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To depend on human authorities such as FDA or scientist
or doctors is not absolute certainty. FDA is now slapped with
hundreds of accusations of dishonesty, bias towards
pharmaceuticals, supporting false studies that favor the
Pharmaceuticals, officers who came from big Pharma and
continue to work for Big Pharma the internet is full of news
about FDA being a tool of the Big Pharma industry.
So believe only the honest scientists/doctors. Just because
you are the signified authority such as FDA or you are a
scientist does not mean you are speaking of the truth.
To depend on human testimonies or stories may be
labeled as subjective but the Bible approves it by saying, "By
the testimonies of two or three witnesses, a truth is
established." So the subjective proof that science spurns is
what the Bible approves!
There are three, not two, categories of proofs/ evidences
that make your finding/ conclusion/ position solid as a rock
these three are: 1)DIVINE PROOF - revelation or Word or
Teaching of God; 2) HUMAN AUTHORITY - scientific findings
which confirm the divine revelation/ teaching; 3) WITNESSES the testimonies of at least two persons that confirm the
revelation and/or scientific findings.
These three categories of evidences/ proofs make up a
triad of pillars that cannot be easily dismissed.
Let us take First Vita Plus as an example.
First: the divine (in this case biblical) evidence is Ezekiel
47:12, thus: "And the leaf shall be thy medicine" Not chemicals.

And Revelation 22:2 - "And the leaf (not drugs) shall be for the
healing of the nations..." and (v.3) "by the leaf, the curse (of
illness) shall be no more."
Divine evidence: this time by good spirits who whispered
to our ancestors in the Cordilleras that these 5 herbs/ leaves
are powerful against modern illnesses.
So, two divine evidences.
Now let us consider the scientific/ medical evidence. There
are also two:
a) The 5 power herbs used as ingredients of First Vita Plus
are selected among over 1,800 leaves and fruits in the
Philippines, the best 5... by who? By no less than our former
DOH sec Dr Jaime Galvez-Tan and a team of UP researchers,
scientists and doctors; the comparative study took 10 years!
b) The most overwhelming reinforcing evidence from the
medical-scientific sector is the over 500 doctors in Philippine
General Hospital (PGH) who have been giving First Vita Plus as
part of their EVERY - take note: EVERY PRESCRIPTION! - for
years now; a growing number of doctors at St Luke which had
issued a certificate commending First Vita Plus and other
hospitals in Manila led by Dr Richard Custodio, Dr. Harold
Tanchanco, Dr. Allan Hernandez, Dr. Roland Mendiola, Dr Rey
You can also check other hospitals in the country including
Cebu Doctors for a growing number of doctors who have waken
up to what God says in Ezekiel 47:12 "And the leaf shall be thy
medicine" and recognized First Vita Plus 5 power herbs as
among them.
If your evidence from divine source and scientific-medical
sources are strong, the stronger will it become if subjective
proof, that is, personal testimonies/ experience, either
individual or collective, Jesus only requires 2 or 3 honest

testimonies, but at Vita Plus, as well as other leaf-based

wellness companies, there are not only two or three, not just
hundreds but thousands all over the country! Call it subjective,
but the healing of cancers, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases,
psoriasis, etc are real.
The Mass Media and the laws which are controlled by the
powerful medical sector may enforce a label of no therapeutic
effect on these wellness products, but you cannot deny that
healing takes places has been taking place continues to
take place!
And what if we can get the list of patients of cancers et al
who were already rejected by the hospitals/doctors but were
healed by the 5 herbs of First Vita Plus and also by other leafmedicines promoted by wellness companies?
What do you think?
Success has its own setback, however. I foresaw it. When
the sales of First Vita Plus skyrocketed, I began to worry and
came to see that impurities (that is, chemicals) such as artificial
colors began to be used in the product to cope up the demand!
Besides that colors and favors are now partly artificial,
sugar was no longer the pure sugar from sugarcane, but
synthetic sucralose is being added in some products.
The First Vita Plus that healed the medically-incurable
heart illness of First Vita Plus founder, Ms Doyee Tumpalan, was
pure 5 herbs, no chemical flavoring and no artificial coloring.
The use of chemical additives not only endanger the
effectiveness of First Vita Plus (it may reduce the effectiveness)
but also the side effects. So, I observe a slowing down of
healing, but still healing occurs here and there.

What I recommend is pure juice of the 5 herbs used in

First Vita Plus minus the chemicals flavoring, chemical coloring
and chemical coloring as well as chemical sugar. They will
interfere the healing, and may produce their own side effects at
a later time.
If the company continues to enjoy skyrocketing sales/
orders faster than it can produce in purity, then, I fear that
Maam Doyee Tumpalan will compromise to use chemical
additives. As a matter of fact, she does already in the form of
the artificial colors and flavors as well as chemical sugars.
The formula that healed her was chemical-free.
Maam Doyee should harness the additional help of her
dealers to help produce the ingredients, if they want to
preserve its purity.
Instead of using their big Vita Plus earnings to putting up
various kinds of business unrelated to First Vita Plus, which will
eventually divide their attention and destroy their focus, why
not let them establish plantations of the Vita Plus ingredients:
malunggay, saluyot, sili, uray and kamote? Or apply as
producer of natural powder sugarcane sugar or any other
natural sugar to sweeten First Vita Plus instead of resorting to