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Medical Evacuation Report

(Medevac Drill)


: JANUARY 7, 2017



Reported by

Reviewed by

Approved by

dr. Hari Sucahyo

Medical Advisor

Marwan saputra
HSE Elnusa

Andy Mahri
Party Chief

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is consists of three levels, which each
level of medical evacuation accordance with the conditions and severity of
medical cases. For the first level, medical evacuation Pujon refer to
Puskesmas (Public Health Care), and the victim can be stabilized and
observed at this level without referring to second or third level of medical.
If it cannot be resolved at the first level, it will be referral in the second
level, Buntok Hospital with the aim to obtain the further medical services.
When the victim is necessary to having the further medical service such
as special doctor, specific medical equipment, diagnostic support, etc. The
patient will be referred to the third level i.e. Doris Sylvanus Hospital at
The objective of Medical Evacuation Drill e.g.:
1. Identify the medical team's ability to respond of emergency in the
field including the communication aspect with physician medical
field, management, ambulance and health services.
2. Identify whether the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) which has
been prepared is going well.
3. Identify whether the coordination and communication of the
emergency response team (ERT) is going well.
4. Ensure that all employees recognize and understand properly with
regard to medical evacuation so that when a real accident
occurred, all lines are able to provide a response properly so that
the purpose of medical evacuation was achieved well.
1. Safety Concern will increase.
2. Equitable understandings with respect to MEDICAL EVACUATION.

3. Identify the feasibility of equipment which supports the medical

4. Identify the capabilities of each personnel whether can determine
appropriate action in the real accident occurred.
5. Identify the travel time of the accident location to the base camp,
Public Health Care, or referral hospital.
6. Identify the obstacles and process anticipation of the medical
Description of Incident
One of water relay crew of Alpha Unit on behalf Pendi with 23 years age
has slipped in the cliff while carrying the hose, the position in the KK 09
line of parameter test. The crew has slipped and fell from the cliff so that
the crew has feel pain on his left leg and had difficult to walk. Fajar, field
medic of Alpha unit has told the information by victims friends. Medical
field has found bruise, swollen and reddened skin on the left ankle after
being examined. Medical field ask to shooter of Alpha on behalf Heri to
report to Doctor in the basecamp immediately by radio. Heri has reported
the condition of victim and waiting for doctor instruction. Doctor does
have instruction to medical field by radio to do first aid action e.g.
cleaning wounds, check the victims vital sign, elastic mounting and spalk
fitting. Subsequently, doctor with emergency response team management
(HSE, PC & Client) has decided to evacuate the victim from accident
location to heading off the line of KK 09 so that evacuation process can be
easy to a transporter car. Site Emergency Responses Team (SERT) has
deiced to call the doctor of Pujon public health care to send an ambulance
to accident location immediately.
10:00 am
Radio operators in Base Camp has received an emergency call from
shoother of Alpha unit on behalf of Heri that informing radio operator of


which is one of crew water relay unit Alpha fell from a cliff

while carrying the hose on the line of KK 09, then radio operator call a
doctor immediately. Doctor takes over communication immediately with
medical field (Fajar) and had gave instructions to the medical field to
perform first aid e.g. cleaning wounds, check the victims vital sign, elastic
mounting and spalk fitting. Then the doctors has decided to evacuate the
victims to the Pujon Public Health Care.

10:10 pm
Doctors contact Pujon Public Health Care Immediately to send an
ambulance to a near location in KK 09 that could be reached by the
Pujons Ambulance. While victims began stretchered off the track onto the
transporter vehicle together with the medical field.
10:15 pm
Victims still has complained of pain and groaning, the condition of the
victim fully conscious with blood pressure of 110/70 mm Hg, pulse 90
beats / min.
10:25 pm
Victim has reached in the transporter vehicle with the condition with
muddy soil so that the victim was taken to the vehicle of transporter (EN51) four wheel drive (4x4) in order to reach the main road greatly.
Ambulance of Pujons public health care picks up the victim, because
vehicle type of ambulances Pujon only two wheel drive (4x2).
10:32 pm
Victim is still moaning in pain during the journey, the victim's blood
pressure was stable at 110/70 mmHg with a pulse of 90 beats / minute
and breathing 25 times / min.

10:40 pm
Vehicle Transporter (EN-51) that took the victim to the position of
Public Health Care Ambulance is standby to derive the victims. Victim was
transferred to the Public Health Care Ambulance and then immediately
taken to the Pujon Public Health Care with the support of the medical
officer of Pujon Public Health Care while still coordinating with the
basecamp regarding the victim's condition.
10:55 pm
The medical officer has check back in the patient's condition during
the journey related to the patient's consciousness. Patient is still fully
conscious and moaning in pain but it was getting a well condition.
11:10 pm
Ambulance arrived at Pujon Public Health Care. Victims are carried
into the emergency room directly and get treatment by Doctor of Pujon
Public Health Care along with other medical teams. The treatment has
given to the victim include check of vital signs, examination-related
complaints of victim, and both drug therapy and other medical action.
11:15 pm
Doctor of Pujon Public Health Care has stated that the victim is in
stable condition and is quite observed in Pujon Public Health Care so that
it is not need to be referred to the Buntok Hospital or Palangkaraya.
Doctors has claim that the victim only suffered severe sprain (sprained) in
the ankle.
11:20 pm
Medevac has declared over


In the Medevac, there are some things below as the summary of

medevac drill with positive and negative thing to be concerned:
1. Positive things
a. Communication which established during the evacuation quite well
with radio operators and personnel who are in Pujon
b. Medical field is near the crew at work, this is expected to be
adopted by the another medical field, in case of an emergency, the
medical field can well handle quickly.
c. Medical field has a well action spryly in handling with an
emergency situation.
2. Things that need to be considered or corrected:
a. All of channel radio user is expected to do not use the radio when
the incident occurred so that the evacuation process was not
disturbed by the radio call on the channel.
b. The accident location is a place that is difficult to reach because
the road condition from the location towards the position of
ambulance / vehicle nearby.
c. Our communication with the doctors at the Pujon Public Health
Care via Mobile Pujon classified as very difficult. Though all our
needs regarding medical cooperation must go through the health
center doctor first.
d. Pujon Public Health Care ambulance cannot be used at all times,
because the two drivers on duty are not always in place and this
makes the response time to evacuate us be long.
e. Pujon Public Health Care ambulance had experienced difficulties in









communication Ambulance and our personnel are assisting.

Communication is only via mobile phones among doctors in Base
Camp with Driver of Pujon Public Health Care ambulance

f. Pujon Public Health Care ambulance cannot use all the time that we
need for the ambulance because used for public interest of local
g. Evacuation slightly hampered by a vehicle of ambulances Pujon
Public Health Care ambulance is not four wheel drive type (4x4), so
that if no vehicle transporter near the line of operation then it will
take a very long time to transfer the victims.
h. When using the transporter vehicle, victims position cannot be
laid, while in certain cases where the victim requires a reclined
position it will make the victim's condition worsened even a fatality.
i. Ambulance trip from pick-up position of the vehicle of Transporter
(EN-51) until Pujon Public Health Care ambulance takes 30 minutes.

3. Suggestions and improvements:

a. Medical improvements such as medical links between the doctor
and the Medical field and it shall be done immediately a refresh
First Aid training to the entire medical field.
b. Revised of ERP
c. The Second ambulance are considered to be add.
d. Increasing the radio coverage so that can facilitate communication
properly in the field when there is an emergency.