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Prevent falls
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The benefits
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Local Quality, National Recognition

Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital has again been recognized by Healthgrades for superior
performance. Healthgrades gave us a 5-Star recognition for quality in the treatment
of Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Hip Fracture, COPD, Pneumonia, Sepsis, Stroke and
Respiratory Failure. A 5-Star rating indicates that our clinical outcomes are statistically
significantly better when compared to hospitals across the nation in these areas of
expertise. As you consider a hospital for you or your loved one, know that Sutter Auburn
Faith Hospital is nationally ranked as one of the leaders in quality care.

HHHHH Five Star Recognition

H Treatment of Pneumonia

H Treatment of Heart Attack

H Treatment of Respiratory Failure

H Treatment of Heart Failure

H Treatment of Sepsis

H Treatment of Stroke

H Treatment of COPD

H Treatment of Hip Fracture Treatment

Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital

11815 Education St., Auburn






of the



be safe

mental health

4 tips to prevent falls this winter


simple fall can jeopardize

your health in a very serious
way. Fall prevention may not
seem like a lively topic, but
its important. According to the National
Council on Aging, one in three elder Americans experience a fall each year. Falls are
the leading cause of nonfatal and fatal
injuries in adults aged 65 and older.
By taking the proper precautions, you can
prevent falls with these simple measures
recommended by Chris Lovelace, physical
therapist at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital.

1. Have regular eye exams and

doctor visits to discuss fall risks.
It is easy to underestimate the importance of
a regular eye exam. Checking to make sure
prescriptions are current is an easy step to
prevent falls.
Take advantage of an annual wellness exam.
Have your doctor review all the medications
and supplements that you are taking to make
sure the medications dont cause side effects
and interactions that may increase your risk
of falling.

2. Physical activity is key and can

go a long way in fall prevention.
Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital will be offering
a fall prevention tai chi class beginning in
March. In addition to education on fall prevention, the class will be taught by a Sutter


Music can impact emotions

Non-skid shoes are one
way to prevent falls on
slick winter surfaces.

Auburn Faith Hospital physical therapist to

offer clinical and technical exercises to teach
balance and fall risks. Look out for more
details about class times and hours this
In addition to tai chi, consider activities such
as walking and water exercises that involve
slow and graceful movements that will
reduce the risk of falls by improving strength,
balance, coordination and flexibility.
If you fear falling during exercise, speak with
your doctor. He or she may recommend carefully monitored exercise programs or refer you
to a physical therapist. The physical therapist
can create a custom exercise program aimed
at improving your balance and providing you
with more confidence in your daily activities.

Inexpensive fixes such as railings, bathroom

1030 High Street, Auburn, CA 95603


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it shall not be liable for any act of omission on the part of the advertiser pertaining to their published advertisement in Healthy Living.


grab bars and enhanced lighting are easy

steps to make your home safer and less of
a risk for falling. Sutter Auburn Faiths community partner, Seniors First offers free home
safety checks and repairs for low-income
seniors and veterans.

4. Be cautious while entering

and exiting your car in inclement
Wear sensible shoes and consider changing
your footwear as part of your fall-prevention
plan. Shoes without non-skid soles can prevent you from stumbling and falling on slick
surfaces. Sensible shoes may also reduce
joint pain.

3. Invest in home modifications and Most importantly, talk with your doctor or
physical therapist. Its important to address
safety repairs.
health concerns and fall risks before a fall



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Music is an integral part of the human experience.

Songs have been sung for centuries, and music
plays an integral role in many cultural ceremonies,
rites of passage and other traditions.


Gary Milks, (530) 852-0250,
Beth OBrien, (530) 852-0223,
Liz Daniels, (530) 852-0214,

Researchers have had an interest in music and

its impact on human emotion and perceptions for
many years. Music of all genres and styles can be
therapeutic and boost mood while bringing listeners
pleasure and comfort. Sad music may intensify grief.
Music can evoke strong feelings and may influence
how individuals perceive other people and things.
According to a recent study by researchers Nidhya
Logeswaran and Joydeep Bhattacharya from the
University of London, music affects how people see
visual images. In an experiment, 30 subjects were
presented with a series of happy or sad musical
excerpts. After listening to the songs, the subjects
were shown a photograph of a face. Some people
were shown a happy face the person was smiling
while others were exposed to a face with sad or
neutral facial expressions. The participants were
then asked to rate the emotional content of the
face. Researchers found that happy music made
happy faces seem that much more pleasant, while
sad music exaggerated frowns. Similar effects were
found with neutral faces.
These findings illustrate how music can help
improve physical and mental health when used in
concert with other strategies. The American Music
Therapy Association reports that music therapy
programs can be used to manage stress, enhance
memory and alleviate pain.


