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Vientiane Times

thursDAY December 31, 2015

The First National English Language Newspaper

The 10th Congress of Lao

Peoples Revolutionary Party


Asean set to become a

dynamic community

4500 kip

Times Reporters

Vice President Bounnhang Vorachit pins a National Gold Order medal on the Youth Union flag.

Youth Union receives

National Gold Order
Times Reporters

The government has awarded

the Lao Peoples Revolutionary
Youth Union (Youth Union)
a National Gold Order for
its leadership in the fight for
national liberation and the
mission of national protection
and development.
The award ceremony took
place during the Unions Seventh
Nationwide Meeting which is
continuing today in Vientiane.
T h e L a o P e o p l e s
Revolutionary Party founded
the Youth Union in 1955 to create
a political-social organisation
for the youth of the multi-ethnic

nation, to bring young people

closer to the Party, and as a
successor to the revolutionary
mission of the Party and nation.
In his opening remarks at the
meeting, Youth Union Secretary
Dr Vilayvong Bouddakham
mentioned the achievements of
the Union in carrying out the
mission of national protection
and development over the past
40 years under Party leadership.
A political report delivered
at the event showed that at all
levels the Union had adhered
to Party concepts with the main
focus being on political ideology
training to build understanding
among young people about the

Friday, January 1 is New Years Day and a public holiday,
so no issue of the Vientiane Times will be published.
The board of management of Lao Press in Foreign
Languages wishes all our readers a very happy and
prosperous New Year.

Partys directives and policies,

and to teach them about the
traditions of the nation, the Party,
and youth.
Some 1,700 government
employees and civil servants
work in youth affairs, of whom
about 1,000 work at the district
level, 443 at the provincial level,
and 200 at the central level.
Among the achievements of
the Union over the past five years
were the participation of youth
unions from central and local
offices in disseminating Party
directives and the governments
socio-economic development
plans, drafting the Law on
the Protection of Women and
the Law on the Prevention of
Violence against Women and
Children, drafting a national
report on human rights in Laos,
an anti-human trafficking project,
and setting up a consultation
network for young people.
The Youth Unions Executive
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The Association of Southeast

Asian Nations (Asean) has
become an official community
with a single market and
production base from today
onwards, with a population
of 622 million people and
combined GDP of almost
US$2.6 trillion.
Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Thongloun Sisoulith presided
over a ceremony held yesterday
in Vientiane to celebrate the 10
nations in the region finally
becoming a united community.
Speaking at the event in his
capacity as representative of the
Political-Security Community
pillar, Mr Thongloun reminded
the audience about the journey
of the regional association
so far and the road it has
travelled over the past nearly
five decades.
Also present to represent the
communitys other two pillars

Deputy Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith (centre) delivers his

remarks at a ceremony to celebrate the establishment of the Asean

were Prof Dr Bosengkham

Vongdara, representing the
Social-Cultural Community,
and Ms Khemmani Pholsena,
representing the Economic
The leaders of the 10
Asean countries opened up a

new chapter in the history of

Asean at the Asean Summit
h e l d i n K u a l a L u m p u r,
Malaysia, last month by
declaring the establishment
of the Asean Community on
December 31, 2015.
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Laos prepares for New Year 2016


A large number of people,

including both local and
foreign residents, tourists and
visitors, will gather tonight
for the countdown to New
Year 2016 and of course there
are many venues preparing to
welcome them.
Many people will leave
home after dinner to have
a drink or two at various
entertainment venues where
businesses are preparing for the
New Year celebrations.
While everyone prepares
to welcome the New Year with
a fun night with friends and
relatives, the authorities are

reminding people to be careful

and stay safe on the roads in
order to avoid accidents.
Vientiane is the socioeconomic centre of Laos so
many entertainment venues
are preparing to welcome
customers with large crowds of
revellers expected on the night.
According to a Vientiane
Ti m e s s u r v e y, t h e L a o
International Exhibition and
Convention Centre (LaoITECC) will be the main venue
for the official countdown and
celebration this New Year.
The celebration will also
feature live broadcasts on Lao
National Televisions Channel
1 so that people in the provinces
can watch the countdown

together with participating

government officials.
One of the main party
venues will be the Music Zone
Global Countdown 2016,
which has traditionally been
one of the most popular places
to see in the New Year.
Representatives of the
event organisers said yesterday
this year will be a bit different
from previous years due to the
new lighting and sound system
arrangements. They didnt
wish to reveal the changes but
said people should come and
see for themselves.
Various hotels also have
colourful decorations and
lighting where people can take
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2 Home news

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

Nationwide top ten drug

seizures identified

Times Reporters

Nationwide police reports have

identified an increasing number
of drug cases along with the top
ten drug seizures for 2015, a local
newspaper reported.
During the year, police solved
2,258 drug cases, and arrested
3,346 people including 90
foreigners. This was an increase
of 600 cases compared to 2014,
according to Khuamsangob
Heading the top ten list
was the seizure of 296kg of
amphetamines by police which
were being transferred in
Phontong-Chommany village,
Chanthabouly district, Vientiane.
Arrested was Mr Khamvang, 38,
from Laksong village, Saravan
district, Saravan province.
Second on the list, police
in Vientiane earlier this month
arrested six alleged drug
traffickers and seized 66,108
amphetamine pills and 101 kg
of crystal methamphetamine as
well as over 150 million kip.
Third on the top ten, in
July Oudomxay provincial
police seized 200 heroin bricks
weighing 77.6 kg concealed

in a Nissan pick-up which was

transiting the province. Police
arrested Mr Chiengmeng, 41,
from Tak province, Thailand and
Mr Sengvang, 28, of Pai village,
Huaxai district, Bokeo province.
Fourth, was a seizure in June
in Luang Prabang of 41 heroin
bricks weighing 17 kg. Police
arrested Ms Maiher, 37, from
Phonxay village, Luang Prabang
district, and Ms Payengyang,
27, from Pakkhan village,
Xiengngeun district, Luang
Prabang province. Fifth on the
list, Savannakhet provincial
police in May discovered 204,000
amphetamine pills inside an
unoccupied Vigo pickup but
didnt make any arrests.
Sixth, in October, police
seized 90,000 amphetamine
pills in Oudomxay province and
arrested Mr Leulao, 62, from
Pasang village, Khop district,
Xayaboury province and Mr
Bounyer, 33, from Donxay
village, Xay district, Oudomxay
Seventh on the list, also
in May, Attapeu provincial
police arrested two people from
a neighbouring country and
discovered 66,000 amphetamine

Eighth, in February, Luang
Namtha provincial police seized
58,000 amphetamine pills after
arresting Mr Nan, 42, and Ms
On, 40, and Mr Tout, 21, all from
Thongmai village, Sing district,
Luang Namtha province.
Ninth, in May, following a
crackdown Bokeo provincial
police seized 48,000
amphetamine pills and arrested
six alleged drug traffickers.
Rounding out the top ten,
in October, Luang Namtha
provincial police raided a
house in Chomchaeng village,
Long district where they found
42,000 amphetamine tablets
along with 1kg of crystal
methamphetamine and 3kg
of a suspicious white powder.
Arrested were Mr Maiphong, 60,
from Xiengkokmai village, and
Ms Nuan, 32, from Chomchaeng
village, both of Long district,
Luang Namtha province.
During investigations
nationwide police also seized 134
kg of crystal methamphetamine,
6.71 kg of amphetamine (Yaba),
some 425 vehicles, 68 guns, and
six explosive devices involved in
drug cases.

