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Make your ideal mother earth and why such envision of mother earth ?

Our ideal mother earth involves the co-relation of nature and man , we envision a world
of peace , harmony and balance like the symbol Yin Yang . Yin yang is a balance of polar
energies inherent in all nature , and it's capable of harmonizing these two competing polarities
within our selves ,justice and order will result within around us . Falling prey to perpetual
imbalance of these energies would result in the experience of suffering and chaotic conditions .
For us to furthermore understand the concept of yin yang , we must first analyze the
basic symbolism of it. It is comprised of a circle , inside of which are two inter-locking swirls,
one light and one dark. Inside each swirl is a smaller dot which is the opposite color of the
swirl itself . The circle represents all of creation. The two swirls represent change , of which all
Creation is comprised. All that exists is in a constant state of change . All matter passes from
form to form in an endless dance of Creation . Life itself is change where inability to change is
equivalent to death and non-existence . Therefor the two swirls inside the circle represent this
ever-changing dance of matter taking place within the whole of Creation.
In everything one exists together with its opposite. And therefore, there is balance. We
human beings live in our nature , we interact with it and surrounded by it , but we are not just a
dweller in nature , we also transform it . From the beginning our existence , and with increasing
population , we have adapt to make use of our environment , we convert nature's wealth into
the means of our own need but sometimes turn into greed .The relationship between Man and
Nature is a give and take relationship , not just taking and not giving something back which is
imbalance and unequal which distorts the Yin Yang principle .
To achieve our ideal mother earth of peace , harmony and balance , we must exert our
efforts to protect our very own nature by preserving our environment and it ecosystems . It is
very important that balance in the ecosystems is maintained and protected from man-made
causes . Humans in the name of development remove trees and vegetation and change how we
use our land , with this we lessen forests where animals live which is a great imbalance in our
ecosystem , it is also a cause of flooding which results to damages and some times takes away
human lives.
We envision a peaceful , harmonized and balanced mother earth so that our next and
future generations can still live and enjoy that of the fruits of our nature through our efforts in
preserving it . Nature is a gift of God which is our everything , where we live , where we get
our food , shelter and efficient needs to survive and we are God's gift to nature where it is our
responsibility is to protect, preserve and nurture it