Shoni Jones, (530) 852-0215,

Penny Martinez, (530) 852-0258,
Jeanette Reynolds,
(530) 852-0206,
Mary Rist, (530) 852-0290,

Kaela Roumage, (530) 852-0269,

Linda Shuman-Prins,
(530) 852-0278,
Julie Miller, (530) 852-0256,


Powerstep Pinnacle

The podiatrists prescription for pain relief!

These should be used in all shoes possible that dont have the proper support.

30 day money back guarantee.

The Pinnacle Full Length Orthotic insert offers the perfect blend
of foot control, flexibility and cushioning. Encapsulated design
with a firm but flexible support shell, built-in arch support and
heel cradle for motion control. Plush cushioning with VCT
Technology. Increases stability and comfort in casual, athletic and work shoes.
An ideal orthotic insert for preventing and alleviating pain associated with plantar fasciitis,
metatarsal pain, heel or arch pain and discomfort, mild to moderate pronation, sore/aching feet
and other common foot conditions.


Series. This is a great help. Doctors
recommend these as slippers as well as an
outdoor clog. (#1 No - No, going barefoot!)
For men or women.
VIONIC TIDE II Vionic sandals effectively
alleviate heel pain.Vionic sandals offer more
relieft for heel pain sufferers than standard flat
flip flops.

Semi-rigid arch support and heel cradle for increased support and stability in
your shoes
VC~Variable Cushioning Technology provides targeted and controlled cushioning
with a soft, supportive feel
Dual layer cushioning with durable EVA foam base
Heat and friction redudng, anti-microbial top fabric
Full length, total contact support
Moveable from shoe to shoe with no trimming required



is a division of ECCO that was designed by
doctors and scientists to support the Plantar
Fascia. For men or women.
NAOT PRIMROSE Great arch support in
a cushioned cork removable footbed. For
Walking Shoe styles have an Added Depth
Forepart for good toe room. Comes in 6
widths & works great with Powerstep. For
men or women.
NEW BALANCE 928 Has extra depth toe box
and comes in 5 different widths. Works great
with Powerstep. For men or women.



The Pinnacle Plus Full Length Orthotic features a built-in metatarsal

cushion to spread and cushion the metatarsal heads to help alleviate
pain. Ideal for Mortons neuroma and metatarsalgia, the Pinnacle
Plus provides the perfect blend of foot control, flexibility and
cushioning. The encapsulated design with a firm but flexible support
shell, built-in arch support and heel cradle offers stability and motion
control. Plush cushioning with VCTSl Technology increases stability
and comfort in casual, athletic and work shoes.
An ideal orthotic insert for preventing and alleviating pain associated with plantar fasciitis, metatarsal
pain, heel or arch pain and discomfort, mild to moderate pronation, sore/aching feet and other common
foot conditions.
Built-in metatarsal cushion to spread and cushion the metatarsal heads to help alleviate pain
Sem~rig id arch support and heel cradle for increased support and stability in your shoes
VC~Variable Cushioning Technology provides targeted and controlled cushioning with a soft,
supportive feel Dual layer cushioning with durable EVA foam base
Heat and friction reducing, anti-microbial top fabric Full length, total contact support
Moveable from shoe to shoe with no trimming required

Powersteps FlexiArch 3/4 offers full contact arch support.

The extremely thin and lightweight design features lateral
and medial contouring for motion control. The 8/A cork base
offers sturdy yet flexible arch support with a deep heel cradle
to stabilize and control foot motion. The formed metatarsal
feature spreads and positions the metatarsal heads to help
alleviate metatarsalgia. Mortons neuroma and ball of foot pain.
Moveable from shoe to shoe. Ideal for controlling foot motion in a variety of shoe styles including
casual and dress shoes.
FlexiArch 3/4 is available in five sizes.
Formed metatarsal feature helps spread and position the metatarsal heads
Ultra-slim, low profile design with tapered edge
Durable EVA cork base with molded arch support and deep heel cup for increased support
Non-slip pad at heel helps hold orthotic in place
Shorter 3/4 length leaves extra room at the toes
Moveable from shoe to shoe with no trimming required

Were here solely for your comfort!

ce 1982


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healthy eating

As we age, maintain health through nutrition


s we age, we all tend to require

a few more trips to the doctor, a
prescription or two, or even more
intense medical intervention.
Even those of us who have been historically in
the best of health can now begin to experience higher blood pressure, become pre- or
diabetic, or suffer from heart disease. Its just
a matter of fact, the body we have at 75 will
be very different from the one we had at 55.
Though new medications and surgical techniques can treat these conditions better than
ever before, your best bet is to stay as healthy
as possible for as long as possible. Here are
a few recommendations to consider as you go
about your daily routine.