Traffic chaos attributed to car purchasers

The current situation on the

streets in Vientiane can only
be described as traffic chaos
but residents still seem to need
to buy more and more cars in
order to get themselves to their
offices and other businesses in
the capital.
In the times of peak traffic
chaos many motorists can be seen
to be losing their temper with
the situation. Some complain
and some are angry but no one
is talking about alternative
means of transport. Director
of the Vientiane Traffic Police
Department Lieutenant Colonel
Youtthaphong Souvannasing,
told Vientiane Times on
Wednesday that whilst there is
congestion on the roads in the
capital the situation in Vientiane
is still not too bad compared to
some countries in Asean.
The streets are sometimes
chaotic during the rush hours
because some motorists are
not queuing appropriately on
our thoroughfares, Lt Col
Youtthaphong said. He added that
traffic police officers, including
himself, have been on study tours
to countries such as Indonesia
where there are lots of cars on the
roads but the congestion is not as

bad because most motorists stay

in the appropriate lanes.
In Vientiane however, the
traffic is sometimes quite chaotic
as some motorists are struggling
to break the queue.
A road user in Vientiane Mr
Kongphet Chomthada is one of
many drivers complaining that
the roads are chaotic because
some drivers dont want to queue
in the lanes they are in.
Nowadays, many parents
hope to take their sons and
daughters to school and work
in their cars. Sometimes they
can be seen waiting outside
schools parked selfishly in the
middle of the roads holding up
fellow motorists for hundreds
of metres but they dont seem to
care. A lot of women also need
their husbands cars (referred
to locally as lot ngay) in order
to be seen getting in and out
of one or because they worry
that motorcycle riders always
die when they are involved in
an accident. In this regard, they
are not wrong, with so many
motorcyclists losing their lives to
those with bigger vehicles.
Right now, many people in
Vientiane are still buying new
or second handcars as soon as
they can. Meanwhile people
who dont have enough money

Luang Prabang hotels almost

full over New Year
Phetsamone Chandala

Hotels and guesthouses in the

town of Luang Prabang are nearly
fully booked with domestic and
foreign tourists choosing this
heritage and romantic location
to celebrate the New Year.
But there are still some rooms
available both in the town centre
and the outskirts over the days
of December 30 and 31, Vice
President of the Luang Prabang
Hotel and Resort Association,
Mr Daophet Phouphaphan told
Vientiane Times yesterday.
The number of people
visiting Luang Prabang has
continued to increase and tourists
from all over the world come
here to see the many ancient
temples and monasteries.
Other attractions are the
Kuang Xi Waterfall, Phousy Hill
and Buddha Cave, all of which
are popular with visitors.
According to the provincial
Tourism Office, in 2013 the

number of overseas visitors to

Luang Prabang reached 343,000
people, increasing to 370,000
in 2014.
Over the first six months of
this fiscal year, Luang Prabang
province welcomed more than
300,000 tourists with the figure
expected to hit 500,000 people
for the whole year.
Thailand supplies nearly half
of all visitors, but a large number
of Chinese have visited the
province this year, Mr Daophet
added. However, the number
of Lao people visiting Luang
Prabang appears to be on the
wane as locals turn instead to
destinations like Malaysia, the
Republic of Korea and Thailand.
This may be because Lao
people are enjoying increasing
wealth and can afford to travel
further afield, Mr Daophet said.
Earlier this month, Luang
Prabang marked the 20th
anniversary of the towns
listing by UNESCO as a World

Heritage Site, which was grandly

The province also staged the
Luang Prabang Film Festival this
month, which featured 30 films
from Asean countries, including
several Lao productions.
The town was awarded a
gold medal after being voted
World Top City by readers of the
British magazine Wanderlust in
2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011,
2012 and 2015. Guesthouses,
hotels and restaurants in Luang
Prabang are mushrooming in
response to the surge in visitors
from around the world.
This means more jobs for
local people and provides more
revenue for the town and the
Another popular tourist
spot not far away, the riverside
town of Vangvieng in Vientiane
province, hotels and guesthouses
are also close to being fully
booked, according to a local

Youth Union receives... from page 1

A road in Vientiane is quite congested with cars.

Khonesavanh Latsaphao

A hotel in Luang Prabang.

to purchase a car up front will not

hesitate to purchase a car with a
hefty installment plan.
Lt Col Youtthaphong added
that people can buy their cars
as they want but he suggested
motorists should stay in their
lanes when there are large
numbers of vehicles on the roads.
According to the Vientiane
Administration Office, it may
be necessary to construct park
and ride facilities in the city to
reduce traffic congestion in the
Nowadays, the problem of
traffic congestion in Vientiane
is getting worse and worse, and
the lack of parking space is one
of the chief causes of congestion.
When drivers have nowhere
to park they often park their
cars encroaching on to the
sidewalks or on the roads, and
this necessarily slows traffic to
a crawl in some parts of the city.
All residents of Vientiane
as well as visitors to the capital
are talking about the rapidly
developing transport problems
in the citys central area. People
should choose to use small public
buses for transportation in the
town area or use non-motorised
transport instead, rather than
being stuck in traffic, often one
person to a vehicle.

Committee has joined with the Ministry of Education and Sports to develop vocational training courses
and organise training activities for young people, including in rural areas.
The close guidance of the Politburo, the Party Central Committee Secretariat, and assistance from the
authorities and other bodies, along with the internal solidarity and political awareness of youth leaders
were also mentioned as factors in the Youth Unions success.
In terms of improvement, the Union was asked to update its working style to conform to the mindset
of todays younger generation.
Vice President Bounnhang attended the meeting, which will elect a new executive committee and
secretary today.

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Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

Successful businesses must

cooperate, Vientiane Mayor advises

Dr Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune
advises a business meeting in
Vientiane yesterday.

