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DATA Driven Enterprise

What is more important for customers today? ERP or CRM or BI or EPM or Cloud. The debate
would rage on for days without any appropriate answer.
But, as we see the customer implementations that are being driven today, it is less of any
application and more of data & decisions that arise out of it. Why? Why the sudden shift in
customer outlook? Are we seeing the next revolutions shaping up?
Well, seems like customers have realized the sustainability & growth, the data paradigm would
bring to their businesses. Given the fact that, past is an indicator of immediate future, businesses
are looking for effective decision making based on transactional data that enterprise is
generating. So, this raises the most important question for customers. Which is the most
important asset? Application or Data?
Lets check some use cases. Common to all below scenario's is the fact that data has been
pushed into the cloud there by taking care of redundancy from failure & distributed computing in
the cloud is in place.


JD Edwards supports contract manufacturing. Take the case of a cellphone manufacturer who has
outsourced to vendor A & vendor B. Now, he may be paying the same operational cost to both,
but for the actual consumable and component spend. So the performance of both vendors can be
tracked real time for quality, speed & safety using advanced sensors through cloud IOT linked to
JD Edwards. This would enable the cell phone manufacturer to make real time autonomous
decisions based on the analyzed data feed provided and increase or decrease his contractual
volume with either of the vendors.
The above was one typical use case. Others include Optimized sourcing based on distance, time
& fleet size, machine predictive performance, supply chain planning & management decisions.

A customer is in the business of growing farms. He sub-contracts to different growers. So what
he does? He implements JDE Grower Management. Now he sub-contracts different blocks of
land to different growers say A & B. Grower A has 10 blocks of land and uses X amount of
water, seeds, fertilizers, weeds, power & gets a X harvest/acre. Grower B might use Y amount of
water, seeds, fertilizers, weed, power & gets a Y harvest/acre. The customer is paying a fixed
cost per acre but also has to take care of the variables. So, customer is interested in real time to
know the consumption pattern of these different variables. By integrating JD Edwards with
specialist software that tracks climate changes, tools that monitor water usage, using computer
vision to weed crops, real time usage of fertilizers & chemicals, sensors on tractors that move
and monitor through IOT etc to give customer real time data in the cloud. These data feeds in the
cloud, enable the customer make a decision on whether he needs to increase the acreage for
farming to either Grower A or B. Why all this is important? With growing population, there is
demand for more food produce. Crop yields have stayed flat over the years raising government
concerns. By adoption of digital tools & real time data, crop yields can be increased significantly
Life Sciences
Increasing Human life span & fighting disease have been the dream of thousands of modern
enterprises involved in constant research and providing preventive care to millions of citizens.
Nothing can be more vital than the billions of clinical records available. All these records can be
processed through in memory computing which helps institution to draw proper results. For
patients, the device related data can be moved to cloud IOT.When all patient device data is
aggregated in cloud, the analyzed data can be accessible by doctors through different
mobile/dash boards. The different data can also make alerts/ actionable items for patients through
JD Edwards IOT Orchestration.
Have you heard that a pill which can be swallowed by a patient which then acts like a sensor that
can be connected to Cloud IOT? Its all happening out there.

Oil & Gas

JD Edwards customers in Oil & Gas can benefit largely through data driven solutions by real
time tracking of Oil wells. In the mid-stream & downstream pipe lines, Tankers, Spheres etc, can
be monitored and can be integrated to JD Edwards bulk stock management. Here again advanced
sensors data on cloud IOT will drive the data which after proper analysis would help offshore &
Onsite operations largely.
This all points to the changing paradigm for enterprise growth. Previously, the business
processes & agile applications used to be the main assets of an organization. But with growing
scale & breadth of operations, data has truly emerged as the greatest asset of an enterprise that
can spring board it to a greater success.
Data driven enterprises are expected to grow exponentially and here to stay