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Assessment Test Questions for Compex/Atex

If electrical equipment is to be installed in an explosive atmosphere. What standard should

be referenced?
IEC 60079-14
IEC 60079-10-1
IEC 60079-17
IEC 60079-1

Which item of apparatus can be used with the widest range of gases?
Ex db IIC T4
Ex ia IIB+H2 T4

An item has the following certificate marking: PTB13ATEX1234U

The item is a component
Special conditions for use apply
This is a serial number
The item is certified to CE

Which European standard identifies the types of person who need to be competent to carry
out electrical installations?
The ATEX Directive


Equipment has an IP rating of IP6X, but no ATEX category and no external surface
temperature. Where can the equipment be installed?
It cannot be used in an explosive atmosphere.
In zone 21 and 22 only
In zone 20 and 21 only
In Zone 1

If an explosive gas/air mixture is UNLIKELY to occur in normal operation, what will the area
classification typically be?
Zone 2
Zone 1
Zone 0
Zone 22