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ENGL 3023-Mythology and Folklore Quiz

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I. Modified True or False
Write TRUE if the statement is correct. If not, provide the correct answer.
________________1. Myths are expressed in primitive thought.
________________2. Myths are often associated with religion as these stories include the birth and nature of the world.
________________3. Myth is considered as one of the greatest objects in the science of tradition.
________________4. The burning passion for material things; the love for new learning and antiquity
________________5. The genre of Ballad of Dead Ladies
________________6. The thing with which the ladies are compared in the poem
________________7. The queen in the poem who was known for ordering the death of her lovers
________________8. The moniker given to Bertrada of Laon
________________9. The type of poem that is originally Spanish
________________10. This type of novel influenced the adventure stories we would read today.
________________11. The description given to Don Quixote for being too absorbed with meat and books
________________12. The representation of reality in the story
________________13. The healthy farm girl Don Quixote fantasized to be his damsel
________________14. These represent the things we chose not to see for what they are
________________15. His traumatic experiences led for him to create one of the masterpieces of Renaissance
II. Add a derivational suffix to the following words and identify their definition.
______ 1. ______way
a. not instructed
______ 2. ______educate
b. to relax and stop thinking about work
______ 3. ______stand
c. railway beneath the ground
______ 4. ______wind
d. incorrectly compute
______ 5. ______calculate
e. comprehend
III. Grammar
A. Connect the following sentences thru coordination. Apply proper correction if the sentence is stringy.
1. We can take the dirt road. We can turn right to Fraction Avenue.
2. The Renaissance era showcased plenty of growth, and more architectural development came under Henry IV, and some examples
of buildings that began construction were the Pont Neuf and the Place Dauphine.
3. France flourished during the Renaissance. Poverty remained to be the primary problem.
4. Pierre de Ronsard has written many poems. All of them depict the harsh realities of life.
5. People need to check on their values often. They wont be like babies taken anywhere by the waves.
B. Revise the following sentences to achieve clarity.

You need to step your game, or the newbies will take over you.
The patio of our house is smaller than yours.
We light the campfire tomorrow.
The results showed Mary Kate has to retake the test.
Second stage in applying for drivers license is the simulation.

IV. Enumerate
1-3 types of satire

4-7 Aesthetic Elements in poetry

8-10 Ages of French Renaissance