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test 1

l ) use e-mail1) . lot in my work 2) . sometimes I use it to look up

information 3) . holidays or things, 4). it's not something I do for
pleasure. I would never go onto the Internet 5). a form of entertainment.
2) Yeah, l listen to the radio all 1) . time when I am at home doing
housework 2). things, it's3) . first thing I do when I go into the
kitchen in the morning. ! It 4 ). definitely makes5 ). journey go
quicker, when you listen something.
3) Everybody enjoys films 1) . the cinema, don't they? The special effects are
much 2) . exciting 3) . a big screen, and you don't have any
interruptions like you do at home. 4) . only thing is to relax and intertain 5)
. the sound effects.
4 ) I usually watch the news at some point in the evening, but to 1). honest
the programs are getting worse and worse 2). there are 3). many
repeats and things, that I usually prefer to listen to music 4) . read the
newspaper 5) . is really enjoyable for me .

test 2
Some time back, my friend and I were 1. . the cafeteria near our college
when were suddenly crowded 2. . a group of students who were dressed
up 3. . people straight out from prehistoric age. They were carrying

4. . were similar 5. . weapons for a

battlefield. And what followed actually amazed

us completely, the group started

speaking 6. . each other 7. . a very slow manner in a

language 8. . meant nothing .. My friend and I were not able to
understand a single word 9.. it, we left 10.. day with a
really confused mind 11.. were12. . the same state for
quite some time. But it all ended on the day we decided to watch the movie "Lord of
the Rings" Peter Jackson's adaptation 13. . J. R. K. Tolkiens novel of
early 1900s. We understood the costumes 14. . the weapons were the
film's souvenir collectibles, and the language they spoke 15. . created by
the great author.

1.The things I don 't really look at usually are financial pages, sports pages, things like
editorials, 1) . they tend to be very long and quite boring. 2). I love
reading reviews of new films 3) . new books and that 's why I like reading on
a Sunday, because the papers that you get on a Sunday are usually full 4) .
reviews of the week, and I find 5). quite interesting, 6). things like
the financial pages just bore me and 7). sport, I'm just not interested. I cant
understand 8) . people read about it.
2 Yeah, the best stuff is on cable and satellite, 1). I don 't have, 2)
. I've got to go to the pub to watch it, 3). is near my community.
So I just go4) . on Wednesdays and Saturdays and Sundays, and watch it
5). the pub.
3.Sometimes I think it's almost impossible to turn 1). the television without
seeing violence, and I never thought I'd feel like that,2) . maybe it's just
because now I've got 3). little child. The adverts seem4) . be
quite violent. 5). one of the five channels, you're bound to find something
which shows people being aggressive towards each other.
test 4
After the end 1. . the war, nations started to rebuild themselves;
big countries in Europe like Germany, France and England signed peace
agreements 2. . influenced the future of the whole region. Without
borders between countries and 3. . free marketing system, Europe
gradually forgot 4. . sorrow of the deathly war. At that time,
Europe countries were famous due to the amazing achievements 5..
sport, art, and fashion. For example, Picasso, one of the world greatest artists,
inspired 6. . this era and reflected his feelings in his works. Being
7. . witness to this kind of amazing change is experience 8.
. takes place once in a life time, thus 9. . specific
segment of history is not 10. . extremely interesting 11.
. also important, and would have the opportunity to choose time
and place in the past- this is what I 12. . choose.

The tradition 1) . birthday parties started a long time
ago. People thought 2). there was a special danger 3)
. evil spirits, 4). friends and family came
together to bring good thoughts and wishes and even
presents.At one time, only kings had birthday parties 5)
. as time went by, children 6) . then adults
began to have their own birthday celebrations. There are some
traditions - such 7) . sending birthday cards, blowing
8). the candles 9). a birthday cake and
singing the 'Happy Birthday' song,10) . you can find
almost anywhere, any time.
test 6
The farm laborer 1)found the children came under
immediate suspicion 2)kidnapping them, but it soon
became clear 3)his house was too small to hide them.
There was never any evidence 4)anyone else 5)
the area had kidnapped them .It is possible that the search parties
missed them, 6)this seems highly unlikely, and 7)
any case is it really possible that not just one, 8)all three
children slept for four days without waking up? For many years there
was a popular theory 9)a 'fourth dimension' existed,
normally invisible, into 10)people occasionally 'fell' by
occident. This theory has never been accepted scientifically, 11)
neither has anyone ever come up with a better explanation
for all 12)strange stories of people simply vanishing.
1. Carla is a student and she's very bad with money . She spends everything 1 )
. clothes and going out 2) . doesn't have any money to
buy books, etc. Her parents 3 ) . annoyed 4) . her and
don't give her any extra money,5) . Carla 's grandmother gives her
extra money every time she sees her.

