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Book Review Introduction/General information about the book Title: Author: SE. 4 Date first edition: [XC + Genre (fantasy, humour, science-fiction, mystery, biography, non-fiction, ete): Non Bidkin ond lege ght Setting Describe the time and place of the story: \°)! i the Gather town, ‘Comment about the setting (examples: the setting makes story exciting, the setting has an important effect on main character, the setting is/is not exciting or new, the setting increased my knowledge of something): y Main character Main Character: | “I Describe this character: ‘The main character changes from being an innocent IM yar lel oy e945 more mature hid who's lecamet_bow chug by the end of the story. Other characters (2 minimum — 6 max.) Another character: odo. pop Thee ede atte Details: He understands — Ponyboy ; Uke ie stor. He's Pony orother Gnd everyone Raows him Another character, Darre! joka Dare Detals: Ponybea’s oflest brother. Zs more Gha hi decl for Ne caren chat his edwecton cre 1s often cn bop of him Vea) Foveh Another character: Dalla Winston paka Dally Details: {leu He wea older and evorypne wan sccued of him Another character: J. hanwy, Code » Khe kergheskyceldesk nel fu reomest of Vhe ogane cha Toho Cohe Details: thn was Tre pwragod he wan the gang’s utle buchen by the Seo and We dad cee Anather charaéien 20S e olr Bong oiy neri Valance, aka ” Cherry Details: Tks Ponjass is difecant Som Uh c pe, rom the Greasors She sort of likes haem Trey, both ike sunsels ond is Brom the eller spre), el i Another character: Shave Randle ‘ phorly ond wom ol Sevartexn ow Sccle’s best boldey. Inberonted mrever Uhad [him @ bob Detail iw cous aoc Rowe Theme What is the author trying to say in this story? What is his lesson in life? Is there a moral to this story? Vine vans Sayerany Casson, | Foagan We Meor Yne ond We ekrer Wis Friends Tebnny atin a goem ley Robert Frese : "Noting EA cee slong? Sagny’ 8 trying Fe FAL em wok Ge sbicle round ith the idesily” ormars gee Wim « Ponyhay rea This is a story about what ? (Courage? Working hard? Doing the right thing? Greed? Importance of friends? Jealousy? Love? Caring? Happiness? Sadness? etc) Coveane und tryin, to foe tov. Working hravck importance ot & he con defy those (dods Rrands and somdiag up for Hhem. Caring for Hose who gulve This book showed me/l learned from this story: T. (earnad to have & move Open tid ond pak be beled by icbde . Plot ‘The Action: Summary of what happens in the story (list up to 6 events that happened in the story - keep them in order): ‘Orphaned ok tee oe ad Mh, Fenyleou, |] crows up with bis dec Lrcthers. Dares, cmd Solgen Their yin becamed Ge on family Le Enair tous, two gang ore made vp; ond tha Joes Tae afaups are dekermined by your soctah dass One ight Brey cn raly 3” Greasers escalaker amd Tohany ac on ond some money ond con awtyy te neouiny Toon ko gth, riffle we Gin aloondonted, dnvrdy Ansidh mel Jobing ond — Pony ‘ them and become ee noted od "the ae uth dokenmane fake Evaluation of the book © What did you think of the book? hos cn interasting $ wither Tne. yovak "hoppy ending’ cade Wasson we’ can oh ophly im” Uke ‘* What did you like about the book? 1 iad the face a sowie » rebellious ¢ asic peink views ‘= What didn't you fi about the book? | didn’t ik wesiager that hopper (C wow spoil) '* Was the story confusing or hard to believe? Not ot = +, Was the story predictable (could you guess what was going to happen?) “ths ass ns +. Was the story believable? DejioHy for ck Hae hime gongs One Fights were common Ge bouns + The ending was. 4 wy He Rest sevbonce of the bs