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Here we look into the varied ideas that newbie developers can undertake as their

graduating project. We tend not to delve into intricacies of the project but we
definitely aim to leverage brief idea about the project and the approach requir
ed for its development. We aim to educate students and potential developers with
the latest ideas and projects.
While Python can be used for both smaller and larger projects experts have alway
s suggested to start with smaller projects that allows developers to acquire the
requisite development skills and master the art of project development.
What interesting things you can do with the help of Python Programming
Python for web development
You can use python for web development, you can try some python web framework Dj
ango, Flask, Web2py, Pylons, Giotto .. etc to build some website for your practice
Python for data structure or classic algorithm
You can implement data structure or classic algorithm using python. For example R
ed-Black Tree , Interval Tree , SuffixTree , and so many and make python egg which can y
ou release in PyPI, which can be used by python programmer from all over the wor
Python for making Plugins
You can develop some plugins using python like sublimeText plugin and release it
for sublime text user, also you can develop more plugins and make money through
Python for Data science
Here is a list of cool, classic and amazing Python Project Ideas that will make
you come across as a cool developer. Read through the lines meticulously and you
may identify an idea that will change your life for better and move your career
in the right direction.
These python project ideas are specially crafted for final year students, if you
are interested in python and want to do your final year project in python then
go with below given python project ideas and if need any kind of help in python
then contact me, you will get the instant reply from me.
Python Project Ideas For Beginners
You are a beginner or you are interested to learn python then I am going to list
some very basic python project ideas for you.
So don t wait and start learning python and start with doing some small things and
move step by step.
Alarm clock Using Python
If you are beginner in python want to develop a small app then Alarm Clock is be
st python project idea.
Its a CLI(Command Line Interface) python application where you can put some yout
ube links in text file and program will read the file. You have to set time what
ever you want in any format and at that particular time program will pick a rand
om link which are saved in the file and start playing youtube video.
Its very good python project idea to check your basic skill of python.
Here you can add some more features if you wishLike you can provide a option to the user to play most trending video in YouTube
or most viewed video in the YouTube etc.

Currency Converter App Using Python

Currency Converter, I believe you know it very well, but now you are a programme
r so you can create a app named currency convertor. It will boost your confidenc
e level and you feel that you are learning something.
There is lot of things you can do with python but if you are beginner then start
from doing something small and then go for high.
In currency convertor you can add the functionality so user can convert any curr
ency to any currency.
Here you can face a problem because currencies value change on daily basis so yo
u can import a excel spreadsheet for updated currency so it is not a big deal.
If you love to design then you can create a attractive User Interface to make yo
ur app more cool.
Digital Display Application Using Python
You can create a digital display application using python and using this python
project idea you can create so many more applications like
Digital Clock
Number Display Board etc
Tic Toc Toi Game Python Project Idea
If you love to play computer games then you can develop a Python game as your fi
rst python app. Games becomes more cool if having a good user interface so you c
an create a good UI and implement concept of tic toc toi and your first python a
pp is ready.
Magic 8 Ball App in Python
I believe you used magic 8 balls in your life. So now you can implement as game
and show you skill to others using python. You can make it more attractive by us
ing your creativity.
Here you ask a question and see the answer in floating die. You can add very att
ractive answers here.
Dice Rolling Simulator Using Python
Dice Rolling Simulator is a simple game where we create a dice simulator and wri
te the numbers on dice. We can decide that how me sides we are going to take in
the application and it will print the number that comes.
Its a very basic application you can try if you are beginner to check your skill
The things which you Need to Implement Here areRandom- Because you have to Generate a Random number after Rolling the Dice.
While Loop
Guess The Number Python Aplication
For the beginners and Intermediate level programmers it is a very best project i
dea. If you can do it then you are ready upgrade your level in programming. Pyth

on makes things easy because of their libraries.

So lets come in the topic and topic is Guess the Number Application, here system
randomly generates a number and after that user enters a number of their choice
then computer will tell me number is high or low in while comparing the compute
r generated number. Then user again enter the number and its happens again and a
gain until user enters the correct number which is generated randomly by the com
You need to implement
Random Function
While Loops
If/Else Statements
Python Project Ideas Intermediate Programmer
These below listed projects are developed by me when I was in new to python and
I really enjoyed it. At that time I developed almost 20-25 projects.
A Sudoku game website in Python
User registration & login
Game Registration
Different Complexity
Hint Display
Error Checking
Solution Display
Custom Themes
Conway s game of life using python
This is very-2 interesting project, I hope you will like it. Conway s game of life
is very interesting game and I believe you guys are aware with game.
Option to read initial generation configuration from file or Randomised initial
generation Next generation on button click or Time based next generation colour
customisation for generation grid.
GUI based image display and transfer in python
This application is developed for GUI based image display and transfer. This is
python application and you can add more features on it if you wish.
Display All images in a folder
Next on Button click or timer
Movement to specified folder on button click
You can add some feature here, if you have any query or want to know more about
this project please contact me.
Poker hands simulation in Python