2. Chris recently started 1) . new job 2 ) . the advertising

industry. The money is good 3) . he has to work very long hours. He
never goes 4) . with his girlfriend in the evening anymore, saying he
is too tired 5) . all he wants to do is stay at home 6) and watch

3. Oliver 1 ) . dreams 2 ) . becoming a professional footballer,

spends all his time training 3). playing for his local amateur team. we
ask him 4). he can train so much 5). his parents want
Oliver to go to university and study to be a doctor.

test 8

Three centuries ago, people had much shorter lives. 1)

. average life expectancy in the world today is
sixty-six years, and 2)). some countries it
is much higher: in Japan 3)). France, for
example, the average is more than eighty. This is mainly
because 4)). better diet, better hygiene 5))
. better healthcare . Even in the older days
though, it is interesting that 6)). people
survived to be an adult they often lived to be sixty 7))
. seventy.
Having children was much more dangerous 8)).
days: one 9) ). every nine women died in
childbirth 10) ). women used to have many more
children than they do today. Perhaps the reason 11))
. this was that so many babies died: even 12))
. hundred years ago, 20% 13) ).
children died before they were five.
One reason that there were so many diseases was 14))

. people knew much less 15)).

hygiene. its hard to imagine 16) ). careless
people were about washing themselves. Even rich people
didn't use to wash much. Many people thought 17))
. it was dangerous to take a bath, so they often
bathed only once 18)). twice 19)).
The people had no idea 20)). the toothpaste, 21))
. was uncommon to be used by them. Only rich
people used toothbrushes. Of course, toothache was very
common, 22)). there were no professional
dentists 23) ). the middle of the nineteenth
century. Before that, 24). you had toothache you
had to go to the barber's. He not only cut hair, 25))
. also used to take out teeth and perform other
small operations.
test 9
scientists have discovered 1) new planet , Hero
Tbey is very confident 2) human beings will be
able to live there 3) it has plenty 4)
water , light and oxygen , and the temperature 5)
air are all very similar to those 6) Earth. They have
done tests and know that plants can grow there 7)
they have not found any alien life there , though they cannot
be sure it doesn't exist. They have decided 8) send
a spaceship of people to Hero from Earth to start 9)
space colony , and a new human society. 10)
the spaceship can only carry six people:
volunteers with children will have 11) leave them
behind. These people will have to stay on Hero 12)
the rest of their lives. No one else will be able to join 13)
space colony for at least 14) hundred
years. They will take enough food tablets 15) five
years , together with four guns to protect themselves, and
blankets , space-tents , etc. The spaceship will be controlled

16) Earth, so there will not be 17)

pilot. the pilot should know 18) difficult is to go to
space. The journey to Hero will last 19) ten weeks.
The organizers have asked for volunteers 20) only
ten people have come forward. The spaceship must leave in
ten days' time, so there is no time to find new volunteers.

test 10

1. Books are considered to be the source 1).. all knowledge, 2 )

.all the information we learn is theoretical. Learning is nothing
but understanding the world 3).us. Books 4 ) .are a
great source of knowledge, gives us an idea about a particular subject 5)
.detail. 6).person who wants to learn driving can go
to various places 7).teach people 8 ) .to drive, but all
this knowledge is useful only
9).you are actually driving the car on the roads. It would be
waste of time 10).you just read the books .

