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Guidelines for Solar Stand Alone Off-grid Scheme in Rajasthan

1. Introduction:
Rajasthan state with approximately 325 clear sunny days is having a huge
potential for development of stand alone off grid applications. The programme
of providing electricity in far flung villages of state, where either conventional
grid is not a viable solution or where grid connectivity would take substantive
time in near future.
2. Nodal Agency:
Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited will be the Nodal Agency for
implementation of this scheme.
3. Scheme:
The scheme is to provide solar stand-alone off grid systems to fulfil minimum
electricity needs of individual house holds of un-electrified villages/Dhanis of
37 WP {Watt Peak} and 100 WP {Watt Peak} systems will be provided under
stand alone off grid scheme.
4. Benefits of the schemes:
(i) The consumption of power is at generation point itself.
(ii) Villagers of un-electrified villages/dhanis will be able to cater their
minimum energy needs like illumination, fan and mobile charging with
100 Wp system & for lighting purpose 37 Wp system may be used.
(iii) Solar systems are Eco friendly.
5. Subsidy Pattern:
Subsidy support for 37 WP &100 WP systems will be Rs 5000/- and Rs 10000/respectively. Bigger capacity systems {>100 Wp} will have subsidy support
limited to maximum of Rs 10000/- only. Balance cost will have to be borne by
6. Methodology:
6.1 Selection of villages:


Nodal Agency will take up these schemes in those un-electrified

villages/dhanis which will be recommended by the Discoms on the basis
of non feasibility of providing electricity through conventional grid
Empanelment of vendors:
Nodal agency will finalize the vendors for supply, installation,
commissioning and maintenance of solar stand alone off grid systems
with five years AMC through competitive bidding by e-tendering process.

AMC can be extended for further time period as per mutual consent of
vendor and beneficiary.

Eligibility criteria & selection of beneficiary:

Villagers of such un-electrified villages/dhanis recommended by Discoms
are eligible for taking the benefit of solar stand alone off grid scheme.
Eligibility of villagers will be ensured through a self certificate & Adhaar
card/Voter ID card/DL given by the beneficiary.
The beneficiary will be communicated a Unique Identification No. just
after applying online at E-mitra kiosk/RRECL web site. Subsequently
beneficiary will be informed about instructions given to vendors for
system installation through SMS/e-mail/Voice Call (e-SANCHAR).


Execution of the installation of solar systems:

The empanelled vendors will arrange the installation work of solar stand
alone off grid systems in consultation with Project Officer, RRECL of the
concerned area. Balance cost (Total cost subsidy) will be collected by the
vendor from the beneficiary and vendor will submit the claim documents
of subsidy amount in prescribed formats at RRECL. The empanelled
vendor will impart training to beneficiary about the system operation
during installation. Basic system detail along with photograph of the
beneficiary with system installed is essential for uploading it on official
web site of RRECL to avoid the misuse of subsidy.
Following documents are required to be uploaded by the vendor on
official web site of RREC against UID No. generated at the time of
execution:a. Module Serial No. , make with capacity {Wp}
b. Battery Serial No. with capacity {Ah}
c. Detail of equipment supplied with system.
d. Satisfaction certificate by the beneficiary with date
e. Beneficiary photograph with the system installed showing date of
7. Release of subsidy:
80 % of the total subsidy towards installed solar systems {i.e. installation
of system with PV module, battery, no. of fixtures with capacity} will be
released to the empanelled vendor after due verification as per conditions
of tender. Balance 20 % of the subsidy will be released to the vendor
@ 4 % per annum for five years on the basis of performance certificate
given by the beneficiary to the vendor on annual basis.
8. Rectification of faults:
All the empanelled vendors shall be bound to develop their after sales
service centres in the vicinity of the area of installed systems or at least
at tehsil level to facilitate AMC services. The beneficiaries should be well

informed about RREC call centre/toll free nos. Beneficiaries can register
their complaint on RRECL Call centre at toll free nos. After registration
of complaint a CRN {Complaint registration number} will be generated
and communicated to the beneficiary and concerned vendor on his
mobile and e mail if any. System faults will have to be rectified within 7
days by the vendor from the date of registration of complaint at call
centre. The vendor will update the status of fault rectification on RREC
website/call centre for online monitoring of the complaints registered and
services being provided by the vendor. The beneficiary can also track
status of his complaint online at official website of RREC.
9. Monitoring of systems:
Nodal Agency will monitor the performance of the systems installed from
time to time through Project Officers. Provision of Third party inspection
will also be adopted to get the feed backs of the scheme. RREC will
monitor the fault rectification status of vendor periodically. Online
Monitoring Information System {MIS} related to beneficiary, vendor,
rectification of faults etc. will be available on official web site of RREC.
10. Review or Modification of Guidelines:
The Energy Department, Government of Rajasthan in consultation with
RRECL reserves the right to review or modify the Guidelines as and when
required in public interest.
Proposed names of scheme:
Mukhyamantri Sourya Urja Vidhyutikaran Yojana