Eat less, walk more.

Because our metabolism naturally slows

down as we age, we require fewer calories

to maintain a healthy weight. Read nutrition
labels to make sure you are limiting sodium
and certain types of fats while choosing nutrient-dense food. The addition of a 30-minute walk or taking the stairs when safe will
boost metabolism while burning a few extra

The fresher, the better.

If half of your meal consists of fruits and vegetables, youre definitely on the right track.
Keep in mind, fresh, unprocessed, colorful
foods pack more of a nutritional punch than
anything pre-packaged or prepared.

Get help with meal preparation.

Oftentimes, as we age, meal planning and

preparation becomes more difficult. Whether
through decreased mobility, lack of transpor-

Seniors First Senior Cafs offer Placer

County seniors, ages 60 and over, a
tasty and nutritious lunch in a friendly
atmosphere. Senior Cafs are:
Welcoming - socialize and meet new
Healthy - menus are prepared to meet
the specific nutrition needs of seniors
Affordable - meals are provided on a donation basis. Suggested
donation $3.
Convenient - lunch is served Monday - Friday at cafe sites conveniently
located in Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville.
Come for lunch, stay for the fun at Auburn Senior Center!
Hours 11:00am-1:00pm

For more information, or to find a Senior Caf near you visit

seniorsfirst.org or call (530) 889-9500


A group of seniors kid

around during lunch at
Seniors First in Auburn.

tation, injury or illness, or limited financial

resources, many seniors struggle with
putting a healthy meal on the table.
Fortunately, there are comprehensive nutrition programs to assist with meal planning
and preparation such as the Senior Caf and
My Meals programs offered by Seniors First.
These programs provide meals designed
specifically with senior nutrition in mind. If
you are missing meals because of physical
or financial limitations, contact Seniors First

to learn more about how these programs can

assist you. Be it a ride to the grocery store,
home meal delivery or a regular visit to a senior caf, where food is prepared and served
by our friendly staff and volunteers, there is a
program to help every senior achieve optimal
health through good nutrition.
For more information on senior nutrition
programs and other services for Placer
County seniors, contact Seniors First at (530)
889-9500 or visit www.seniorsfirst.org


Carbohydrates are seen as the enemy

by many people looking to lose weight, but
that reputation is ill-deserved for certain types
of carbs. Carbohydrates referred to as smart
carbs can boost energy and mood and help people, even dieters, maintain healthy weights. Smart
carbs, which can be found in fruits, vegetables, minimally processed whole grain
products such as brown rice and quinoa, and whole wheat bread among other
foods, contain vital nutrients and fiber. The body takes longer to absorb whole
grains than it does processed carbohydrates, stabilizing blood sugar and energy
levels as a result. Because the body takes longer to absorb whole grains, feelings
of satiety and fullness are extended. That reduces the likelihood of being hungry
again shortly after eating, thereby helping people maintain healthy weights.
Those who want to avoid carbohydrates should avoid products made with white
flour, such as white bread, non-whole grain pastas, potato chips, and breakfast
cereals with high amounts of sugar. BY METRO CREATIVE SERVICES


How to improve alertness during the workday

long workday can be both mentally and physically draining.

As a result, office workers and
professionals whose jobs are
more physically demanding than office
work may find themselves less alert at the
end of the workday than at the beginning.
A loss of alertness as the workday draws to a
close might be unavoidable. But professionals whose sense of alertness begins to dwindle in the thick of the workday might need
to take steps to improve their alertness to
protect themselves from injury and to ensure
the quality of their work does not suffer.

Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon.

Some professionals rely on caffeinated beverages such as coffee or energy drinks to combat afternoon drowsiness. While that afternoon caffeine fix might provide an immediate,
if temporary, jolt of energy, it might also affect
a persons energy levels the following day. A
2013 study published in the Journal of Clinical
Sleep Medicine found that caffeine consumed
as early as six hours before bedtime can
significantly disrupt sleep. Professionals who
reach for a cup of coffee in the late afternoon
might get a sudden boost of energy, but their
energy levels the following day might be lower
due to a poor nights sleep.

