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Task 1

Writing is not just put ink on paper but we will see in the future is
the benefit of writing. We need to know the habit of writing a nation will
affect the progress of the nation, the number of developed countries that
most of the community was already aware of how important it is to write
in life. Some is the reason why someone should write: 1. Channeling
Creativity means writing to channel and develop creativity not remedial
writing assignments. 2, Develop Imagination is already a lot of paper
created, and 5 paper it is a text that tells the story of fictional. And that
means that it clearly needed a strong imagination here, where the
fictional story requires a high power of imagination for the writers 3.
Writing is timeless writings are eternal. 4, Immortalize the story this is the
one that has to be done, the culture of the nation of Indonesia, one of
which is not documented story. 5. Insipiring People, today's society
requires motivation and inspiration,. With the paper not only pours a
caption, but indirectly we have momotivasi and give insiprasi to the
reader. 6. Becoming a famous people As we know. 7. Earn money this is
one of the reasons that motivate somebody to write. Many media are
willing to accommodate our paper, and of course we get the profit from
the paper we have.
The writing is kind of 2 i.e., technical writings (non-fiction) and
creative writings (fiction). Creative writings main purpose is to entertain
and educate the authors readers. It has many genres and sub-genres.
Such examples range from poems to short stories and even in novels and
trilogies. Technical writing, on the other hand, is not done to entertain its
reader. It is wholly written to inform someone. We think, we prefer for
writing technical writings because ethe facts are being displayed and most
often the examples placed in it are also rigid that can be felt by the one
who reads the whole context and can deal with the logic inside.
Task 5
The difference between the two pitcures is, the first pitchure shows
woman washes the plates manually and the second picture shows woman
washes with dishwasher. But, we prefer to wash with dishwasher, because
Dishwasher has a number of functions not only can wash the dishes, but
also can wash a glass, a spoon, a fork, a thermos and a wide variety of
cutlery and other kitchen equipment automatically. How it works is very
simple, live input only tableware and kitchen will be washed into the
machine and add the SOAP or dishwashing liquid then instantly tableware
and kitchen that you wash directly into the net and the results obtained
are very hygienists. The workings of the dishwasher:
1. open the lid of a dishwasher, and put all the equipment in the rack
are available in accordance with the respective place.

2. Insert the special dishwasher liquid soap to the places available.

3. Insert the rack into the dishwasher then please close your washing
4. After the machine is turned on then the water will be sprayed inside
the engine, with the help of a propeller then water will be sprayed in
all directions.
5. After the wash is complete all removable equipment from inside the
dishwasher and then store it in a place that you have provided, such
as in a kitchen set.