Poker hands simulation in python also can be best option to check your skill.
Generate poker hands for n players
Select winning hands as per predefined criteria
And write them to a file
Summary of win%
Poker hands identifier(Live Game) in Python
Poker hands identifier is live game in python and features you can read below
Identify the dealt hands and community cards on a live table
Write the identified cards to a file for later analysis
Submit the cards to another script for immediate processing
Magic Square Solver in Python
Magic Square Solver is game which I developed in Python in features are given be
Read magic square puzzle from an input file
Solve the puzzle using one of the various methods
Display the time taken for solving
I will provide the videos of above projects soon so that you can see the functio
nality of the projects most easily.
Unique Python Project Ideas for the Students
Here check out the list of almost 100 best python project ideas which are specia
lly crafted for final year students and these python project ideas are also very
-2 useful for those who are learning python and want to do projects on python.
Web Crawlers Python Project Idea
Analytics is the new cool. Web Masters, Bloggers and Tech Entrepreneurs are craz
y about analytic tools because it is something that drives their business. You n
eed to master the art of tracking API and creating a crawl based on HTML that al
lows you create a web crawler tool that leverages Tech Entrepreneurs with the po
wer to make their business consumer oriented.
Sublime Text Plugins Python Project Ideas
Be it the WordPress plugin or plugins that integrates social media accounts in t
he websites eloquently. Here is a chance to identify huge business potential. Ma
ke the best use of the Python development skills and create sublime text plugins
and empower the contemporary creed of web masters.
Plagiarism Checker Python Project Ideas
Now that you have mastered the art of creating web crawlers you can build your p
ersonal plagiarism checker with great ease. Use the available tools and help wri
ters check their article and content for copy issues before submitting it to the
prospective client.
Instagram Photo Downloader Python Project Idea
We all know that unlike Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram has no feature of savin

g pictures. You can use your available development skills based on Python for bu
ilding a tool that helps you and the world download pictures from Instagram with
great ease and grace.
A Program completer Python Project ideas
Python beginners can always write programs that read the half entered program a
nd complete it on the basis of library inputs. This will go on and help new deve
lopers in memorizing the codes.
Fibonacci Series, a Simple Python Project Idea
Yes! One can use python programming language for creating a program that provide
s with the Fibonacci series as the output on the basis of provided input.
Bookstore management system
You can consider the nearest bookstore as a giant warehouse and create a booksto
re management for the store. The store can use it efficiently in the long run fo
r keeping a tab on the books that came in and went out.
Gym Management System
Be it inside universities or at the center if a huge city, a gym management syst
em is always going to be handy and helpful for the keeping a tab on the people e
nrolling. This will help you understanding the real workings of Python.
Accounts management
The real application of Python comes when we start building a management system
and there s nothing more difficult than creating an account management system. You
can undertake this as your final year python project.
Clinic Management System
A clinic management system will help the head manager ensure that all the employ
ees and doctors are visiting the clinic on right time and will also ensure avail
ability of all the required instruments and medicines.
Warehouse management system
undertake warehouse management system as your final year Python Project and late
r you can sell it one of the e-commerce startups breaming in your town.
Laboratory Management System
Managing laboratory gets difficult hence undertaking laboratory management syst
em for final project will help you impress the faculty at the university.
Patient information system
A detailed system that maintains records of every patient who ever has been to t
he hospital will prevail transparency. This project might require Python help bu
t no matter of worrying we are here to help.
Shop Management System
Giants like Walmart have got their own shop management system, you can also buil
d one and sell it to a local merchant and prevail some sense of transparency in
their business.
School Data Management System
Keeping a tab on all the kids, listing their parent s information and also ensurin
g that they are paying fees on the right time requires a multitalented system. T
ake our help in turning your final year project into a reality.
Content Management System
Lets come together and build the next WordPress and leverage bloggers and web ma
sters with a new blogging tool. This Content management system as your final pro
ject will fetch you more marks than any other final year project.