Avoid high-fat foods at lunchtime.

Foods that are high in fat should always be

avoided thanks to their connection to a host
of health problems. Such foods also negatively affect energy levels when consumed in the
middle of the day. The University of Rochester
Medical Center notes that the body digests
and absorbs high-fat foods very slowly. That
means workers who eat high-fat foods for
lunch wont get the afternoon energy boost
that low-fat, healthy lunches will provide.

Snack healthy.

Professionals who find themselves needing a

snack in the mid- to late-afternoon can sate
their hunger and give themselves an energy
boost by snacking healthy. Avoid snacks like
potato chips that tend to be high in fat and
low in nutrition. Foods that are high in fiber
and/or protein can provide a longer energy
boost and quell the afternoon hunger pangs
at the same time. Fresh fruit and Greek yogurt
fit the bill.

to alter their workout schedules. A

2011 study published in the Journal of
Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that participants who were
assigned afternoon exercise programs
during work hours reported increased
productivity versus those who were not
assigned afternoon workouts. If working out in the afternoon is not feasible,
avoid working out too late at night, as
the National Institutes of Health note
that exercising within two to three
hours of bedtime can disrupt sleep,
ultimately having a negative impact
on energy levels the following day.
Professionals who find their alertness
levels waning in the afternoons can
combat such drowsiness in various


Change your workout schedule.

Regular exercise improves short- and longterm health while also increasing daily energy
levels. Professionals who include exercise
in their daily routines yet still suffer from a
lack of alertness in the afternoon may need

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Running on a variety of surfaces instead

of sticking to just one surface may help
runners reduce their risk of injury. Officials
with the USA Track and Fields Sports Medicine
and Science Committee recommend that runners
vary their runs so they run on pavement, trails and
tracks. While it helps to run on various surfaces,
researchers do not believe one particular surface is
better than another. In fact, while running on asphalt
has long been assumed to increase injury risk because
of the presumption that harder surfaces produce greater
impact forces on the body, a 2008 study from researchers at
the Hannover Medical School Department of Plastic, Hand and
Reconstructive Surgery in Germany found that running on asphalt
surfaces decreased mid-portion tendinopathy risk while running on sand
surfaces increased that risk tenfold. BY METRO CREATIVE SERVICES

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Benefits of including yoga in your exercise routine

oga continues to grow in

popularity. In a questionnaire
administered every five years
as part of the National Health
Interview Survey, the National Center for
Complementary and Integrative Health and
the National Center of Health Statistics
found that the number of people practicing
yoga increased dramatically between
2002 and 2012, when approximately 21
million adults acknowledged practicing yoga.
That figure equated to nearly double the
number of people who practiced yoga just
10 years earlier.
The almost meteoric rise in popularity of yoga
can likely be traced to many factors, including
a growing awareness among the general
public regarding the impact a healthy lifestyle
can have on both short- and long-term health.
An essential component of a healthy lifestyle
involves taking steps to protect our bodies,

study from researchers at the University of

California, Los Angeles, found that a particular
type of yoga that included brief, daily meditation
reduced the stress levels of caregivers tasked
with caring for people suffering from Alzheimers
disease and dementia.

Easy on the wallet

and that can include making an effort to

reduce the aches and pains that are often
associated with aging.

What it can help physically

The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga

can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back
pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel
syndrome, explained Natalie Nevins, DO, a

Sivananda Yoga Health Educator


board-certified osteopathic family physician and

certified Kundalini Yoga instructor.
The American Osteopathic Association notes
the benefits of yoga extend even further than
relieving chronic pain. According to the AOA,
yoga can help men, women and even children
increase their flexibility as well as help them
build stronger, more toned muscles. Additional
benefits of yoga include weight reduction,
improved cardiovascular and circulatory health
and improved energy and vitality.

Mental benefits

Become a leader in the holistic health movement.

But the benefits of yoga extend beyond the

physical to the mental. The American Psychological Association notes that several studies have
shown that yoga can help strengthen social
attachments, reduce stress and relieve anxiety,
depression and insomnia. For example, a 2012

One of the more attractive aspects of yoga is

that it requires little or no financial commitment
on the part of the people who practice it. Unlike
fitness centers that typically require members
to commit to yearly contracts or even potentially
costly month-to-month memberships, many
yoga studies do not require long-term commitments, instead asking that customers pay a
small amount each time they visit if they are
hesitant to commit to memberships. In addition,
yoga requires just a mat and some appropriate
clothing, ideally clothing thats conducive to
flexibility but not so loose that it will prevent you
from performing certain poses.