Times Reporters

It is necessary for the business

sector in Vientiane to form groups
and build stronger business
connections and operational
links if they want to compete with
incoming foreign businesses in
the years to come.
This was the exclusive advice
of the Mayor of Vientiane Dr
Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune
during his chairing of a daylong
business meeting in Vientiane
The business meeting
was organised to promote the
business units owned by local
people and also foreign investors
in the capital and to disseminate
the guidelines of the government
as well as the policy directives of
the Vientiane authorities.
To become more effective,
well-prepared and successfully
operate their businesses,
everyone has to get into groups

in the respective fields of your

businesses. This way, everyone
can discuss and consult with each
other to solve the problems,
he said.
Dr Sinlavong noted that AEC
integration is being officially
launched this month and this fact
should remind every business
sector to find the right place to
stand and settle down to ensure
they are ready for any challenges
and competition over the coming
Today, it is a good
opportunity for the business
sector and the relevant
government officials to discuss
with each over the difficulties
in operating businesses. At the
same time, business people will
also be able to select their own
groupings, Dr Sinlavong added.
Meanwhile Director of
the Vientiane Industry and
Commerce Department Mr Berlin
Phetchantharath also highlighted
the past implementation of the
department under the direction
of the government, especially
the Ministry of Industry and
Over the years, we have
successfully implemented many
important policies in relation to
the promotion of domestic and
foreign investment in Vientiane
as well as to manage business
registration affairs and other
important activities, he said.
Mr Belin told the meeting that
the department will continue to
promote the processing industry
sector as well as focusing on
inspecting the environmental
issues at various manufacturing

The processing industry

for agricultural and forestry
products will be on the
promotion agenda of the
department. Various industrial
sectors including garments,
construction, handicrafts and
other sectors will also be put on
the list for the yearly plan, Mr
Berlin said, noting that the use
of new technology will also be
In addition, many important
issues were brought to the
discussion panel, including the
recruitment issues in relation to
the responsibilities of employers
for their labourers, tax payments
as well as business competition
domestically and internationally.
During the meeting, an
exhibition of the One District
One Product scheme of
Vientiane, featuring products
from more than 20 business
units, was on display on the 7th
floor of Lao-ITECC Shopping
Authorities in Vientiane also
presented the participants with
their development visions of
Vientiane from now until 2030
and the strategic development
plan of Vientiane until 2025
and other important economic
development goals in the capital
from 2016-20.
Currently Vientiane now
has a total of more than 30,000
registered business units, which
are owned by local businesses
and also foreign investors.
The meeting was co-chaired
by the Vientiane Industry
and Commerce Department
and Vientiane Chamber of
Commerce and Industry.

Laos prepares... from page 1

photos to post on social media.
Down on the Mekong riverside
there will be drinking stores,
restaurants and bars offering a
variety of food and beverages
to welcome customers for the
The provinces are
preparing their own venues
for the big night, including
Luang Prabang, where a huge
number of foreign visitors
are expected to gather at the
ethnic market or the night
In Savannakhet province,
the main celebrations will be

at the provincial administration

office where large crowds
are also expected while
Champassak will convene
its official celebration at the
Champassak Grand Hotel,
being one of the most luxurious
venues in the province.
Of course, businesses in
other provinces will be hosting
their own celebrations in a bid
to draw customers and provide
some entertainment on the
On December 31 though,
there will not only be people
leaving home to celebrate the

A number of people in
Vientiane and the provinces
will hold small parties for
family and friends before
continuing on to entertainment
venues later in the evening.
Meanwhile many people
will stay at home in order
to protect themselves from
various dangers, especially
traffic accidents. But even
those who stay at home,
especially teenagers, can
be expected to stay up until
midnight to welcome in the
New Year.

Home news

New Year bus seats

still available

Buses leaving from the Southern Bus Station still have seats available for the New Year.

Times Reporters

The northern and southern bus

stations in Vientiane still have
seats available for passengers
who plan to travel to their
hometown for the New Year.
Buses on both northern and
southern routes will still depart
as per normal with domestic
and foreign passenger bookings
currently being steady.
For the southern route,
fewer passengers are booking for
the New Year holiday this year
than last year, the Southern Bus
Station Director, Ms Latdavanh
Sisouk told Vientiane Times
yesterday.With a decrease in
fuel prices some family groups
preferred to use their cars
for travelling to visit their
hometowns, she commented.
Our station has about
45 buses with 45 seats each
always providing the service
from Vientiane to the southern
provinces, Ms Latdavanh said.
The station also had many
minivans and Songteo trucks
serving the central region,
particularly Vientiane to Pakxan
in Borikhamxay province, she
She noted that bus passenger
numbers during Lao New Year
(Pi Mai) celebrations had

increased much more than the

New Year because the Pi Mai
holiday period was longer.
Every year the station
prepares more buses to meet
passenger demand during Pi
Mai celebrations, she added.
Bus ticket prices on all the
routes remained stable despite
fuel costs dropping, according
to the Ministry of Public Works
and Transport.
On southern routes between
Vientiane and Champassak
province a ticket costs 99,000
kip for regular buses, 118,000
kip for VIP2 and 128,000 kip
for VIP1; Vientiane to Saravan
province is 115,000 kip,
138,000 kip and 149,000 kip;
Vientiane to Xekong province
is 113,000 kip, 135,000 kip and
146,000 kip; and 162,000 kip,
194,000 kip and 210,000 kip for
Vientiane to Attapeu province.
For northern routes a ticket
between Vientiane and Luang
Prabang province is 74,000
kip, 88,000 kip and 96,000
kip; Vientiane and Oudomxay
province is 108,000 kip, 129,000
kip and 140,000 kip; Vientiane
and Huaphan province is
138,000 kip, 165,000 kip,
179,000 kip; Vientiane and
Luang Namtha province is
129,000 kip, 154,000 kip and

167,000 kip, and from Vientiane

to Phongsaly province is
151,000 kip, 181,000 kip and
196,000 kip.
The station also provides
services linking with
neighbouring countries such as
Vietnam and Thailand.
From Vientiane there are
two options to Savannakhet;
seven public buses and one
VIP bus with toilet and air
conditioning. Both depart
the Southern Bus Station in
Vientiane daily with the journey
to Savannakhet Bus Station
taking about 8-9 hours.
From Thailand to
Savannakhet: Buses depart
from the Mukdahan Bus
Station. The bus stops at the
border check point to stamp
your visa/passport. You can ride
from the border checkpoint too
with the journey taking about 1
hour including immigration to
Savannakhet Bus Station.
F r o m Vi e t n a m t o
Savannakhet: Buses depart
from the Lao Bao border, Dong
Ha (on even days only), Quang
Tri, Hue (Monday, Wednesday
and Friday), Danang and Hanoi
(Saturday and Sunday only). It
takes about 5 hours from Loa
Bao border to Savannakhet Bus

Asean set to become... from page 1

This key milestone is a
result of the strong political
commitment and close
cooperation within Asean,
and between Asean and other
external partners throughout
almost five decades, through
the implementation of various
initiatives, blueprints and work
plans, he said.
Mr Thongloun noted that
the region is the seventh largest
world economy and is made up
of diverse cultures, religions
and languages, but is a caring
and sharing community.
Asean has also become a
unique example of 10 diverse
nations that have come together
under the Asean Community.
The Lao PDR is very proud to
be a part of this Community of

Asean, Mr Thongloun said.

