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International Engineering Standards

NEC: National Electrical Code

ANSI: American National Standards Institute
NEMA: National Electrical Manufacturer Association
NFPA: National Fire Protection Association
IEC: International Electro Technical Commission

Saudi Aramco

SAES: Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards

SAEP: Saudi Aramco Engineering Procedures
MSAER: Mandatory Saudi Aramco Engineering Requirements
SAMSS: Saudi Aramco Materials System Specification


SES: SABIC Engineering Standards

SES-IEC: SABIC Engineering Standards International Electro Technical Commission
SES-NEC: SABIC Engineering Standards National Electrical Code

Conducting Surveillance for Construction Activities and Site Inspection for the following
Electrical Activities:

- Preparation of Inspection and Test Plan, Construction Quality Procedure and Method
of Statement
- Preparation and Submittal for RFI.
- Review and Inspection of all Electrical Material, prior to Installation.
- Daily monitoring the Construction Activities.
- Responsible for the over-all implementation of Quality Control related electrical works
accordance with project specifications and Engineering Standards.
- Verify the equipment and devices used in the project meets the required specifications
per project requirements, Standard and tested in accordance with the procedures.
- Monitor the Underground installations; check the required burial depth and spacing
requirements to adjacent installations, prior to backfilling
- Testing of cable meggaring and HI POT test.
- Inspection of Electrical Equipment function test and Illumination level testing of lighting
- Inspection of electrical installation Panels Monitoring control panel wiring, Termination,
cable routing & cable tray installation.
- Verify all required inspection report and test records are systematically generated and
compiled according to the approved QC Procedures.
- Coordinate with Client representatives regarding the implementation and quality of
- Inspection of Switch Gear Panel installation, Cable Termination and Bus bar torque.
- Installation of control panel marshalling panels and termination continuity and Meggar
- Insulation Resistance and Winding Resistance Testing of LV, MV motors.
- Inspection of Ground Rod and Grounding cable, as per Engineering Specification.
- Preparation of Electrical Inspection Reports
- QA/QC Inspection witness for cathodic protection system Underground pipe lines and
Metal Tanks. Installation of Permanent Anodes, Temporary Mg Anodes, LIDA Anode,
Galvanic Anodes, Test station ,AJB,NJB,MJB ASB and Positive Negative cable laying,
and Termination, Installation and termination of Transformer rectifier, Witness of
HMWPE Cable Holiday Test and CP system Pre-Commissioning Activities.
- Inspection of Heat Tracing panel Installation, PT, RTD Junction Box Installation and
Heat tracing cable laying and meggaring.
- Witness for Pre-commissioning of motor Solo Run activities.
- Prepare the Motor Solo Run test Package.
- Witness of Motor Solo Run Test
- Provide sufficient feedback to QA/QC Manager on the day to day quality issues.
- To supervise and carry out effective implementation of work schedule to clear punch

QC INSPECTOR Electrical & Instrumentation

shall have three (5) years documented experience in the field of instrumentation and control
He shall be familiar with the international Industry Codes and Standards related to Intrinsically
Safe Systems and Electrical Systems for Instrumentation such as;

ISA RP12.6:

(Recommended Practice) Wiring Methods for Hazardous


ISA RP12.2.02:

Recommendations for the Preparation, Content, and

Organization of Intrinsic Safety Control Drawings


(Technical Report) Combustible Gas Detection as a Method of


ANSI MC96.1:

Temperature Measurement Thermocouples

IEEE 518:

Installation of Electrical Equipments

IEEE 1100:

Powering and Grounding

IEC 60529:

Degrees of protection provided by enclosures


Industrial Control and Systems: Enclosures

NEMA 250:

Enclosures for Electrical Equipment




Cable Tray Installation Guidelines

NFPA 70/NEC and UL 94. Flammability ratings

As a minimum.
He shall be able to inspect complete loop checking, wiring continuity, color coding, and
start up. When required, he shall be able to evaluate Factory Acceptance Test and
demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of international codes and standards
related to packaged units instrumentation such as, Distributed Control System (DCS),
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems, Remote Terminal Unit,
and Emergency Shutdown (ESD) systems.