Attendance Management System

A system for schools and colleges that ensures proper accountability of kids who
all are present and absent.
Online Quiz Management System
A quiz management system that keeps records of all the participants participatin
g from around the world.
Ticket Reservation System
Building a ticket reservation system in Python will help you fetch more marks an
d come across as someone very intellectual.
Student Management System
A system that manages every detail related to a student and also keeps record of
all their requests and grievances.
Mail Server
For any college or company where all the details related to mails received eithe
r for students or employees are maintained and ensures one point access of infor
Examination Management System
Huge universities with more than 20000 students will need these. This system wil
l turn out to be one point of access for info related to exams, schedule, and re
sults and re-applying.
Matrimonial Site
Yes! You can also take input from male and female and create a system that estab
lishes best match based on inputs provided.
Inventory management system for e-commerce
Leverage e-commerce sites with the power to get more than. An inventory manageme
nt system will help e-commerce sites manage their inventory better.
Event Management System
Event management companies can use one such system for sorting employees accordi
ng to events. Such system will also help in easier management of resources like
tent and plates.
Bus Reservation System
A bus reservation system that provides accurate info about the buses and also he
lps in booking a seat on one of them.
Article search engine
For giant s sites and magazines this system will simplify things. One can always d
epend on these systems for finding a particular article with great ease.
Car Rental System
There are loads of companies working on car rental system in the modern day mark
et. We can easily create a similar system and make our final project look really
Movie ticket booking
A system that maintains a database of latest movies and allows you to book your
favorite seats is going to be a rage. This should be your Final Year Python Proj
Water Supply Management System
A system that informs you about the time water will come and also warns you abou

t the amount of water you have used. Using SQL for creating database will make t
his project valuable.
Property Management System
A system that allows an enterprise or a builder manages all the properties they
deal. SQL database will empower this project to run with a lot of efficiency.
Certificate Generation System
A system that generates every certificate like birth, driving license, passing a
nd all with just one click will change the way contemporary world functions.
Library book issue and return system
A system that allows people to issue and return books to and from library with j
ust one click will save time and promote promptness.
Hostel Seat Booking System in Python
One can use this system for booking hostel with just one click. Feed in all your
details including preferred hostel seat and book it with just one click.
I-card generation system
A system that generates I-card for students in college or employees at office wi
ll be really interesting for your Final Year Python Project.
Insurance Management System
Going ahead and building a system that allows insurance agents to manage policie
s with great ease can be a potential product after college viva and presentation
Club membership management system
A system that provides you with info about your membership at all times of the d
ay has huge market potential and will also fetch a lot of marks.
SPA Appointment system
A system for one and all, using which people can book their spa appointment from
home. It is going to be the most unique Python Project for final year presentat
Flower Bouquet Management System
Startups based on flower dealing will love a system like this. This system will
help entrepreneurs keep a tab on all the flowers they imported and sold in a day
Catering Management System
Caterers will now be able to keep a tab on all the resources and will be able to
allot equal amount of resources for every event.
Electricity Bill Management system
Electricity bill management system will comfort private electricity company as w
ell as consumers. Transparency will increase and cheating will reduce.
Course Management System
Universities and virtual universities and students can use this system well for
managing their courses and for acquiring resources related to the course.
Grocery Stock Management System
Huge stores like Big Bazaar and Restaurants can use this system for ensuring tha
t all products are available throughout the year.
Tax Calculation System
This system will not only provide clear understanding of taxes but will also inf

orm users about the amount of tax they need to pay.

Fruit Selling Management System
A system that facilitates easier selling of fruits online.
Token booking system
Be it booking gas cylinder or acquiring subsidized petrol. This system will prom
ote transparency.
Student housing management system
A system that allows housing of student according to their preferences and skill
Service Request System
A service request system for private companies will prevail transparency and wil
l also simplify procedures.
Home renting system
System for renting out houses developed with Python Scripting is going to be a h
igh scoring project.
Marriage Hall Booking system
A system for private hall owners and distributors based on Python.
Compliant Management system
A system that makes complaint management easier and fun.
Air ticket booking system
A system developed on Python with SQL database will make things look easier and
Luggage import-export system
A system that is going to be highly useful in the long run at airports and railw
ays will definitely help you impress your teacher and acquire good marks.
Food Delivery System
Restaurants can use it for taking orders and delivering at the right time.
University health care centre
A central system for booking appointments and seeking re-issue of prescribed med
Employee referral system
You can go ahead and refer employees for promotion. This system will also requir
e a SQL database for easier management.
Employee performance review system
A sheet like system that includes information related to employee and also takes
in review for easier valuation of their performances.
Employee vacation system
Manage every employee and their vacation at a single interface.
Time management system
Put in all your routine and develop a schedule with this time management system.
Document management system
A system that sorts documents on the basis of their niche, type and content will
promote easier management.
Employee track and report system