Looking ahead to next
year, he said 2016 was very
important and meaningful
as Laos had been entrusted
to chair Asean for the
second time as the regional
association became a
community, and the first
year of the implementation of
the Asean Community Vision
2025 and its blueprints for the
three community pillars.
He also spoke about the
theme of the countrys Asean
chairmanship - Turning Vision
into Reality for a Dynamic
Asean Community - aimed at
building upon the achievements
made to maintain and promote
a peaceful, stable and outwardlooking Asean region, with a

highly integrated and cohesive

regional economy, enhanced
connectivity, and strengthened
efforts in narrowing the
development gap.
The deputy prime minister
revealed the focal areas of
cooperation that the 10 nations
would concentrate on, such as
tourism development, trade
facilitation, Small and Medium
Sized Enterprise development,
employment creation, and
cultural preservation.
The finalisation of the
Initiative on Asean Integration
Work Plan 3 and the Post-2015
Agenda for Asean Connectivity
as an integral part of the Asean
Community Vision 2025 will
also be the focus of Asean
next year.

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4 Home news

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

Alumni get together for

KOICA fellowship reception

News in Brief
Luang Namtha signs up for rice production project
Luang Namtha province signed a project document on Monday with the
Agriculture and Forestry Department and LS Company for a national
rice production project to boost food security.
The project will run for five years and involve people who provide their
labour and land for production purposes. LS Company will provide the
necessary funding and technology.
The company has agreed to buy rice grown by farmers in the province
for 4 million kip a tonne.

Bokeo marks one-year anniversary of city pillar

Bokeo province held a five-day celebration to mark one year since its
city pillar was built, according to the Pathetlao Daily.
The ceremony ran from December 20-25, with activities arranged for
the public to venerate the pillar, including an exhibition and film.
The city pillar is a symbol of the provinces solidarity and culture.

Serial thief arrested in Vientiane

Participants gather at the fellowship reception on Monday.

Times Reporters

The Korea International Cooperation

Agency (KOICA) marked a successful
year on Monday by organising a gettogether-dinner with the alumni of
KOICA training programmes.
The event, titled KOICA 2015
Fellowship Reception, aimed to
gather all Lao government officials
who took training courses organised
by KOICA so they could share
their experiences and knowledge of
KOICA and Korea with each other.
About 100 government officials
from various sectors and ministries
attended the dinner in Vientiane.
The Ambassador of the
Republic of Korea to Laos, Mr

Kim Soo-Gwon, delivered the

opening remarks, saying that as this
year marks the 20th anniversary
of the establishment of diplomatic
relations between Korea and
Laos, it is expected that KOICAs
Fellowship Programme will
accelerate the building up of trust
and strengthening of cooperation
between the two countries.
Director General of the
International Cooperation
Department at the Ministry of
Planning and Investment, Ms
Sisomboun Ounavong, proposed a
toast and emphasised the significant
role played by KOICAs Fellowship
Programmes in human resource

KOICA prepared a variety of

performances such as violin playing,
traditional Lao music, and dances
for guests to enjoy while they were
having dinner.
Since 1991, KOICA has provided
1,895 Lao officials with various short
and long-term training courses in
In 2015, 120 Lao government
officials participated in 26 training
courses provided by KOICA in
advanced agricultural technology
studies, renewable energy
development, capacity building in
immigration service management,
water resource management, maternal
and child health promotion, and
family planning.

Vientiane police arrested a thief who allegedly stole 2 million kip and
two mobile phones from a tourist staying in a hotel, the Khuamsangob
newspaper reported.
The thief was named as Mr Soudsada, 25, of Nongpanay village,
Sikhottabong district, Vientiane.
The man reportedly confessed to police that he was a drug addict and
had stolen money from people staying in hotels and guesthouses in
Vientiane on 12 occasions, taking more than 10 million kip.
He was given two prison terms as punishment.

13-year anniversary of Chao Fa Ngum statue

Activities to mark the 13-year anniversary (January 5, 2003 to January
5, 2016) of the erection of the Chao Fa Ngum monument in Vientiane
will take place next week from January 3-5.
On January 3, there will be an offering of alms in the morning followed
at 3pm by an Aupakhoth procession. At 4pm there will be Aphitham
chanting by nine monks with cultural performances taking place in the
evening, according to the Vientiane Mai .
January 4 will see a traditional celebration in the daytime, followed at
4pm by Aphitham chanting by nine monks and cultural performances.
On January 5, there will be an almsgiving ceremony for 57 monks,
organised by the Information, Culture and Tourism Department,
Sikhottabong district authorities and local people.

Vientiane Times

Lao Brewery Company Media Manager Ms Anodisaka Phachansitthi (second left) on Wednesday
presents a New Year gift to the Editor-in-Chief of Lao Press in Foreign Languages Mr Thonglor
Duangsavanh (second right) at the newspapers office.

Thursday December 31, 2015

Photo news

Country Head of the Public Bank branch in Vientiane, Mr Cheah Kim Leong (left), on Wednesday
presents a New Year gift to the Editor-in-Chief of Lao Press in Foreign Languages Mr Thonglor
Duangsavanh in Vientiane.

Bureau Chief of
the Xinhua News
Agency in Vientiane,
Mr Rong Zhong Xia
(left), on Wednesday
presents a New Year
gift to the Editor-inChief of Lao Press in
Foreign Languages Mr
Thonglor Duangsavanh
in Vientiane.
ETL Public Company representatives on Wednesday present a New Year gift to the Editor-inChief of Lao Press in Foreign Languages Mr Thonglor Duangsavanh (third right) in Vientiane.

Vientiane Times News Editor, Mr Sisay Vilaysack (left) and Features Editor, Mr Manichanh
Pansivongsay (right) on behalf of the board of management of Lao Press in Foreign Languages on
Wednesday present the Office Head of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Dr Santisouk
Simmalavong (centre), with a gift basket to offer best wishes for the New Year.

Villagers in Xekong province rely on ferries to cross the Xekong River but the vessels lack
life jackets, putting lives in jeopardy. When a ferry capsized on May 26 in Pakngum district of
Vientiane it tragically caused the deaths of 10 primary school children.