Know before you go

Before including yoga in your exercise regimen,

speak with your physician. Once you get the
green light, look for a beginners course, explaining to your instructor that you are just starting
out. Many yoga studios offer introductory classes that help men and women acclimate their
bodies to yoga and the various poses it entails
before moving on to more challenging poses.


program begins
June 11, 2017
Monthly weekend modules
in San Francisco, CA

Sivananda Institute of Health and Yoga

530-272-9322 | SivanandaHealthEducator.org
14651 Ballantree Lane, Grass Valley, CA 95949

Heart disease can affect just about anyone.

While it was once widely and mistakenly considered a
mans disease, since 1984, more women than men have
died each year from heart disease. According to the
Harvard Medical School, heart disease is the leading
cause of death in women over age 65, just as its the
leading killer of men. Myths abound with regard to
heart disease and heart attack risk. One such myth that
prevails is that a person who has heart disease should
avoid all exercise. However, cardiologists advise that
physical activity can help to strengthen the heart, which will improve blood
flow to the brain and internal organs. Those who want to exercise should speak
with their doctors about which types of exercise are right for them. In the
interim, begin with some low-intensity walking, as this is usually a safe, low-impact way to improve personal health.

workplace stress

hot or cold?

Difference between hot and cold therapies

Workplace massage
can help cope with
stressful days
Stress has a way of following us
around day in, day out and there never
seems to be any time to de-stress, let
alone schedule time for a massage.
When it comes to relaxation, Certified
Massage Therapist Samantha Noonan
is bringing about a revolutionary
change. Noonan is incorporating the
art of massage into the workplace and
cutting out all the hassle and lack of
personal time.
Who wouldnt want a massage during
a busy and stressful work day?
I just share different ways of keeping
your body in health, she said.
Noonan has been enjoying what she
calls employee wellness massage
as a side business for three years and
has shared her services with many. She
has given massages to those in school
districts, dental offices, and more.
I nearly gave 100 teachers massages.
It was so incredible, Noonan said.
The joy of giving health and self-care
drives Noonan to continue and grow
the business. Her intricate massages
include a total atmospheric change.
Complete with essential oils and
serene music, Noonan brings the spa
into the corporate environment.
To contact Samantha Noonan at CMT
Sacred Light Massage, call (530)
613-3583 or email snoonan@2013.

nflammation can affect anyone, and those

who have battled it likely have nothing positive to say. But while few people may associate
inflammation with something good, inflammation is actually a process by which the bodys white
blood cells and the substances those cells produce
protect the body from infection at the hands of bacteria, viruses and other foreign organisms.
While inflammation is protective by nature, sometimes an inflammatory response is triggered by
mistake. When that happens, the bodys immune
system, which is designed to protect the body, begins
to damage its own tissues. The resulting symptoms
of this faulty immune system response may include
joint pain, joint stiffness, loss of function in the
joints, and swelling of the joints.
The following breakdown should not replace a physicians advice, but it can help patients battling inflammation better understand both treatment options.

Heat therapy

Some medicines may interact with ethyl chloride

spray, so inflammation sufferers should consult
their physicians before applying such sprays.
According to the Cleveland Clinic, ice can be
used to calm flare-ups and numb pain associated with chronic, inflammatory arthritis. Ice also can ease inflammation
and numb pain linked to pulled
muscles or injured tendons.
Pain and inflammation
resulting from the
stretching or
tearing of
in the
may also be eased
by applying ice to the affected area.

According to the Merck Manual, a reference book for

physicians and patients alike, heat works against
inflammation by increasing blood flow and making
connective tissues more flexible. Heat also can be
used to combat edema, a condition characterized
by an excess of fluid in the tissues of the body.
Upon application, heat can temporarily reduce pain
and alleviate stiffness in the joints. Heat also may
temporarily relieve muscles spasms.
The Cleveland Clinic notes that heat can be effective
at relieving pain associated with worn-away cartilage
in the joints because it eases chronically stiff joints
and relaxes tight muscles. In addition, moist heat can
relax painful neck spasms linked to nerves or blood
vessels in the head or pain emanating from muscles
in the neck. Heat can be applied via hot packs, infrared heat, paraffin baths, and hydrotherapy.