. Let's step back 1).few years from now. We were totally

dependent 2).books. 3).today with a touch of a
button we can get any information available, sitting 4).the
comfort of our homes. We are more knowledgeable 5).aware of
things happening 6).us.
7).someone wants to start a business, he can get all information
8).other companies ,he can gather corroborating data, make new
contacts, and so on, thanks to the internet. 9) .he has to discuss
this 10).other potential partners he is armed with a wealth of


The place 1) .I lived used to be a very small village, surrounded

2) .high mountains; the melted snow water 3 ) .the
top of the mountains formed many clear streams 4 ) .went
through the village. 5 ) .crystal water moistened the grass and
crops 6).the village and also provided the village people 7)
.all sorts of things. The appearance of the mountainsides varied
8 ) .the seasons change - yellow in spring, green in summer, red
in autumn and white in winter. The top 9).the mountains was
always covered 10).snow.

A restaurant will make my daily life more convenient. 1).. we

know, cooking is 2).. very important thing 3) ..
people's life and it 4).. takes time. 5 ) .. I come home
from work and feel tired, I normally want to have a rest.. 6).. a
restaurant is very far 7).. from my house, I have to give up that
idea 8).. I do not want to waste my time 9).. energy on
the road. 10).. a result,I have to cook myself
Erica Glendale is one of the oldest cows in Britain. Erica 1)..
delivered 238,000 pints 2).. milk in her life and used to be 3)
.. champion dairy cow. 'She won prizes every year 4)..
she was not old and we would always celebrate together,' said farmer Bob
Maxwell. Erica 5).. retiredfrom competitions 6) .. last
week, 7).. he had finished work, Bob took Erica for a birthday
treat to the Red Lion Inn 8).. a slice of cake and a drink. 'If you
work with 9).. animal for 20 years, you get pretty attached to it,'
said Bob. 'All 10) .. the regulars love Erica,' said one customer.
test 15
Mrs Merrick, 70, 1) .. just come back from Bodmin, 2)
.. she had been shopping, 3).. she was attacked by
Billy, a runaway bull. When Mrs Merrick bravely tried to defend herself,
Billy, a cow bull, knocked her over 4).. started eating the

contents of her shopping bag. 5).. pensioner was finally rescued

by a man 6).. had been working 7).. a nearby garage.
The farmer sent her 8).. lovely steak 9).. kidney pie,'
said one neighbour. 10).. he didn't say whether Billy was in it.

test 16
Let us talk about the television first, 1) you turn 2) the
television, there are more 3)60 channels in United States, 4)
almost all channels are either talking about celebrities, movie stars,
5)showing some TV soap programs 6 ) which some
movie star is in it. There are daily programs such as "E-Talk", ''Access
Hollywood'', and ''Entertainment Tonight'' 7 ) concentrate on lives 8)
famous stars. You can tell from their names. Not to mention there
are a lot of awards such as Oscar award, Emmy award, Gold Globe, and so on.
They are all about famous people. For the program 9)talking show,
such as the Opera Show, or the Larry King Show, most guests 10)
are invited to these programs are celebrities 11) politicians. And
people love 12)watch that.
test 17
Human activity causes many kinds of animals 1)plants to disappear.
Today many species 2)living beings died out or near died out. We
only can see some animals in the zoo3) in nature they have
disappeared. Human beings have been using their brains 4 ) machines
to remake nature 5)many thousands of years. People never think6)
animals can survive even in the zoos. We use the habitats 7)
animals and plants. People 8)never think 9)
important is to save nature. We cannot see many kinds of animals
today10) animals and plants cannot grow fast to satisfy human
beings. 11)some animals are dangerous to us, we kill them with 1 2 )
test 18
This October 31st is 1) scary day for Dylan Barnes, not because it is
Halloween, 2)because it is a special anniversary 3)him. 4)
several years he will have been trying to make a successful business
5)the Internet. He won't 6)doing anything special to
celebrate the occasion, 7)his business won't make any money 8)
most of the past year. Like his two business partners 9)had 10)
same business , he will soon need to do something else. 11)they
started, it seemed 12)great idea. Dylan 13)his friend, Michael
Underwood, write their lecture notes 14 tests, and sold them 15)
other students.

test 19
Twenty years ago, the typical extended family was 'wide 1)usually
consisted of two 2)three generations, 3)many children in each
'nuclear family'. People had lots of aunts and uncles 4)often didn't know
their grandparents. However, according to 5)new study 6)the
British research group Mintel, the family is changing the shape. 7)family
groups of the future will be 'long and thin'. Extended families is actually decreasing
8)the members 9)the family dont live together any more. they
try to find a job outside the country 10) the city.

test 20

So you know 1) job interview I mentioned last time?

