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On the way back home from the school trip to Bath city in UK we have stopped for a day in London to
see its the most famous places. London is the capital of the United Kingdom, the center of
commerce, administration and culture, a favourite tourist place, the seat of British Government, the
Royal family and the Parliament and the Supreme court.
The first thing we had a chance to see after our arrival to London was The London Eye. It is a Ferris
wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames. With 32 capsules, each of them for 25 people, it has
been created to celebrate the new millennium. Since mid-January 2015, it is known as the Coca-Cola
London Eye.

From there we moved to The Houses of Parliament ( Palace of Westminster ) which lies on the north
bank of the River Thames in the City of Westminster, in central London. It is the political center of the
United Kingdom, the home of British Parliament. 98 meters above the Parliament rises the clock
tower called Big Ben.

Another place that we visited was The Westminster Abbey, a large, mainly Gothic abbey church in
the City of Westminster, just to the west of the Palace of Westminster. It is the traditional place of
coronation and burial site for English and, later, British monarchs.

After a few minutes walk from The Westminster Abbey we came to The Downing Street in Whitehall
in central London. There is the official residences of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at 10
Downing street. For the safety reasons there are barriers and police patrols at the Downing street

The Buckingham Palace that is situated close to the Houses of Parliament was our next stop. Its the
London home of the kings and queens of the Great Britain. Outside of the Palace the changing of the
guards takes place. The Royal Family occupies the north wing of the Palace and the Royal Standard is
flown when the Queen is in residence. The Queen Victoria Monument stands in front of the
Buckingham Palace.

Next stop on our tour of London was The Trafalgar Square. It is the largest square in London, its a
place of political demonstrations and busy traffic. In the middle of the square there is the Nelsons
Column with five-meter tall statue of Horatio Nelson at the top; the Column is surrounded by two

After a short way from Trafalgar Square we came to The Piccadilly Circus that is a road junction and
public space of London's West End. It is known also as the center of entertainment. In the center of
the Circus at the top of the Fountain stands Eros, the Greek God of love.

On the way back to our bus we stopped for a moment to buy some souvenirs in The Covent garden.
It is the district in London that is known for its the famous fruit and vegetable market and that is also
a popular shopping and tourist site.

Our sightseeing tour of London we finished with the Cruise on the River Thames under The Tower

5.A Frantiek Onderka