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Earth Systems Unit 1 Study Guide: Systems and Cycles

Intro to Earth Systems:

1- What
2- What
3- What
4- What
5- What
6- What
7- What
8- What
9- What
10- What

are the main areas of study in Earth Science? Describe each

is longitude?
is latitude?
is the equator?
is the prime meridian?
is a topographic map?
is a system?
is a scientific theory?
are some environmental hazards created by humans?
is a renewable resource? What is a nonrenewable resource?


What are the four spheres? Describe each

Can the spheres be connected?
Where can life be found?
What are the layers of the geosphere? Draw and label each
What is the asthenosphere? Where is it located?
What is the lithosphere? Where is it located?

1- Describe the following cycles and why they are important
a. Hydrologic
b. Carbon
c. Nitrogen
d. Phosphorous
Formation of Earth and our Solar System:
1- What is the nebular hypothesis? (What was the cloud made of?)
2- What are the outer planets made of?
3- What formed Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
Rocks and Minerals:
1- What are the three types of rocks? Describe how each are formed
2- What are the characteristics of minerals?
3- Describe 7 mineral properties we use to identify them.