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Login Screen
Enter Login Details in the below and then Proceed ,
it will redirect to Home Page

Home Page

This is the Home page after successful login

Now default page will be in file upload screen

File Upload

You need to upload CAF File,Multiple File upload or single file

Supported Format: .TXT and Excel
You Can Upload Above format to import Data from CAF file To Data

Click on start upload

You will Response as

Working Functionality After uploading and processing

Example : when a take sim card (Postpaid) from any provider say
(airtel,idea..) then they(airtel,Idea) need to verify your address.
Verification will be done by verification department,Each person
will have different areas(begumpet,kukatpally) for
verification..now you address need to verify by that person
right,this allocation done by using Pincode
1) While Importing CAF file ,you will find Pincode in the text file
for each and individual CAF Number
2) Now in our DB Pincode master table is available. (we will
import data from this file is given by Client ,need import through
the Screen Pincode Master)
3)while Importing Data the logic behind is it will Check with
pincode in the Pincode Master table and then it will allocate to
that particular executive

Note : Duplicates Checking condition with CAF Number

This Data will be saved in the Table Master Table test,This is the
main Table for entire application it is heart ,the complete data
from text file will dump into this table
You will get response as number inserted records and no of
existing file

Here we can update the status
Example :an executive will come to your address as allocation of
executive done on Pincode Based.now that executive will verify
your address and send status of you verification ,that status will
be updated here.
Here well have
Getdata for :if the imported file is 3g selected 3g else if imported
of 4g select 4g(this is also given by Client ).
Executive drop down with all the executive name.
Select an executive to get of Data,on selected you get data

As you can see the data

In this screen major things

1) Color coding
2) Updating
3) Approve
4) Reallocation
1)Color Coding is based on TAT
TAT Calculated based on imported time to current Time
Example I have imported at 12:30pm ,now the current
time:1:20pm,now the TAT time is 1:30 ie (difference between
imported time and current time )
If the differences
TAT>1 === Blue Color
TAT >2=== Green Color
TAT >3=== Orange Color
TAT>4=== Red Color

Select edit symbol in the grids left side . you find copy mobile to
text box .

Select the status from the status drop down

2)Not ok
4)Sim Delivered
And also selected appropriate response and provide all the
Validation part met Person and Name of met person and the

If alternate address provided the provide alternate status and


After updating the Record, Approve functionality will be active, if
we Approve then file be processed
Click on Right Symbol to Approve ,as record get approved the
image will be change to approved image as below shown

Re allocation is the Process allocating specific record to the other executive
Cases may come
1) while importing Pincode mapping may b different
2) Executive may be leave on the day so he can re allocate to the person
When click on reallocation you get
->Mobile number textbox that you wanted to allocate
->Executive Dropdown to whom youre going to allocate and with his
mobile number
Click on Reallocate button

Click ok to reallocate and you will get successful message


After Updating Status Then Update reports need to be done In

To Export All the which status has been updated
The updated records with set from exported value 0 to 1
Then file will be generated

Feed back screen we use using flag feedback
This screen is used provide status updation in detailed
information as you can see in figure
Records are show only for Updated records
Select Executive name and Date then click on executive.
will find Data,

select a records from Grid you will navigate to page as below

Fill all the Data in page and Provide all the details click on Update

If alternate address is available need to Update both the address

and then Click on Save


Operation screen used as notification to customer and Executives

regarding Status and Activation of CAF Number
Notification by SMS or Email
We are used flags as eliminate duplicate or not get old data
This Screen is Used to Import Data into Pincodemaster table this
is used for Mapping Executive with CAF Number PIncode
This is available 3g and 4g

If you want to add Pincode

Then click add New

File the Details show and then Click on Add