A system that will go long and help employers review the performance of their em
ployees with great ease.
Task management
Manage your task and the tasks at the factories with much ease now. This is a gr
eat final year project and developing it on Python will fetch you more marks tha
n ever.
Payment system based on Python
A billing and payment system that takes in account all the details and produces
results according to that.
Attendance management system for offices
The idea of creating such projects on Python can also help you financially. You
can always go ahead and sell these products to enterprises and startups in the m
Student Mentorship system
Allocating students and selecting mentors are important part of every college. A
system that facilitates these services will simplify things.
Online voting system
Voting in colleges or for general election through online will increase the vote
percentage. One such system will always become the favorite at college presenta
tions and viva.
Online CV builder
A builder built on Python that takes all the requisite info and publishes a well
-designed and articulated CV for employees and fresher is probably the best fina
l year project to take.
Student monitoring system
A system that monitors the amount of attendance and the marks a student has acqu
ired will help faculties ensure responsibilities.
Online discussion forum
Discussion forums are very much popular among bloggers and web masters. These ha
ve great monetizing potentials as well.
Online Job Portal with SQL database
developing a python project on jobs will definitely make you come across someone
intellectual in front of your teachers. This Python project will require a SQL
Online banking system
One interface that allows bank account holders to do a lot of things with their
money is probably the best final year project to develop.
Facebook management system
One point of access for managing the content you publish and also measuring anal
ytics on Facebook.
Cylinder booking system
It is going to find real life usages and will fetch you more marks.
Online shopping system
A simple interface that shows you all the products and allows you to shop for th
e ones you need. Include cart, include payment gateway and your teacher will end
up showering marks on you.

Online Property Dealing

Dealing properties online, answering queries and providing correct info through
a system will help build trust. Seeking python help online with this project wil
l make your project come across as professional and really useful.
YouTube like video streaming
A project that streams recorded videos from the database like YouTube will be a
rage among the faculties.
Online shopping Python Projects
Online shopping python project will help students hit the right chord given e-co
mmerce is the most popular thing among teachers.
Air ticket reservation system
One page interface for accessing flight details and booking air tickets.
Online bakery management system
Manage bakery stores from across the country with just one interface. Check inve
ntory and handle orders with great ease.
Online service finder
A system that requires simple inputs like location and contact details and in re
turn provides you access to varied details of services like mechanic, driver, ma
id, internet installer, carpenter, plumber and doctor will simplify lives, save
time and money. Teachers will mark this project better than others because this
is one project solving a lot of problem unlike others, where everyone is solving
one problem at a time.
Water bill management
A system for authorities and for the users to keep a tab on the coming bills and
paid bills.
Service center finder
one page interface that requires location as an input and in return provides all
details related to a service center in the town.
Cab finding system
Like Uber and Ola this system will intake location as an input and in return pro
vide info about all the cabs present in the locality.
Auto finding system
Let alone cabs you can also develop a system for finding autos. Jugnoo is one of
the prime examples. Take location as input and in return provide all the inform
Inverted database
A system that produces an inverted result of the database and all their elements
will help enterprises manage their business well.
Restaurant finder
A web application that intakes location and provides info about every possible r
estaurant in the locality.
Online lottery ticket
Bidding online system that helps people bet their money on lotteries and retriev
e their won amount directly in banks is a great idea for final Python Project. I
t is one of the most unique python programming projects to undertake and build i
Online freelancing job finder

This portal will allow freelancers from around the world find the best of freela
ncing jobs and get their money transferred to their bank accounts.
Pub or bar locator
Just like Uber, put in the location and find all the pubs and bars in the local
Hospital finder
A web application that allows people to find hospital, doctor and chemist will s
olve real life problem and is also potentially marketable.
Electric fault finder
a dynamic site with a database that takes symptoms as input and produces amazing
results and lets people know where the fault actually lies.
Employee pay roll generator
A system that takes in joining date and employee id as input and produces an emp
loyee pay roll at the end of every month is one of the best python programming p
rojects to work on.
Employee tracker
You can always track what your employee is doing on their respected systems. You
can acquire all the logs and set dependency.
Bridge locator
A system that helps you cut through the traffic by locating the nearest bridge i
s going to help you make life easier.
E-book finder
A system that has all the e-books and will help you find the most wanted one whe
n actually in need. You can seek python help online for these projects and add n
ew dimension to your projects.
These python project ideas are the most widely used for final year projects acro
ss the world. One can always seek Python help online and build a project that wi
ll fetch them more marks and apparently good grades.
I am a python expert and working hard than ever to leverage you with the best fi
nal project development services. We are adamant about the quality development a
nd timely delivery of your project.
If you need more python Project Ideas which are not listed here then please cont
act me and I will come to you with some best and more unique python project idea