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GENRAL INFORMATION :Ejection device UV-30MKI is intended foe

positioning on aircraft su- 30MKI transportations
and firing jamming cartridges of caliber of 50mm.


Each UV-30MKI will consist of structurallyindependent block of control system (control

panel,controller,switch block) and actuating blocks
(ejection block).Blocks installed on the aircraft, are
connected among themselves with electric 100m
of aircraft.


1.No. of types of cartridges 3.

2.Caliber of equipped cartridges -3.
3.Quantity of the cartridges equipped in one BV
-14 pieces.
4.Total no. of cartridges in UV-30MKI -98 pieces.
5.Quantity of independent channel of shooting
as cartridges 3
6.Installation of an initial condition for switching
on supply automatic.
7.The control of serviceability-built-in

8.Time of the accelerated shooting of the

complete set of cartridges- not more then 1.2
9.Time of reaction for shooting of cartridges- 0.1
10. Available time of UV-30MKI for work
switching on not more then 1 min
11. Power supplies to UV-30MKI
A.c. voltage- 2.7v
A.c. voltage-6.3v
Frequency - 400 Hz


PU,include in control sys of

UV-30MKI it is used in all modes of its work and
it is intended for opration control of UV-30MKI
and indication of its modes and parameter.
Panel(1) with control
element and indication of (3,4,6,-11),a wave
beam guide (12) fixed on bady (14) with
screwa(5) .and illumination board(13)

ON FRONT PANEL ARE LOCATED:The handle of eafer

s/w of modes of opration on six position : Button MENU (menu)
Button DISP (firing)

Button STOP (stop)

Button JETT (the accelerated shooting)
Switch s(choice);(select)
The switch V (brightness)
ACT-PASS (the active-the passive)


The following ensure

full fillment of the following basic function:1. Processing and storages of the
2. Info. Interchanges on the multiplex
3. Formation of program sequences of
4. Developments of signals of blocking
and control.

On front panel, socket for connection of

PU,BV, switch block, socket of KRO,BREO an address
socket and socket busbar A and busbar B MKIO are
located. The body of the controller is closed by casing.
The controller is installed on frame (6) with
shock-absorbers which are fastened by means of screws
to the aircraft. On frame(6) controller is fixed by means of
guide (a) and a clip (8). Prevention of unscrewing of clip is
ensured by locking with wire(7)
Following parts of controller :- - a clip
-guide pin
-locking wire

-front panel
-sub block of interface
-frame with shock absorbers

SWITCH BLOCK :It provides safty of work in ground

conditions and is intended for switching off of
tactical ckt from source of voltsge of onboard
network of aircraft during equipping
dismanting and naintenanceservice UV-30MKI.
s/w block work as the body ,inside
which screws fix the breakes , providing
switching of electric ckt and outside of input
electrical connector for connection of an
onboard network and o/p electric connector
for connection of thr controller.
In the body,there is hole foe installation
of safety pin UV-30KMI 9101-10 in the
Greasing install safety pin in s/w block
for checking UV-30 KMI.
In fight, when pin is taken out, the s/w
block provides connection of tactical circuits
of UV-30KMI to an onboard network of power