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English Level: VII-VIII

Summary of Jane Eyre

Bustamante Lorena
Gallegos Jos
Lpez Andrs
Silva Samantha

October -February

Jane Eyre
Chapter 8
Miss Temple gives Jane strength
After Mr. Brocklehurst said a lot of bad things about Jane Eyre, she was on the desk; she
was isolated of the others. She was left alone and sat in a corner on the floor while the
others went to the refectory. She cried so much, because she thought that in Lowood she
had arrived to win affection and to be good. She was improving and Miss Miller promised
to teach her drawing and French. Then, Helen brought her coffee and bread.
She thought that everyone in Lowood believed that she was a liar but Helen told her that
that was untrue. She hated to be so solitary and unloved but Helen told her: "You are too
passionate". Finally Helen had calmed her. When Helen had finished speaking, she
breathed and coughed and Jane felt concern for Helen.
After went Miss Temple and invited Jane and Helen to her room. They sat by her cheerful
fire and Jane and Helen were eating tea, toasts and some delicious cake. Miss Temple said
that she would write to Dr. Lloyd to clear the accusations about Jane. A week later Dr.
Lloyd replied agreed with Jane's version. That day Miss Temple said the true and Jane was
happy, the teachers kissed her and the girls applauded. Jane was moved up to a higher class
and she began French and drawing and she discovered her talents.
Chapter 8

What were doing Jane and Helen that evening in Miss Temple's room?
Jane and Helen were eating tea, toasts and some delicious cake
Could Jane Eyre be cleared of accusations?
Yes, she could, with the letter received from Dr. Lloyd
What talents discovered Jane Eyre in few weeks?
The talents were learning French and drawing.

Chapter 9
Disease strikes at Lowood
When the spring came to Lowood also came diseases and by the time May arrived, many
girls of Lowood were ill with typhoid fever. For this reason the girls who had somewhere to
go left Lowood but some gilrs died outside of Lowood while others died in school and the
healthier gilrs could explore the surroundings of the school.
Helen was ill, but she did not have typhoid fever she had tuberculosis. One day that Jane
was returning from an exploration she saw the Helens doctor and Jane asked him about
Helen and he said that she did not have much time Then Jane went to Miss Temples room
because Helen was there and they talked. The next day when Miss temple returned to her
room she found to Jane asleep on Helens shoulder and Helen was dead.

Where was Helen while she was ill?

She was in the Miss Temples room.
What illness did Helen have?
Helen had tuberculosis.
What illness did the schools girls have?
They had typhoid fever.

Chapter 10
Jane decides to leave Lowood; she has a visitor from the past
Jane stayed at Lowood for eight years, six as a pupil and two as a teacher. Miss Temple was
a mother, governess and friend to Jane, but Miss Temple get married, and she and her new
husband moved far away.

So, Jane felt that her calmness and contentment seemed to have left with Miss Temple, and
she grew tired of her life of the past eight years.
Jane wrote an advertisement offering her services as a governess and she received one reply
about a job as a governess for an eight-year-old girl, with thirty pounds a year, in Millcote.
One day before travel Jane received a visit, Bessie!
Bessie gave Jane news of Gateshead, and also she told her that one day, nearly seven years
ago, a Mr. Eyre came to Gateshead and wanted to see her, but Mrs. Reed said her were at
school fifty miles away, so he said de could not stay because he was going on a journey to a
foreign country, an island Madeira. The man looked quite a gentleman, and Bessie believe
he was Jane's father's brother, her uncle.
Chapter 10

Where was, Jane going to move?

Jane going to move Millcote, that was a large industrial town about seventy miles
away from Lowood.
Who went to visit Jane one day before moving?
Bessie, because she thought that she must see Jane before she got out of her reach.
What did Bessie tell Jane about Mrs. Reed?
Bessie told to Jane that Mrs. Reed is well enough in her body but not easy in her

Chapter 11
Jane begins a new life at Thornfield
Janes driver was late picking her up from the Millcote station. When finally arrives to
Thornfield it was dark. Although that she cant saw through the shadows, Jane finds the
interior cosy and agreeable.

Mrs. Fairfax, was waiting for Jane. She assumed that, Mrs. Fairfax was the owner of
Thornfield, but shes only the housekeeper. The owner was Mr. Rochester, he travels
regularly and leaves the management of the house to Mrs. Fairfax. Jane learns that she will
be teaching Adele, an eight years old French girl. Mrs. Fairfax also said to Jane that
Rochester was an eccentric and his family has a history of violent behavior.
Suddenly, Jane listened a strange laugh and Mrs. Fairfax summons someone called Grace.
Mrs. Fairfax orders Grace that she has to make less noise and remember directions. When
Grace leave, Mrs. Fairfax explains that she is a seamstress who works in the house.

Chapter 11

How did Jane find the house at Millcote?

She finds the interior cosy and agreeable.
Who was Mrs. Fairfax?
The housekeeper at Thornfield.
Who was the owner of Thornfield?
Mr. Rochester, a man who was eccentric.

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