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

In brief from Asia
News Network
Jakartans agree with
Ahok, officials no
longer corrupt, lazy

Suicide bombing kills 26, wounds

45 in northwestern Pakistan

INDONESIA (The Jakarta

Post Jakarta) -- Governor
Basuki Ahok has
recently been singing
the praises of the citys
civil servants, suggesting
they no longer deserved
the epithets of lazy and
corrupt often ascribed to
them. The governor has
even expressed his wish
to pick a civil servant as
his running mate when
he seeks re-election in
the 2017 gubernatorial
election. And it seems
that Ahok is not alone in
his new esteem for city
officials; a number of
residents of Pegangsaan
subdistrict in Central
Jakarta, when asked,

Four die of
suffocation in

NEPAL (The Kathmandi

Post) -- Dec 30, 2015- Four
members of a same family
have died of suffocation at
Pragati tole in Pokhara-14,
Chauthe on Tuesday night.
Kaski Police DSP
Gajusidhhi Bajracharya
said that deceased have
been identified as the
house owner Sita Thal
Rana, 26, her 10 year-old
son Simanta Rana, Sitas
56 year old mother Ganga
Kumari Thal and Sitas
cousin sister 22 year old
Basanti Rana.
The victims died of
suffocation due to smoke
from the fire they burnt
to keep the room warm.
Police said that the locals
had informed the police
after they saw that Sitas
houses glasspane had
turned black. Police have
suspected that the fire
could have broken out due
to short circuit.

Tourists and residents

complain of lack of
money changers in

BRUNEI (The Brunei

Times) The Absence
of licensed money
changers in Belait is
causing inconvenience
and hurting the districts
livability, according to
tourists and residents in the
area. Belaits last money
changer, located next to a
taxi terminal in the heart
of Kuala Belait town,
closed earlier this year,
after Autoriti Monetari
Brunei Darussalam
announced that it was no
longer licensed to continue
operations. Residents
yesterday told The Brunei
Times that they were left
to change their money
across the border or in
the capital, while tourists
opted to change their
money at banks or by
withdrawing from ATMs
using internationally
accessible debit cards at
less competitive exchange

Policemen inspect a blast site at Dosehra Chowk area of Mardan, a district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
province, Pakistan.
--Photo Xinhua

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) -A suicide bomber blew himself

up outside a government office
in a northwestern Pakistani
city on Tuesday, killing at
least 26 people and wounding
45 in an attack claimed by a
breakaway Taliban group.
The bombing took place in
the city of Mardan, outside the
regional office of the National

Database and Registration

Authority, or NADRA, which
issues identity cards, according
to senior police officer Saeed
Khan Wazir.
Wazir told The Associated
Press that some of the wounded
were in critical condition at a
hospital in the nearby city of
A gunman opened fire

Odd-even scheme:
Kejriwal gets children to
take green pledge
INDIA (The Statesman, ANN) -With the odd-even scheme all set
to roll out from January 1, Chief
Minister Arvind Kejriwals
message to the children of
Delhi is simple: they must get
together to combat pollution and
convince their parents to follow
the rule.
On Wednesday, the Delhi
chief minister got the children
at the Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas
Vidyalaya in Civil Lines here
to take a pledge in this regard.
Ten-year-old Tanya Kothiyal
was there with others to make a
green promise. I will ask my
parents to follow the odd-even
car formula strictly. We are all
battling pollution. Everyone
in the city, especially during
winter, suffers. I see everyone
coughing, the youngster told
thestatesman.com after taking
the pledge.
Today Kejriwal sir told us
that we all are coughing and
reeling under pollution because
of worsening air quality. If
giving up the car solves the
problem, then I will ask my
father, relatives and neighbours
to use the public transport,
she added. On Wednesday,
Kejriwal urged the children
to encourage their parents to
follow the odd-even scheme.
From January 1, the odd-even
car formula comes into effect.
I request the children to ask
their parents to adhere to the
scheme, the chief minister said.
The Kejriwal government also

came out with advertisements

in the newspapers urging the
children to join hands in curbing
Children are innocent
and truthful. If you request
your parents to use their cars
according to the odd-even
scheme, then they wont ignore
you, Kejriwal said, adding, If
your parents dont follow the
rule, then be strict with them
force them to follow the rule.
Tell your parents that they must
understand that your health
should be their priority.
He also said: You should
convince your parents to get
the Pollution Under Control
Call up your relatives and
friends, and tell them not to
violate the odd-even formula.
This will only be successful when
it becomes a big movement, the
chief minister stressed.
After organising the carfree day on 22nd of every month,
we found that pollution was
comparatively less, Kejriwal
said. This encouraged us
to implement this odd-even
formula for a trial period of
15 days. Referring to the
other initiatives of the Delhi
government, Kejriwal said: We
will begin vacuum cleaning on
the streets around April, just
the way it is done in Europe.
The Delhi government is also
building bypass corridors around
the city so that trucks do not
entre Delhi.

and killed a guard upon being

asked to stop for checking.
Then he exploded his suicide
jacket, he said. Wazir said if
the attacker had managed to
enter the government office,
he might have killed many
more people.
Mohammad Qasim told
The Associated Press from his
hospital bed that he went to the

office to receive his national

identity card, which is issued
at age 18.
I was in a very happy
mood today. I told my family
and friends that I would
receive my national identity
card, but I didnt know that I
would become the target of a
bombing, said Qasim, who
had bandages on both legs.
Shortly after the attack,
a spokesman for the militant
Jamaat-ul-Ahrar group claimed
responsibility for the bombing,
calling it a noble act to punish
NADRA because it extends
support to security forces.
The spokesman, Ahsanullah
Ahsan, spoke to the AP by
phone from an undisclosed
location. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar split
from the Pakistani Taliban two
years ago.
Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif condemned the bombing
and instructed authorities
to provide the best possible
treatment for the wounded.
Mardan is about 50
kilometres northwest of
Peshawar, the capital of Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa province, which
borders Afghanistan and the
North Waziristan tribal region.
In Washington, State
Department spokesman Mark
Toner told reporters the US
strongly condemns the attacks

and extends its condolences

to the families of the victims.
The United States remains
committed to the people of
Pakistan and to the Pakistani
governments efforts to fight
terrorism, Toner said.
Pakistani forces have been
carrying out a major operation
against the Taliban and other
militants in North Waziristan
since 2014. Earlier this
month, the military claimed
phenomenal successes in
the war and said it has killed
around 3,500 insurgents since
launching the operation.
But attacks have
been rampant in Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa, and in
December 2014, militants
killed 148 people, mainly
children, in an attack on an
army-run school in Peshawar.
The Taliban later claimed
responsibility for the school
Also Tuesday, Pakistan
executed four convicted
militants for involvement in
acts of terrorism, according
to two officials. The officials
spoke on condition of
anonymity as they were not
authorized to speak to media.
Since the school attack,
Pakistan has executed 330
people, most of them convicted
criminals, not militants.

