attendees age 2 and older.

19) How much do the extra attendees pay? Please refer to #18.

20) We are a school and have parents and siblings that want to attend. What do we do? Anyone wishing to attend
with the group must arrive with and pay through the coordinating organization. Please refer to #18 & #19.

21) Can you accept individual payments at the door from parents and/or other attendees? Organizations are

100% responsible for all attendees participating in the outing and, therefore, must maintain all monies and an
attendance list for the group. Please refer to #18, #19 & #20.

22) Do you require a deposit? No deposits required! A single cash, credit card or company check payment will be
collected at the door from the lead teacher/group director. Personal checks are NOT accepted.

23) Can we be billed? No. Unless otherwise arranged for pre-payment, all payments are due the day of the event at
the theatre. Please refer to #21.

24) Can we pay over the phone with a credit card? No. For security reasons, credit card payments via phone are not
accepted. In the event of extenuating circumstances (i.e., cardholder will not be onsite), please email
Karen@malco.com at least 24 to 48 hours in advance to discuss other options.

25) Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO)? No. Unless other arrangements are made, all payments are due the day
of the event at the theatre. Please refer to #21.

26) We are paying via school or corporate check who do we make it out to? Malco Theatres. As a reminder,
personal checks are not accepted.

27) Our organization requires an invoice prior to a check being cut. How do we get an invoice? Invoices are not

issued. The reservation form is an invoice as it lists the price per person, number of people attending and the
total amount due. The theatre will issue a receipt to the group upon payment for the event.

28) Our check was pre-printed but we have less attending now. Do we get a refund? Refunds are not given for preprinted or pre-written checks.

29) How do we cancel a reservation? Reservations must be cancelled via email to Karen@malco.com or

Groupsales@malco.com at least 24 to 48 hours prior to your event. Due to the large amount of reservations we
receive, please include the group name, date and theatre location in any correspondence.

30) How do we change a reservation date or a film selection? Reservations changes must be sent ASAP via email to
Karen@malco.com or Groupsales@malco.com. Date and/or film change requests will be accommodated
accordingly, but cannot be guaranteed. Due to the large amount of reservations we receive, please include the
group name, date and theatre location in any correspondence.

31) How do we cancel a weather-related reservation? In the event inclement weather is forecasted, attempts are
made to contact the event coordinator via email to discuss rescheduling the reservation. However, the
event/organization coordinator is responsible for contacting us to change or cancel any reservation. Due to
the large amount of reservations we receive, please include the group name, date and theatre location in any
correspondence. Please refer to #28.

32) What if we are running late for our reservation? Contact the Malco Group Sales Department via email at

Karen@malco.com or Groupsales@malco.com or call 901-761-3480 as soon as possible and we will contact the
theatre on your behalf.

33) I didnt get a confirmation for our reservation. What should we do? First, check your junk/spam folder for an

email from Karen@malco.com with the subject line CONFIRMATION MALCO THEATRES. If an email is not
located, contact the Malco Group Sales Department immediately via email at Karen@malco.com or
Groupsales@malco.com. Reservations received via email and/or fax are confirmed within 24 hours of receipt
and if you do not receive a confirmation email, then the form was likely not received! Please do not assume that
a fax confirmation report from your fax machine means the fax was received or that an unanswered email
was delivered to an inbox. It is the responsibility of the event coordinator/organization to follow-up regarding
reservation confirmations.

34) What time does our 9:30am movie start? If you are attending a 9:30am show, the film begins promptly at

9:30am. We MUST start the film on time so we are able to open the theatre to the public as scheduled. Again,
we are happy to open early to accommodate your group, but please arrange to arrive at least 15 20 minutes
prior to allow for concession distribution, seating, etc.

35) Whats the difference between 2D and 3D films? 2D films are the traditional way of viewing movies and 3D
films require the use of 3D glasses. Select films are available in 3D please refer to the current list of
available/upcoming films for those being offered in 3D.

36) Do we wear 3D glasses for 3D movies? Yes. The glasses will be handed out to each attendee prior to entering
the auditorium and collected upon exit. There is a $25 per pair fee for any broken, damaged or lost glasses.

37) Why cant our group see an older film in 3D? Select films are only available to view in 3D for the first 2-3 weeks
of release.

38) We have a large group. Is 15-20 minutes sufficient time for all to be served and seated? Yes, we are very adept
at serving large groups! If everyone is cooperative in following instructions from the manager, then concession
distribution runs very efficiently and smoothly.

39) Can we choose our drink? Typically, Coke and Sprite are readied for the group and any individual special dietary
requests are handled directly at the theatre. Should the group prefer to all have the same beverage, please
send an email at least 24-48 hours in advance to Karen@malco.com or groupsales@malco.com and the request
will be forwarded to the theatre.

40) We dont want popcorn and a drink with our matinee/evening group package is there a special ticket price
for us? No. All matinee and evening group packages include popcorn and drink.

41) Can we bring in food or drinks? No. Outside food and/or drinks are not allowed.
42) Can our matinee or evening group sit together? Yes, if the group arrives at least 20 minutes prior to showtime.
Please note that we are unable to hold sections of seats for any groups and all seating is first come, first
served in the auditorium.

43) What do we do when we get to the theatre? Upon arrival, please ask for the manager on duty. A final

headcount will be conducted and payment collected. Hard tickets are not distributed to 9:30am groups; only
those attending a regularly scheduled matinee or evening show will receive an actual ticket. Groups attending
the 9:30am show for a field trip should have attendees line up single-file and await instruction from the
manager regarding concession distribution. No concession items will be distributed to any 9:30am, matinee or
evening group until a final headcount is completed and payment received.

44) When do we receive our tickets? Please refer to #43.

45) Ive called the theatre, but no one answers. Each theatre opens at different times during the day. For

immediate assistance concerning your reservation, please email Karen@malco.com or groupsales@malco.com.

46) Can we re-sell the tickets for a fundraiser? Tickets are not allowed to be re-sold for profit or for fundraising

purposes. Group tickets may be resold to attendees at the established group rate. Malco Theatres reserves the
right to cancel any group found to be in violation of this rule.