Cold therapy

Cold therapy, sometimes referred to as cryotherapy,

can relieve pain associated with inflammation that
has developed recently. Cold can help numb tissues
and relieve muscle spasms and can also be used to
alleviate pain associated with injuries. The Merck
Manual notes that ice bags or cold packs can be used
to apply cold. In addition, fluids that cool by evaporation, including ethyl chloride, may be applied topically.

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power food

fight cancer

4 foods that can boost energy levels

Cashews, which are high in magnesium, help to convert
sugar into energy. Magnesium deficiency can lead to
low energy levels, so nuts that are high in magnesium,
including cashews, can provide that mid-afternoon
jolt that some people are seeking. Cashews are high
in calories, so its best for those looking to lose weight
or maintain healthy weights to adhere to serving
suggestion guidelines.

Skinless chicken
A study from researcher Judith Wurtman of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Clinical Research
Center found that alertness tends to increase when
the brain produces the neurotransmitter dopamine and
the hormone norepinephrine. Skinless chicken contains
an amino acid known as tyrosine that helps in the
production of both dopamine and norepinephrine. Other
foods that may provide this same effect include fish,
lean beef and eggs. In addition, lean meats contain
enough vitamin B to help ease insomnia.

Omega-3 fatty acids can help the body fight
inflammation, which has been linked to a host of
ailments, including chronic fatigue. Salmon is also
high in protein, which can eliminate the mid- to lateafternoon hunger pangs that can derail healthy diets
and contribute to weight gain.

Immunotherapy can be effective in fighting cancer. A cancer

diagnosis can be devastating to individuals and their families. Upon being diagnosed with cancer, patients may not
know what lies ahead, including their prognosis for survival.

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a medical treatment that uses portions

of the immune system to fight diseases like cancer. Immune
cells and the substances they make travel through the body
and protect it from foreign invaders, says the American
Cancer Society. Immunotherapy includes a combination of
treatments. Some boost the bodys immune system in a very
general way. Others help train the immune system to attack
cancer cells specifically.

Types of immunotherapy
Beans are loaded with fiber, and thats a good thing for
energy levels. Like magnesium, which can also be found
in beans, fiber takes awhile to digest, extending the
energy-boosting properties of foods loaded with fiber. In
spite of the growing movement to eat and live healthier,
many adults still do not include enough fiber in their
diets. Men and women can consult with their physicians
to determine how to make that happen, but eating more
beans is a good start.


Men and women often make an effort to lose weight before special events such
as weddings or vacations. While many people do so in healthy ways, others take their weight loss
efforts to the extreme. For example, many brides-to-be aspire to shed excess weight before their
weddings so they can look as slim as possibly in their wedding gowns. The New York Times even
reported in 2012 on a bride who spent eight days on a feeding tube to strictly limit calories so she
could fit into her wedding dress. Such efforts are dangerous and could put individuals long-term
health in serious jeopardy. Healthy weight loss for any occasion requires a long lead time, so that
individuals can safely shed between one and two pounds per week with a healthy mix of diet and
exercise, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Trimming between 500
and 1,000 calories per day from their diets can help individuals lose weight safely. BY METRO CREATIVE SERVICES

Immunotherapy another
weapon against cancer

Certain cancers respond better to immunotherapy than others and different types may be more effective than others.
Side effects may include pain, swelling, soreness, redness,
itchiness, and rash. Flu-like symptoms also are possible as
the body attacks the cancer cells. Immunotherapy is given
orally, topically and intravenously. The following are some of
the types of treatment doctors may prescribe.
Monoclonal antibodies: These are drugs that are
designed to bind to specific targets in the body. They can
cause an immune response that destroys cancer cells. Other
monoclonal antibodies (targeted therapy) mark cancer cells
so that the immune system can seek and destroy them.
Adoptive cell transfer: The National Cancer Institute
says adoptive cell transfer attempts to boost the natural
ability of T cells to fight cancer. T cells are a type of white
blood cell and part of the immune system.
Immune checkpoint inhibitors: These drugs basically
rev up the immune system, which helps it recognize and
attack cancer cells.
Cytokines: These proteins are made by the bodys cells
and play important roles in the bodys normal immune
responses. They also influence the immune systems ability
to respond to cancer. The two main types of cytokines used
to treat cancer are interferons and interleukins.

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