Introducing a reduced tax rate

JAPAN (The Yomiuri Shimbun,
ANN) -- This is the second
installment of a three-part series
looking at the reduced tax rate.
It has been decided that
a reduced consumption tax
rate will be applied to foods in
general. Preventing different
tax rates from being applied to
vegetables, which are considered
fresh food, and mixed salads,
which are considered processed
foods, will avoid major
confusion at Japanese dinner
tables. The remaining problem
is distinguishing between eating
out and ordering takeout.
At a food court in a
commercial complex in Tokyo,
a 75-year-old woman was eating
a dish of vegetable champon
noodles that costs 680. I
wish a lower consumption tax
rate would be applied to dishes
priced under 1,000, she said.
I dont consider eating
here to be eating out, said
a 41-year-old female parttime worker eating a crepe
at the same food court. This
place is different from a family
The planned 10 percent
cons umption tax w ould
be applied to the vegetable
champon noodles because they
were served in a bowl that
should be returned to a food stall,
but the crepe, wrapped in paper,
would still be subject to the 8
percent tax rate because it can be
taken out, according to a tax rate
standard presented by the ruling
coalition parties.
The two women at the food
court considered the price of
foods and the type of eatery
as criteria for consumption

tax rates. It will probably take

a while for consumers to get
accustomed to the coalition
parties standard. Eating out was
not made subject to a reduced tax
rate because it is not considered
a daily necessity like fresh and
processed food, which appear on
dinner tables every day. Keeping
the consumption tax rate for
dinners at high-end restaurants at
8 percent was expected to cause
the problem of reducing the tax
for wealthy families.
There cannot help but be a
gray area around the line drawn
between items subject and not
subject to a reduced tax rate.
For instance, which tax rate
should be applied if the champon
noodles at the food court were
served in a plastic bowl for
The tax rate will be
8 percent if the customer
expresses his intention to take
out [the champon noodles]
and the restaurant prepares the
dish to go, said an official of

the Finance Ministry, which

is working on the reduced
consumption tax rate system.
However, it is not easy at an
open place like a food court to
confirm customers intentions
and watch whether they really
take the food out.
At hamburger shops,
manuals tell employees how
to confirm whether customers
want to eat in or take their food
out. However, many of these
shops wrap their foods in paper
even when customers eat there.
Therefore, serving foods on
plastic trays is the only reason
for hamburger shop employees
to deem that customers are
eating out.
Even if customers who
initially wanted a takeout
changed their minds after
receiving their food, and then
ate at the shop, the shops
can do nothing but keep the
consumption tax rate at 8
percent, a government source

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015 Region

Shanghai airport going supersize

CHINA (China Daily, ANN)
-- Construction of the worlds
largest passenger terminals
has begun at Shanghai Pudong
International Airport, with
completion set for 2019.
The new facilities represent
a milestone in Shanghais
quest to become a world-class
air transportation hub, the
Shanghai Airport Authority
The two new passenger
terminals, which will cover
622,000 square metres-larger
than the airports T1 terminalwill boost airport capacity
to 80 million passengers
annually, a significant increase
over this years 60 million,
Shanghai Airport Authority
officials said on Tuesday at
the launching ceremony for
the third phase of the massive
The two satellite terminals,
located south of the existing
two terminals, will be
connected to each other and
link to the main terminals via
a rapid transit system.
After checking in at T1 or
T2, passengers will take trains
resembling small subways to
the satellite halls. It will be
faster than walking or taking a
shuttle bus, said Dai Xiaojian,
vice-president of Shanghai
Airport Authority.
A fifth airstrip will also be
built at a cost of 20.6 billion
yuan (US$3.18 billion).

Workers are busy with the expansion project of Shanghai Pudong International. --Photo China Daily

Its predicted that in 2020

that Shanghais two airportsHongqiao and Pudong-will
have an annual passenger
throughput of 120 million,
which will place the city
among the top three in the
world, said Jing Yiming,
president of the authority.
Surging passenger demand
in recent years has exceeded
Pudongs design capacity of 42
million. The airfield area and
terminals have been operating
under overload conditions,
although the airport has

undergone earlier extensions

and upgrades, Dai said.
A continuous increase in
passenger volume is expected
with the maturity of the China
(Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade
Zone and Shanghai Disney
Resort, which is set to open
next year.
The satellite halls were
in the original design of
the airport as a functional
extension. It will be the last
project at the Pudong airport.
Experts have been discussing
the design and function for

years, Dai said.

The satellite halls,
consisting of six floors
above ground and one
floor underground, will
solve bottlenecks brought
by capacity saturation and
an insufficient number of
boarding gates, he said.
Dai said conflicts on the
ground between aircraft taxi
operations, shuttle buses and
other vehicles have increased
in recent years, hurting
efficiency and raising safety

Voting kicks off

in Bangladeshi local
body polls
DHAKA, (Xinhua) -- Amid tight
security, polling stations across
Bangladesh opened Wednesday
morning for the countrys firstever local body polls on party
line nomination.
Around 7.1 million voters of
234 municipalities will exercise
their franchise to elect around
3,924 public representatives,
including 234 mayors from over
12,000 aspirants.
Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has
vowed to quell electoral violence
in the polls which are being held
for the first time in a partisan
manner in which political parties
directly nominated candidates
to test their popularity in such
Thousands of polling
stations set in schools and other
public buildings opened at 8:00
am local time and would last till
4 pm Wednesday.

Some 20 parties including

ex-Prime Minister Khaleda Zias
Bangladesh Nationalist Party
(BNP), which sat out the 2014
national polls, have joined the
Long queues of voters have
reportedly been seen at many
centres, defying the bitter cold
A Xinhua correspondent
reported from a centre in Savar
on the outskirts of capital
Dhaka that a large number of
voters including females started
coming to exercise their rights
amid festive mood there.
Im satisfied at the
election atmosphere. Since the
polls are on political party line
nomination, many voters have
come to cast their ballots for
their parties mayor aspirants,
said Fahmida Jigor Jahan
who queued up to vote since

President Sang wants

stability safeguarded

Prayers across Asean borders to welcome new year

THAILAND (The Nation)
-- Dubbed Asean prayers,
the campaign aims to
boost Thailands ties with
neighbouring countries through
friendly exchanges via the
religious dimension, Culture
Minister Veera Rojpojanarat said
on Tiesday.
This is the first time the
Religious Affairs Department
has extended this New Year
activity to the border provinces
of Mae Hong Son, Chiang
Rai, Tak, Loei, Nong Khai,
Bung Kan, Mukdahan, Nakhon
Phanom, Ubon Ratchathani, Si
Sa Ket, Sa Kaew, Surin, Ranong
and Songkhla, he said.
In Central Thailand,
traditional prayers will be
held on New Years Eve at
several renowned temples,
including Wat Phra Chetuphon

Wimonmangalaram (Wat Pho),

Wat Sraket Rajavaramahavihara
(Golden Mount) and Wat
Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram,
he added.
Meanwhile, police
spokesman Pol General
Dechnarong Suticharnbancha
yesterday inspected police and
related officials preparedness at
four key New Year countdown
venues in Bangkok.
He said some 4,000
policemen would be deployed
to provide security at the most
popular countdown site in
Bangkok, the CentralWorld
Plaza, where some 200,000
partygoers are expected to
show up. Early on New Years
Eve, the area will be cleared
of roadside stalls, and before
midnight a bomb squad will
be on hand to provide security.

