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BAJIT, Alon Joshua R.

LIMET, Arielle U.
MAGALONG, Valerie Angel V.

Project Title : Drop-off Station for Public Utility Vehicles

Location: Magsaysay Road, Baguio City
Estimated Duration: 1 month
Under: Department of Public Works and Highways

A. Rationale
One of the citys major problems is vehicular traffic. As Baguio Citys
population continue to increase, its demand for public transportation also grows.
According to Philippine Statistics Authority, Baguio Citys population is now at
345,000 people, and its growth rate at 2.36. Saint Louis University, as one of the
biggest universities in Baguio City, consists of 25,000 students and employees, who
uses public transportation in order to come to school. It is located at Magsaysay Road,
one of the major roads at the central business district of Baguio City. This project aims
to reduce traffic along Magsaysay Road, and to improve circulation at the universitys

A. Proposal Properties
Drop-offs are constructed adjacent to roads, and functions as a station for
vehicles to drop-off or pick-up its passengers. Usually covered to protect it from direct
sunlight and strong rainfall, and directly connected to a public or private property. The
proposed drop-off will be constructed at the former bleacher area of the P.E Building,
just before the roundabout connecting Rimando Road and New Lucban Road. The
Drop-off will occupy 200 square meters, with two lanes, for drop-off and pick-up
stations. The proposed project will be constructed in a span of 3 months, under the
supervision of the Department of Public Works and Highways. It will occupy a part of
Saint Louis Universitys property, but the project will not only benefit the students and
employees of the university, but will also reduce vehicular traffic occurring along
Magsaysay and Bonifacio Road.

ENGL. 7 (5:00 6:00, TThS, H201)

B. Objectives
This project seeks to attain the following:
1. Reduce traffic occurring along Magsaysay Bonifacio Road, as Aurora HillBaguio Plaza PUVs occupy one lane at Magsaysay Road in dropping off
and picking up commuters, affecting vehicular circulation. Magsaysay
Road has 4 active lanes, with different vehicles going to Rimando,
Bonifacio, and New Lucban are affected by the traffic.
2. Help the students going to Aurora Hill, Trancoville, Ambiong, and
Honeymoon Road, for they will have a direct access to the station, being
constructed just inside the schools property.
3. Create a station for private vehicles when dropping-off students and
employees, and not contribute to the traffic.
4. Help non-students and non-employees attending the mass at the new
cathedral of Saint Louis University every Sunday and its weekday mass.
C. Significance
This project will not only benefit students and employees, but will also help
in reducing the traffic occurring along Magsaysay Road. Being located at the
center of Magsaysay, New Lucban, and Rimando Road, it will have a major
effect in the vehicular circulation along the three roads.
1. Students and employees will have direct access to the station, so they
wont have to wait for PUVs in other areas, improving circulation inside the
2. PUV drivers will not have to stop along Magsaysay Road, helping reduce
the traffic and not halt other vehicles from going forward.
3. Taxi drivers will also benefit from this project, for they will now have a
known station in picking up possible passengers.
4. Civilians residing in New Lucban, T. Alonzo, and Honeymoon, and other
near barangays will have a known station to wait for PUVs.

ENGL. 7 (5:00 6:00, TThS, H201)

D. Schedule of Activities
Construction will be during the schools short term, June July 2017.

Duration / Schedule

Clearing the property

June 1 June 3

Canvassing of Materials

June 4 June 5

Construction of Drop-off

June 6 June 20

Construction of Shed

June 20 June 27

Final Construction and Changes

June 28 July 1

E. Budget

Quantity (Unit)

Price (Php/Unit)

Cost (Php)

Professional Fee


2000 / drawing



5000 / visit



1000 / day




450 / day



150 Bags

200 / bag


Hollow Blocks

300 Blocks

50 / block



1 ton

10,000 / 200 kg


Reinforced Steel

100 Rebars

100 / rebar



10 Gallons

500 / gallon


Lighting Equipment

1000 / day



3000 / day


5000 / day


Total Cost of



ENGL. 7 (5:00 6:00, TThS, H201)