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SSI Lift Artificial Lift Products

Site Specific Safety Rules

In the event of an emergency, alarm will sound and all

personal shall evacuate to the Muster Point.

First aid kits & AED are located onsite. All incidents must
be report to HSE.

The facility and warehouse are highly hazardous areas. DO

NOT enter without the Hi-Viz vest and an SSI Artificial Lift
representative. Cranes and Forklifts in Daily Operation

All SSI visitors are authorised to STOP work if unsafe

conditions are present. Incidents must be reported in

PPE Requirements
PPE must be worn at
all time in the facility
and warehouse.
Yellow lines on the
floor is the safe travel
zone. PPE is not
required in these


The SSi Artificial Lift System

Designed and Manufactured by SSI Lift Systems

Headquartered in Calgary, AB Canada
Over 900 Systems Installed Worldwide
Offices in Houston, Denver, Bakersfield, Dallas

Total Systems Provider

Efficient and Optimized Production Platform

Highly Reliable - Increased Production, Lower Power
Pumping Unit, Rods, BHP, Wellhead and Micro-Turbine for nonpowered sites (FlexPower)

SSI Lift Introduction

Pumping Unit

Provides Lift Capacity

Determines Stroke Length
240 to 372 Depending on Model

Power Unit

Provides the driving force, control and

interface for the pumping unit
Determines the maximum speed (SPM) at
which the pumping unit can operate.
Several horsepower options available per
pumping unit model

Unit Features
Long Stroke 240 to 372
Heavy Lift Capability 25,000 to 80,000 lbs
Automatic/Independent Variable Speed Up or Down
Integrated Pump-Off Control with SCADA

Optimize well production without stopping unit.

Safety Features
Fewer Moving Parts and Pinch-Points
Compared with a traditional beam unit
No Crane Required for Work-Over Activity
Simple Transportation and Installation
Less injury exposure
Less heavy equipment
No Heavy Mechanical Counterweight
Protection against automatic cold weather startup

Ease of Workover
Tracking System for Sliding Pumping Unit Back and Forward for
Well Work Over within 15 minutes manually
V-base Has Small Footprint Relative to Beam Units
Leveling Feet for Adjusting Cylinder Alignment.
V-Stops Maintain Proper post workover. Virtually eliminating
polish rod parts

Well Spacing
Smaller Footprint Means
Tighter Spacing Possible:
Model 250 15 Foot
Spacing possible
Model 400 15 Foot
Spacing Possible
Model 600 - 20 Foot
Spacing Possible
Model 800 - 20 Foot
Spacing Possible

Custom Engineered Base

Custom Engineered Base

Key Advantages
Provides Eight Independent Speeds for Up and Down Stroke
Independent Accels and Decels for Up and Down Stroke.
Reverses Motor Rotation for Up and Down Cylinder Travel.

Key Advantages
Reduced OPEX
Minimize Well Interventions

Due to the long slow stroke and soft turn-around

SPE Data shows worldwide average of 72% failures are due
to BHP, rods and tubing failure

Longer Slower Stroke

Less friction decreasing side loading

Slower down stroke = reduced buckling

Fewer Cycles
Extended BHP, tubing and sucker rod life
Equal or Greater Production at a Lower SPM

Key Advantages
Rod Compression and Decompression is Minimal
Long slow stroke and soft turn-around

> 90% Downhole Pump Efficiency

98.6% Run Time

Bi-annual Proactive Preventative Maintenance Schedule

SSi Automation and

Operator Interface Screen

Figure 89 Speed & Cycle Screen

SSi Scada Data

SAGD Infill Well Surface Card Dec.8, 2015

SSI Leasing Options

Available upon request

3 month, 6 month, 1, 5 year

SSI Warranty

1 year on parts and labour

3 years on Toshiba motors and drives


SSI Maintenance
Every 180 days - change all filters, adjust and lube cables, Balance the unit, optimize, change
the automatic greaser for the bearing on the pulley and full unit inspection.

SSI Transportation and Install Savings

We can ship 6 x SSI units on 4 x trucks vs 3 x trucks needed for 1 x 1824 pumpjack
Only 6 piles required vs 18 piles plus a concrete pad

SSI Workover vs Well Mount Pumpjack

Easier to workover vs wellhead mount pumpjack
SSI has the track back system vs heavy equipment needed to lay the wellhead mount on the

Willing to Enter into a Long-term Agreement

Agreement to match drilling program, SSi will commit to having equipment onsite 1 to 2 week
before requested date
Guaranteed pricing for term of agreement
Will maintain agreed upon inventory for term of agreement

SSI Systems Summary

Sure Stroke Intelligent Lift System Advantages
Lower Per Barrel Lifting Cost
Controlled Variable Speeds
Integrated Pump off Controller
User Friendly Touch-Screen Interface
Green Solution Lower Power Consumption
Much Lower Transportation and Installation Costs
The Sure Stroke Intelligent Lift System has Approximately 1/10th the Weight of
Comparable Beam Units.

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