The really important one 2) I was sure I messed up at? Well, Ive
got the news 3) are important . I actually got 4) job.
My first day 5) work is two weeks 6) now. Plenty 7)
time to prepare. Actually,8) you ask me, the next
couple of weeks wont be able to pass quickly enough. Ive just been hanging
out with some 9) my friends here. I know youre not into football,
10) I wont bore you 11) any of the details. Besides,
my team lost, so Im not sure I really want to remember the details, anyway.
12) afterwards, we went out for a a bear at a bar13)
really good place called The Red Ruby 14) just opened up last
month. And 15) I met 16) girl at the bar. 17)
real beauty, too. Her name is Emily, but goes by Millie. We got to
talking for a bit, and I found 18) that she majored in History
Education at the University of Washington . She explain 19)
difficult was to enroll this university. She had a lot of friends 20)
our college 21) she came to visit a few times. Small world, hmm?
To think the two of us would meet up 22) the other side of the
country in some unknown bar. I got her number, and she and I are going out
this Saturday.

test 21
1. One hundred years ago, few men wore wristwatches 1) . the
Rolex company - based in Switzerland 2) . 1908 - changed all
that. They gave us 3) . first wristwatches 4). show
the date,the first diving watches ,the first sports watch, the first watch to show
different time 5) . date.
2. Although most people in consumer surveys guess 1). Nokia is 2)
. Japanese company , it's actually 3). northern
Europe! Originally4) . paper factory on the banks of the river
Nokia 5). Finland, it became the world's leading mobile phone
company in the late 1990s
test 22

1) Samsung (the name means 'three stars') began 1). a company in

1938. It originally produced noodles 2). dried fish! However, 3)
. company 4)which seems to be quite popular, 5).
come a long way since then. Mobile phones,digital cameras.flat-screen TVs,
DVD players ... you name it, are all manufactured 6). this
electronics giant 7) . South Korea.
2) The makers 1). cars driven 2). the rich and
famous, the Mercedes company has its base 3). Germany.
Emil Jallinek,a wealthy banker 4). bought and loved cars,
named the car Mercedes 5). his nine-year-old daughter. 6)
. the famous three-point Mercedes star was designed 7)
. symbolise the growth of the business into transport 8)on
land, sea and air.
test 23
Some people may believe that going to classes should 1).. optional, but I
really disagree 2). them about it. I do not understand how a university
student can expect to learn much knowledge 3).. he doesn't attend
classes. Although self study is a good way to acquire knowledge, students, I
believe, need to be 4). class.

In classes students receive 5) benefit of the teacher's knowledge. A

teacher does more than just going over the material in the textbooks; she draws
her students 6). discussions that may lead further understanding 7)
the teaching material. She not only teaches acknowledge and
theories, 8) also presents opposing opinions that help students think
and absorb what they 9). learned.
Besides teaching knowledge, a teacher impart her students the right method
10..) study. In that way, the students can understand how to study and
how to apply what they 11) .. learned into practice. 12)
other word, if there is no teacher to lead them to the right way, the students may
go into a roundabout and waste lots of time.

test 24
Many people hold the view that face-to-face communication is better than other
types 1).. communication, such as letters, e-mail, 2).
telephone calls.
People live and work 3). a fast pace nowadays. They are busy 4)
everything. However, they also need to communicate with their
friends or relatives. The result is that they have no time to set an appointment.
This situation is very common. The best solution is to communicate 5)
.. letters, e-mails or telephone calls. We could write letters ore-mails in
our leisure time 6). send them out immediately or call somebody and
talk for a few minutes. These things would not take up 7). long time
and can be scheduled quite easily.
Another reason is that it is too time and money-consuming 8). two
friends that live far away from each other to schedule a face-to-face meeting. In
this situation, using letters, e-mail 9) telephone calls will be a better
way. People by this means could communicate with each other conveniently no
matter how far they apart. Take one of my friends for example, he communicates
with one of his friend 10).. Germany by using emails.