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VOCABULARY | Learning languages 1
REMEMBER: Several responses might be acceptable - choose the best one:
1. I ___________ ( = its hard for me) memorizing new words.
a) have a hard time b) difficulty c) so difficult
2. No, you ___________ that verb incorrectly.
a) conjured b) conjugated c) conquered
3. Im ___________ in five languages = I speak five languages perfectly
a) flowing b) fluent c) fluid
4. I can ___________ in French ( = I speak it, but not too well), but Id like to
speak it better.
a) get going b) get by c) get over
5. I have ___________ speaking. ( = its difficult for me to speak)
a) trouble b) a problem c) a + b d) difficult
6. English is his ___________. ( = native language)
a) mothers tongue b) mother tongue c) father tongue
7. A ___________ person is someone who speaks two languages.
a) bilingual
b) trilingual
c) smart
8. I dont need to be able to speak fluently, I just want to be able to ___________.
a) commune
b) commute c) communicate
9. The English ___________ starts with A and ends with Z.
a) letter collection b) word c) alphabet
10. She has lived in the United States for 10 years, but still has a strong
a) access b) accent c) assent

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VOCABULARY | Learning languages 1

1) a 2) b 3) b

4) b

5) c

6) b

7) a

8) c

9) c

10) b