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Mini Essay 2:To what extent can the ways of knowing provide us with

knowledge?support your answers with theories and research?

Ways of knowing are how we gets to know the knowledge around us and
even the world and through this it will also help us figure out the
relationship with it. They consists of
,intuition,imagination and faith each of this knowledges provide us with
theirs own knowledges .All of them are dependent on each others borders
which are blurred and involve in different ways of gaining knowledge.
language is something that surrounds us and it has central functions in
our lives as human . Through language we able to acquire knowledge
about the world. We are able to do these through communication
communicating with one another people able to get collective
experiences of a whole community rather than just their own
experience.We use language for different purposes such as expressing of
feelings ,speculating the meaning of life , making other people laugh by
telling jokes and writing literature.According to Talleyrand language was
given to man to disguise his thoughts.Faith is this belief ,trust,loyal and
confidence that we have on God ,people or even things .For instance this is
the things that we build within our sel
ves that help us keep moving on forward .Like when one have this beliefs
or faiths in God even when happens the ways that they did not want to
happen still those faith let them think that this is what was meant for them
and this the better ways for them .Also this gives them trust in life
sometimes this same faith can be hard to store within oneself.In the theory
of emotion which was done by Stanley Schachter and Jerome Singer in
the year 1922/1997 that showed for a person to be in state of emotion it
was necessary that there was two factors which are physiological arousal
and cognitive.The purposes behind the theory was that we do only
experience an emotion but also we should have a name for that certain
experiences or emotion at that point.There are two types of emotions first
one is primary emotion this is an emotion which has connection with facial
expression.The connection between knowledge and emotion is that we are
inborn with emotion rather than learning it afterward s.So it is a knowledge

that we are inheritance off.The second one is secondary emotion this

emotion is expressed through language for instance without langauge we
could not explain the differences between some or that secondary emotion
for example fear ,anxiety or anger and irritation.
sense perception are what we first interact with the world before language
and the other ways of knowing but not emotions because this is something
that we are inborn with.Since memory is our mental capacity which store
and retrieve information through that we gain knowledge of what we
developed through our lives .``Forget what hurt you in the past but never
forget what it taught you``So memory store all past information whether it is
a lesson learn or how hurt you felt once in your live times.Reason plays a
big role in Woks because reason is the logic thinking that we use to see
the between rights and wrongs .There are two types of logics ,these are the
inductive and deductive .Inductive this is reasoning from the particular to
the general while deductive is the other way round of inductive.Inductive
constant reasoning that we use in everyday life .once something when
nice happen to us we assume that even in the future that nice thing or that
person will be the same and the same goes for the bad thing too.From that
we to the conclusion that inductive reasoning comes the observed to the
unobserved which is the expectation that we did not put in our mind that
everything that`s nice will be nice and bad will be bad .
To conclude this the Ways of knowing interact in many different ways
whether this is in individually or unitedly they provide us with knowledge
and the formation of knowledge claims.Imagination gives us creativity and
a fantasy thought and those thoughts are different when compared to those
in present to the sense than those which are not in present to the
sense.Memory provide us with the ability to flashback to the past .It helps
to store what happened whether i is negative or positive.Emotion gives us
the feeling and energy that affect our way of thinking and those feeling can
pull us towards things which may matter to us or may not.Language
provides us with the opportunity for us people to communicate ,interact
,express our feeling and also understand each others too.Reason gives us
this logical idea which provides us with the idea to solve problems also to
distinguish between what is wrong and right.Faith can provides trust within
different things whether this is belief in trust in God ,oneself or having

confidence in things or people.Sense perception been one of the ways of

knowing are our primary ways of interacting with the world and things
around us .This comes others ways of knowing such as language which we
are taught reason another one wich we also learn as we grow up .How are
we able to use sense perception as primary ways of interaction with the
world .The answer is simple because the reason is we are inborn with
those sense for example everybody whether it is a child,adult r grown us
we call have feeling,also we are able to smell thing etc.