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BOOK 1 RR |] [ ‘ll IMPRESSIONS. 9 Solos in Romantic Style for Early Intermediate to Intermediate Pianists MARTHA MIER BOOK 1 "ROMANTIC IMPRESSIONS.» MARTHA MIER Romantic impressions was especially writen to provide pianists wilh, the experience of expresive playing, Playing in a lyrical, expressive and romantic siyle {> an. inaportant aspect in the development of the imermediate pianist Wann, lytical, cantabile melodies and ricl harmonic structures are found in this cobection, which will appeal (@ pamiss of any ape who harhor a romantic soul! 1 is any wish thar playing this music will bring out die romantic in you, and leave you with lasting Romentic Impressions! Bis CONTENTS Carousel Ride, A... Happy Heart 14 Hold My Hand 0 2 ‘Moonlight Wailte Morning Glories Sand Cusiles.. ‘Tahitian Sunset. Whispesing Wind, The Wildflower Ww Copyright © MCMNCHT by alee Publishing, Ca, Due Alrite reserved. Pre tw TSA Career the rece catdcn a ivcay 2004 Cece Mom Prene HE TE hae may Fore ee unease aon Ae ek dest 6 eat Anancemgratong Nam y Par for Merrion Hines MORNING GLORIES Martha Mier Allegretto