About 10,000 city law

enforcers and police will
be patrolling 11 sites across
Bangkok and manning 18 metaldetector entrance points, he
The beginning of the socalled seven dangerous days
of road accidents yesterday saw
Interior Ministry permanent
secretary Krissada Boonrat
preside over the opening
of a Road Safety Centre at
the Department of Disaster
Prevention and Mitigation.
The centre will monitor road
accidents and provide daily
updates until January 5.
Public opinion is being
sought over the policy of
police and the Peace and
Order Maintaining Command
to temporarily seize cars and
motorcycles from drunk drivers,

which has been operating since

Christmas Day.
A Suan Dusit Poll said on
Tuesday that 80.47 percent of
1,280 people surveyed from
December 24 to 28 agreed with
the measure on grounds that it
would prevent road accidents,
serve as a punishment and as a
warning to motorists to abide by
traffic laws.
About 13 percent disagreed
with the policy, and suggested
that fines and prison sentences be
imposed, and alcohol-beverage
selling outlets be dealt with as
the root of the problem.
In the Northeastern province
of Nakhon Ratchasima,
a provincial transport office
added another 100 bus trips
to its 300-strong daily service
yesterday and today, to serve an
expected 20,000 holidaymakers.

President Truong Tan Sang speaks at the 71st National Public

Security Congress that opened in Hanoi.
--Photo VNS

HANOI (VNS) -- President

Truong Tan Sang has asked
public security forces
to safeguard national
independence, sovereignty
and territorial integrity while
maintaining political stability
and peaceful environment for
national development.
Speaking at the 71st
National Public Security
Congress that opened in Hanoi
on Tuesday, the President said
in order to fulfill their tasks,
should build a contingent of
trustworthy and competent
He urged the sector to
advise the Party and State
on polices and measures to
protect national interests and
security, ensure social order
and safety during the countrys
important political events, and
prevent conspiracies against
the nation.
Sang also called for
further co-operation with
foreign security agencies and
international organisations to
prevent and combat crimes in
line with the Party and States
foreign policies.
During the congress,
participants discussed
solutions to ensure security
and safety for a number of
upcoming key political events,
including the 12th National
Party Congress and the
elections of the 14th National
A s s e m b l y a n d P e o p l e s

Councils at all levels for the

2016-21 tenure.
They also debated
policies and measures to
ensure national security and
social order aiming to serve
the countrys international
integration process, especially
in the context of the Asean
Community and Vietnams
participation in free trade
In his report, Senior
Lieutenant General Dang
Van Hieu, Party Central
Committee member and
Permanent Deputy Minister
of Public Security, stated
that public security forces
had fulfilled their advisory
role and co-ordinated with
relevant ministries, sectors and
localities to ensure national
security and social order.
One of the most outstanding
achievements in 2015 was
the improvement of traffic
safety with reductions seen in
the number of accidents and
At the event, the Central
Public Security Party
Organisation defined the
sectors major objectives in
2016, focusing on maintaining
political stability for national
socio-economic development
and integration, preventing
terrorism and sabotage
and ensuring safety during
political, cultural and foreign
events in the country.

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015


Millennium physicist ready to

take helm at nuclear centre

Syrian refugee family, Reem Habashieh (second from right), and her brothers Yaman Habashieh (right)
and Mohammed Habashieh (centre), sit in a train and read in that days edition of the local news paper
BZ with special pages in Arabic for refugees. (File photo AP)

UN: One million migrants arrived

in Europe by sea this year
refugee agency says that the
number of migrants whove
arrived in Europe by sea this
year now tops 1 million.
Commissioner for Refugees
announcement Wednesday
came only a week after the
International Organisation

for Migration said the total

number of people arriving in
Europe this year had topped a
million - including 34,215 who
arrived across land borders.
UNHCR said 1,000,573
people have now arrived by
boat during the year - 844,176
of them landing in Greece and
152,700 in Italy. Spain reported

3,592 arrivals and Malta 105.

The count is based on
police and coast guard data
and estimates stemming
from refugee registration in
Greece; data and estimates
from government, police and
UNHCR in Italy; and police
and government data from
Spain and Malta.

GENEVA (AP) -- Fabiola

Gianotti, who this week takes
the helm at CERN, home
to worlds largest particle
accelerator, is seen as a new
breed of scientist. Initially
trained in arts and literature, she
came to physics relatively late.
She enjoys cooking, jogging,
music and keeping her eye
on the news, and notes the
importance of being a citizen
of the world.
Gianotti embodies for
me whats much more the
millennium physicist, said Dr.
Monica Dunford, senior scientist
at Germanys University of
Heidelberg, who spent six years
at CERN, the European Centre
for Nuclear Research. Not
so geeky, much more wellrounded, diverse, passionate.
Fabiola brings freshness
to science: Shes incredibly
energetic, incredibly
passionate, has a lot of different
talents. ... She has a degree in
piano in addition to physics,
Dunford said.
Gianotti, who succeeds
Germanys Rolf Heuer as
director-general on January 1,
becoming the first woman to
hold the post, insists she doesnt
want to be front stage at the
multinational laboratory on
the Swiss-French border: Her
bigger focus is about helping
produce science for sciences
sake in the quest to explain the
how the universe works.
The 55-year-old Italian
stands out not just for her
fashion sense in a sneakersand-jeans culture of coffeefueled collaboration, sleepless
nights and absent-mindedness
about proper eating. In an
interview held in a CERN
conference room because her
office was a mess during her
move, Gianotti mused about
an innovative, democratic
community where Nobel
laureates lunch with 25-yearold Ph.D. students.
CERN is a special place

Fabiola Gianotti attends a news conference at the the European

Centre for Nuclear Research,CERN,in Meyrin near Geneva,
Switzerland. (File photo AP)

where we do fund research by

bringing together experts from
over the planet - great scientists
- but also a huge amount of
young people, she said. Its a
democratic environment in that
there are no barriers.
The centres particle
accelerator smashes together
atoms and monitors the results
to help understand the universe
on the most infinitesimal scale.
The Large Hadron Collider
sends protons whizzing
through a circular, 27-kilometre
underground tunnel at nearly
the speed of light. The US$10billion LHC, said to be the
biggest machine ever built, is
best known for its experiments
that provided evidence in 2012

of the Higgs boson, a minute

particle some have called the
God Particle for its key
position in the standard model
of physics.
At that time, Gianotti
headed Atlas, a team of 3,000
scientists and one of two
independent teams that turned
up the Higgs. That year, she was
a runner-up to President Barack
Obama as Times Person of the
Year. But achieving an encore
to the headline-grabbing event
like the Higgs discovery will be
no small feat.
The collider has just
completed Run II - its secondever cycle of operations - and
will take a traditional winter
break until resuming in March.

