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BULLETIN – JUNE 25, 2010

Dear WCA Family members: we mail a single broadcast each day containing
latest information for members. Please click on a link to see the story (NB:
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New member
Eagle Asia Logistics Pte Ltd., Singapore, Singapore

New member
Eagle Asia Logistics Pte Ltd., Singapore, Singapore

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Holiday notice from Globalink Tajikistan

Holiday Notice from ConneXion World Cargo

New Location for Handling of Laparkan Cargo

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Gold Medallion – claims must be made between 90 and 150 days from invoice

Partner Pay – the WCA Family program to pay invoices between members

Partner Pay – frequently asked questions

How does Partner Pay save money on wire transfers?

WCA Family Risk Management insurance and FP Marine

• All World Shipping (AWS) information

AWS Bi-Weekly Broadcast – Week 22, 2010

Join AWS and Become an AWS Agent – It is now free for WCAF members to
join AWS. Issue the AWS FMC bonded and licensed U.S. HBL

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7th Annual Sino-International Freight Forwarders Conference, September 26-
29, 2010

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• WCA Family News

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• Members’ news

Dear Fellow WCA Members,

Globalink Tajikistan will be closed on Monday, June 28, 2010 due to government
holidays (Day of National Reconciliation) and will reopen on Tuesday, June 29,

Do plan your shipments accordingly and for pressing matters please contact:
Mr. Manuchehr Kasimov, General Manager + 992 918 611166
Mr. Masrur Kasimov, Freight Forwarding Manager + 992 918 881166

Best Regards,

Pasha Karim
General Manager
Corporate, Sales & Marketing
Globalink Logistics Group

Mobile: +7 777 277 5306

Tel: +7 727 258 88 80 Ext 314
Fax: +7 727 258 13 60
Web: www.globalinkllc.com

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New Location for Handling of Laparkan Cargo

On June 23, 2010, the operations conducted at our warehouse and office facility at
2350 Linden Blvd. will be relocated to a cargo handling facility located at 147-46
176th Street Jamaica, NY 11434.

This facility is conveniently located in the JFK Airport corridor and offers all the
services previously available at the Linden Blvd. warehouse. Customers can also bring
cargo to any of our other seven (7) LPK offices across the New York and New Jersey

The JFK location is a fully bonded warehouse comprising the following:

Four (4) loading bays

A drive-up ramp
24-hour security monitoring
Handling both Air and Ocean cargo – PE & Commercial LCL and FCL
Cater to Walk-in customers with packing and crating facilities

Opening Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9.00-5.30 p.m.

Telephone-(718) 272-5252

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Holiday Notice – ConneXion World Cargo

Our Halifax office will be closed on Thursday the 1st of July for Canada Day,

resuming back to work on Friday the 2nd of July

If you have any special requirements please let us know before this time and we will
be more than happy to assist you.
With Best Regards

The ConneXion World Cargo Team

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• WCA Family information

Gold Medallion Program – summary:

1. The Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program gives members security in case
of non-payment from another WCA Family member for up to USD50,000. This
security structure provides members with a safety net and permits all members to
work with one another with peace of mind and complete financial security. It is not
a credit facility.

2. Every enrolled member office in all WCA Family networks is covered by Gold
Medallion. In the case of transactions between members of the same network (eg
WCA to WCA, or APLN to APLN), the maximum covered is USD50,000; in the case of
transactions across networks (eg between a WCA member and an APLN member),
the maximum is USD30,000.

3. Gold Medallion depends on shared responsibility between members and WCA

Family. Members must inform WCA Family of any late invoices (between the 90th
and 150th day after the invoice date). It is vital to report invoices that are not being
paid in a timely manner to ensure the continued protection of the Gold Medallion

4. You can download full details of Gold Medallion online in the Members Section of
WCA Family websites:
For answers to any questions about Gold Medallion, contact Andy Robins
(arobins@wcafamily.com) or Michael McMullen (mmcmullen@wcafamily.com).

We think everyone should remember this critical part of the Gold Medallion
guidelines: “We will also hold other networks responsible for up to their
maximum limit of coverage, and consequently reduce compensation from
Gold Medallion accordingly. If a claimant has coverage for losses via
membership in another network or otherwise, they must inform the Gold
Medallion Plan and identify that coverage.” When filing a Gold Medallion
claim, please identify all of the other networks that you belong too, so we can
determine if you have some additional coverage for your loss.

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What happens when a member sends money to my Partner Pay account?

The funds are immediately credited to your Partner Pay account and are available for
your use, while an email is generated automatically to tell you who paid and how
much, as well as the invoice information supplied by your partner.

We suggest you do not withdraw small amounts from your account but rather use
them to pay other WCA Family partners to whom you may owe money.

