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Shahroz Malik
CEO - Platinum Rides Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Phone: 001-647-784-0018
Email: malikshehroz8@gmail.com
Mr. Khurram Aziz Fani
CEO- Kaif Associates
Adil Shareef Street Madina Colony
Gujranwala, Pakistan
Phone: 0092-321-5487726
Email: khurramaziz786@gmail.com
Friday August 19, 2016
Dear Mr. Malik
Subject: Memorandum of Understanding
Thank you very much for your interest in our website development services. On behalf of
Kaif Associates, I would like to congratulate you for successful launch of your Limousine
Rental Services. We believe that if Platinum Rides would have your continued efforts and
patronage, soon it would be a leading player in the arena.
As we are in the process of materialising your business ideas, there are few things that we
would like to share with you so that we can have your attention towards these. For this,
our team has developed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which, we would like
to share with you. Once, we agree upon the clauses given in MoU, it would be clearer for
us to provide you our best possible services.
Please find a copy of MoU attached with this document. If there is anything, which is not
clear, you may ask us to explain it to you.
Thanking you in anticipation and assuring you of out best possible services.
For Kaif Associates

Khurram Aziz Fani


1- This Memorandum of Understanding (here after refer as MoU) is between Kaif
Associates (Pakistan) and Messer Platinum Rides Incorporation (Canada)
2- This MoU is related to website design, development and hosting as well as
development of stationery items and logo for Platinum Rides Inc.
3- Kaif Associates will complete this work within by September 10, 2016. This is the
maximum possible time required for the task. All attempts would be made to complete
work before this date however, if more and more revisions are requested then this date
may not be applicable.
4- The overall cost of the project with major brake-up is given below.

Hosting and Domain PKR 5,000 (To be paid to third party)

Web Design and Development PKR 15,000 (Usman)
Search Engine Optimization PKR 5,000 (Usman and Khurram)
Content Writing for Website PKR 10,000 (Khurram Aziz Fani)
Total Website Development Cost PKR 35,000
Logo design and development PKR 5,000 (Marghoob)
Marketing and Stationery design PKR 5,000 (Fahad)
Consultancy Fee PKR 5,000 (Khurram Aziz Fani)

5- Domain name registration and hosting services for 1 whole year cost. This is
renewable on a yearly basis. After 1 year, Platinum Rides will bear the cost of hosting
services and other related expenditure.
6- During first 2 months, Platinum Rides can request website specific emails
(you@yourdomain.ca). After this period, this will be paid service. The rate for this will
be PKR 1,000 for every 5 email addresses.
7- Website design covers different aspects which include artistic design and website
layout, creations of web graphics, page backgrounds and skins, editing, cropping,
modification or adjustment of images needed, ensuring the usability and credibility of
webpages, coding of webpage and creation of navigation menu.
8- Kaif Associates has the right to retain access control restriction of the website. In case,
Platinum rides needs access to this, it will be passed to it. However, once it is passed,
Kaif Associates will not take any responsibility for spam, future hacking threats, etc.
9- Kaif Associates will provide search engine optimization for Platinum ridess website.
This includes website URL submission to Google, Yahoo and MSN and other related

10- Kaif Associates will provide a 2 months FREE technical support to Platinum Rides
after launching site on the web (www). Kaif Associates will answer all questions
regarding website management, technical details, content management, user management
or anything about operating website. If Platinum Rides feels appropriate that management
of Platinum Rides has a busy schedule, it can ask Kaif Associates for maintaining website
and website maintenance services.
11. Kaif Associates intends to receive 50 percent payment at the start of the project, 25
percent payment when the beta version is finalized and 25 percent before uploading
website on www.platinumrides.ca.
12. On behalf of Platinum Rides, Kaif Associates will make all necessary arrangements
for the development and launch of this website and related services.
13. Kaif Associates will provide up to 50 designs of logo and will continue to improve it
until management of Platinum Rides will be satisfied of it. If needed, management of
Platinum Rides can request for original source files for logo.
14. Kaif Associates will arrange for up-to-15 different themes of stationery design. These
themes will be provided one after another. If needed, management of Platinum Rides can
request for original source files for stationery.
15. Parties to the contract have to abide by the terms of the contract and any changes, in
future, needs consent of both parties.


For Kaif Associates

For Platinum Rides