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-tax changes

Description: Political regulations can be seen. Due diligence data are available.
Compliance Compliance
Due Diligence Due Diligence
Sustainability Sustainability
This strategic and economic analysis of Johan Holdings Berhad provides an


the company's

compliance, due

diligence and


operations. This strategic analysis shows compliance policy, sustainability

strategies and due diligence activities. This analysis of Johan Holdings Berhad
can provide a competitive advantage.
This analysis contains 811 data points.

-corporate policy


-resource saving
-competitive market
-sustainable investment decisions
-responsible producing
-energy saving


-environmental reports
-employee satisfaction
-due diligence unit
-sustainability instruments are available
-sustainability measures


-increase in costs

-price changes
-tax changes
This is just as important as knowing the strengths of the company the
weaknesses will tell you the potential downfalls. Many times, it can be hard to
figure out a companys weaknesses, because most companies work very hard to
only show their strengths.

A good place to look for company weaknesses is in the annual report, especially
the notes to the financial statements.

It is in the section that the company

discloses their potential liabilities, as well as where they see potential


With this information, you can gauge the companys weaknesses

and make a more informed investment decision.

Here are some potential weaknesses to consider:

Product liability
Financial strength
Continued Innovation

Once again, depending on the market, every companys potential weakness will
be different.

For example, utilities dont have to worry about competition

because they have a monopoly over their service area.

However, regulation of

utilities can impact financial strength, and can also create high liabilities in
areas such as environment or safety.

Outdated Technology (Investment banking industry in us) A lack of proprietary

technology and patents can hurt Investment banking industry in uss ability to...
High Debt Burden (Investment banking industry in us) A high debt burden
increases the risk that Investment banking industry in us goes bankrupt if they...
Cost Structure (Investment banking industry in us) A weak cost structure means
Investment banking industry in uss costs are high in comparison to...
Lack of Scale (Investment banking industry in us) A lack of scale means
Investment banking industry in uss cost per unit of output is very high....