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Partner Pay is the innovative payment program – exclusively for WCA Family
members – that saves members up to 80 percent on banking fees when paying
invoices to and receiving payment from fellow members. Members currently pay
millions in banking transfer fees between members – with Partner Pay, transfer is
immediate and secure and automatically generates accurate information for your
accounting team. Partner Pay costs nothing to join because WCA Family already
opened an account for your company – all you have to do is activate it to start

If you are using Partner Pay:

Partner Pay is designed so the more members take advantage of it, the better it
works. So encourage fellow members to use it too. Tell them you find it useful in
particular for reconciling small amounts between many different partners – fast,
simple and cheap. It’s also very helpful, giving accounts staff much more detail of
payments made and received than conventional bank accounts. Suggest they get
their head office to activate their account so you can include their payments in your
Partner Pay transactions.

If you are not yet using Partner Pay:

It costs nothing to join the growing number of WCA Family members saving money
and cutting down on outstanding balances. Every WCA Family member has a
Partner Pay account ready to use – all you need to do is contact
kyle@wcafamily.com for your company’s unique username and password to activate
your account.

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Partner Pay allows you to make one bank wire transfer to the WCAF Partner Pay
account and pay multiple partners with those funds using the Partner Pay system.
The savings in wire transfer costs can be substantial. Our research indicates that
the savings on wire fees will average 80%.

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WCA Family cannot stress enough the importance to your company of adequate
insurance cover, both for the business itself and for your clients’ shipments.
Our range of insurance products has been designed exclusively for WCA Family
members with superior cover at rates no-one could obtain in the open market. The
insurances are developed by our sole broker, FP Marine Risks Ltd.

FP Marine Risks is a specialist provider of insurance products and services across the
entire spectrum of Marine and cargo insurance and related sectors. Based in Hong
Kong, in 2006 the company was the first Asian-based insurance broker to become a
fully accredited Lloyd’s of London broker following three years of mandatory
provisional accreditation. FP Marine’s group executive director is Philip Bilney.

Being a specialist means FP Marine can offer services most insurers cannot provide,
including bespoke advisory assistance for insured WCA Family members (another
benefit of WCA Family membership that no other ‘network’ can offer), and the
company’s experts have managed to solve some extremely complex legal situations.
In addition, the claims handling structure is very effective, user-friendly and fast.

Please note: “Sky Blue” was a brand name used by WCA Family to launch its Risk
Management program and “Sky Blue” insurances were developed by FP Marine
exclusively for WCA Family. We simply dropped the brand name as it became

Please also note that our prime motivation is not to promote specific policies but to
ensure as many of you as possible realise the need for insurance and to provide you
with a highly cost-effective option. We want you to have the Risk Managed logo
against all your enrolled branches – regardless of where you buy your cover.

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WCA Family has now launched the Vendors Bulletin, a free service to existing WCAF
Members. Please click here to enter the site www.wcafvendors.com

This new service is specifically for use by registered WCAF Vendor Members AND
other WCAF members who wish to offer genuine Special Promotions i.e. special rates
available for specific work / routes, aircraft or vessel space availability, unique
services, etc. It is not intended for use as an advertising forum for general services
and WCA Family reserve the right to edit or omit any submissions it deems
inappropriate. Promotional offers must be for the benefit of fellow members and
must not directly conflict with other members activities or services. All offers posted
will be automatically removed after 15 days; it is the members responsibility to
revalidate an offer. Please submit through the above site and / or send your offers to

Regular updates of offers and promotions will be posted through the WCAF Daily
Bulletin and linked to the new Vendors website.

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• All World Shipping (AWS) information


Dear WCA Family Members and Friends,

As a member of the WCA Family, you are entitled to use the services and rates
provided by our “in-house” NVOCC, All World Shipping Corp. This benefit is currently
provided free, without any additional membership fee. You simply have to complete
the AWS Agency Agreement.

All World Shipping (AWS) is a neutral, U.S. based global NVOCC which is independent
but closely associated with the WCA Family of Logistics Networks. AWS offers our
agents an U.S. HBL licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission and a China HBL
registered with the Ministry of Communications. It is important to note that AWS does
not move any cargo or act as a general agent for any single member. Instead AWS
provides our services and net/net rates to our agents who are members of the WCA
Family. AWS currently has 1017 agents in 132 countries around the world.

The All World Shipping benefits are outlined in the attached Introduction to AWS. You
can also learn more about AWS by going to www.wcafamily.com and scrolling down
the home page and clicking on the All World Shipping logo. Or you can go directly to

You are never obligated to use or support AWS. If you already have competitive rates
or a more economical way to move your cargo, use it. If AWS offers you a better rate
or service, you can use AWS. You do not sacrifice any independence while optimizing
your business opportunities. With AWS you also have an easy way to double check
your rates without any risk or cost by just visiting our website to see what is
currently available.

In addition, you will be listed on the roster of AWS agents on our website. When
other members are looking for an agent, your company will be prominently listed.
And again, all of this and the long list of benefits outlined in our attached message
are available without paying any additional membership fee.

Please ask your WCA Family representative about the special relationship between
the WCA Family and AWS. If you have any other questions about AWS or how to join,
please contact Ross Stemmler, the President of AWS, at

Best regards,
Ross Stemmler

President & COO

All World Shipping Corp

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