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Salt Lake Community College

Us government and politics

Spring Semester 2017
due Janurary 24, 2017

United we stand, divided we fall. The phrase not only applies to our politicians but many of
people of our great nation. The most important issue our nation is facing today is that we have
increasingly become more divided and polarized than ever. Everyone has a different opinion on
how our nation should address problems like the economy, national debt, or education but when
our own self-interest comes before collaboration or compromise to solve our national issues,
validating our ego becomes priority number one, regardless if we are right or wrong. This causes
our politicians to debate endlessly, pass legislation that is favored for the few, misleads the
public on the actual facts, and delays our ability to actually act our nations most alarming
issues, this is why this is the single most important thing we can be better at, unity. The 2016
campaign highlighted a part of the nation that is angry and divided, as a result we have found
ourselves fine-tuning our own believes instead of trying to understand others to actually make
our nation united and equal again.
Climate control can be a topic that insights anger for many people. Some may believe that
it is public enemy number one. Others like President Obama made feel differently. President
Obama made it a point during his presidency to, as he said during his inauguration speech,
...restore science to its rightful place however after 8 years of being in office any progress
may be stymied by a president who has a different view. Without any regard to the legitimacy of
global warming, our newly elected president trump dismisses the global warming problem and
vows to reverse President Obamas progress on the issue, because coal country is going to be
restored. Instead of finding creative ways to bridge the gap on this issue we decided to turn our
backs on one another, vowing that the only view is ours. I am not saying that climate change is
more important than people having jobs, I am saying that instead of seeing the opportunity to
unite opposing ideological views to create creative and collaborative solutions we chose to favor
those who believe in the ideological views we do and attempt to prove each other wrong. The
differences we have as a people is causing us to endlessly debate issues that should by now
have some sort of a solution. When we have deep rooted beliefs and if we cannot understand
another belief legislation can be passed that will favor the few instead of everybody.
Larry H Miller is a good example a how a certain belief can be lobby our government to
pass legislation in favor of himself and his own religious views. Larry H Miller lobbied the Utah
legislator to pass a blue law that made it illegal to sell cars on both Saturday and Sunday, if you
are going to sell a vehicle it must be on either Saturday or Sunday, but not both. Regardless if I
didnt agree with this law, it was passed not because of what I believe it was what someone else
believed religiously. The fact that this was passed in Utah misleads the public. Because it was the
public who screamed outrage that car dealerships are open on Sunday it was Larry H Miller.
Regardless of our many opposing views in our nation, we still have hope to bridge the ever more
divide America we live in today, because it starts with unifying regardless of personal belief and
regardless if it will make a change. We must fight for it.
An estimated 470,000 people marched on Capitol Hill after Donald Trumps inauguration
On January 21, 2017. This was not just a womens rights movement. It was also racial rights
movement, religious freedom movement, it was more than just a half a million marching because
they dont like Donald Trump. It was democracy in action. The greatest threat to our nation is not
becoming more unified. Whether we agreed with this march or not, we should look at this
challenge as an opportunity to grow as a community together but If we see other peoples views
Cory Bartley

Political Science

as an obligation and refuse to change for the better then our nation really is in trouble, and I
cant see how that can make America great again.

Cory Bartley

Political Science