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Thursday December 31, 2015

Isuzu Lao VSA Co Ltd ready for AEC

Advertorial Desk

suzu Lao VSA Co Ltd

is ready for the era of
economic competition
with the imminent Asean
Economic Community.
Since being established
in 2007, the companys
business has continued to grow
supplying Isuzu vehicles to the
Lao market.
As a result of its superior
performance, Isuzu Indochina
of Singapore has recently
selected Isuzu Lao VSA Co
Ltd as its agent to supply Isuzu
vehicles nationwide.
Their joint investment
in the Savan-Seno Special
Economic Zone in
Savannakhet province is
part of the brands business
expansion to welcome
the Asean Economic
C o m m u n i t y, a i m i n g t o
provide services for Laos
and the region.
President of Isuzu Lao
VSA Co Ltd Mr Sengthong
Norasing told Vientiane
Times recently that, Our
company began operating
its business in 2007 and we
officially opened for the sale
of Isuzu trucks in 2015.
With the AEC taking
place, Isuzu Indochina has
selected our company as its

President of Isuzu Lao VSA Co

Ltd Mr Sengthong Norasing.

partner to provide services for

this region. Our services will
include organising training for
mechanics and serving as an
after-sales service centre and
providing spare parts to the
whole country.
Mr Sengthong is a Lao
businessman who trusted
the Party and governments
leadership, saying the key
success of his business
operation was a result of
the Party and governments
policies to facilitate the
business sector.
He said the Party and
government had the correct
policies to develop the nation,
and this has resulted in the
continued growth of the Lao
economy over the last 40 years.

Isuzu Lao VSA Co Ltd is established in 2007.

The correct policies of

the Party and government
created favourable conditions
for people to do businesses
and generate job opportunities
for Lao people to improve their
living standards.
He said another factor in
his business accomplishments
was operating honestly
and responsibly. Despite

The Isuzu joint venture receives a licence to invest in Savan-Seno Special Economic Zone.

the rising competitiveness

in the vehicle business, the
companys executive board
was able to accomplish its set
goals, reflecting their capable
Over the past eight years,
Isuzu Lao VSA Co Ltd has
not only contributed to the
economic growth of the country
but has also assisted society.

Apart from assisting

society and paying our tax
obligations, we also assist
cultural events, sports and
support significant events of
the country, he said.
In 2015, his company was
granted a medal from the Lao
Federation of Trade Unions for
its contribution to society and
its excellent treatment of staff.

Mr Sengthong was born in

Paek district, Xieng Khuang
province. He moved to live
in Vientiane in 1978, starting
a business by buying scraped
metal and wild non timber
forest products to sell in other
Then he moved to a number
of businesses before starting to
sell motor vehicles in 2007.

Isuzu Lao VSA Co Ltd officially opens for the sale of Isuzu trucks.

Exchange rates as of December 30, 2015

Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public
Foreign Currencies



US Dollar 50-100



Thai Baht





Euro 50-500

10 Business

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

Banks extend loans to

Namhoung 1 in Xayaboury

Lenders and the project developer at a loan provision ceremony at the Maybank Lao Branch in Vientiane

Times Reporters

Two local banks and a business

group in Laos have approved
funds for the construction of
the Nam Houng 1 hydropower
project in Xayaboury province in
a bid to promote the development
of small scale hydropower
projects in Laos.
Maybank Lao Branch, Joint
Development Bank (JDB) and
Simuong Group (SMG), as
the respective lenders, each
signed agreements to provide
construction funds to Nam
Houng Hydropower Company
Limited in Vientiane recently.
General Manager of
Maybank Lao Branch Mr Lim
Wai Hoong, JDB Director Mr
Sounthorn Chanthavong and
SMG President Mr Ekaphanh
Phapithack signed the agreements
with Managing Director of Nam

Houng Hydropower Company

Nam Houng 1 hydropower
project is one of the projects
set out in the socio-economic
development plans of Xayaboury
province. The purpose of the
project development is to supply
the domestic consumers of
electric power in the province.
The project site is 15 km to the
east of Xayaboury town centre,
which has seen a feasibility study
carried out since 2010 that was
completed last year.
This small-scale hydropower
project has three generators with
a combined generation capacity
of 15 MW and the company
is investing more than US$34
million in the project.
Work on construction
commenced in August this year
and completion of the project is
slated for 2017.

Once the Nam Houng 1 is

completed, it is expected to
generate incomes of US$3.55
million per year and will
contribute to the development
of Laos as well as eradicating
poverty in the country.
According to a recent
report from the government,
the abundant resources of the
Mekong River and its tributaries
give Laos the potential to
produce more than 25,000MW
of electricity.
Laos has 38 power plants
for which development has
been completed, with a total
installed capacity of 6,264MW,
according to a report in March
this year. Laos is also aiming for
a total installed capacity of about
12,000MW by 2025.
Currently a total of 89.6
percent of the population has
access to electricity across Laos.

China central bank details

rules on online payment
BEIJING (China Daily, ANN)
-- Chinas central bank released
detailed regulations of online
payment services bynon-bank
institutions on Monday in the
latest effort to contain possible
risks in the booming Internet
finance industry.
The new rules require
real-name registration for all
non-bank payment accounts
and classifies them into three
categories depending on the
security levels. The size of
payments allowed through
such accounts will then range
from 1,000 yuan (US$155) to
200,000 yuan per year.
Tr a n s a c t i o n s t h r o u g h
banking payment platforms
would not be restricted by the
regulation,the central bank said.
The aim of the policy is
partly to avoid large sums of
money being deposited in thirdparty payment accounts, which
are beyond the protection of
bank deposit insurance and will
leave consumers vulnerable to
possible risks.
Since the creation of
Alibabas Alipay, Chinas
third-party payment industry
has expanded rapidly. In the

A man uses his smartphone to scan an Alipay two dimensionalcode

for payments at the firstunmanned supermarket in Hangzhou,
Zhejiang province.

first three quarters of 2015, payment institutions online

transaction volume totalled 32.97 trillion yuan, surging 98.8 percent
year on year.
With the exception of Alipay and Tencents Tenpay, who have
made good money sellingwealth management products, most thirdparty agencies have strug gled to find good profit models, with some
starting to explore services such as parking money for commodity
trading,peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding platforms.
But a string of fraud cases in recent years underscored hefty
risks in the sector.
In addition to limiting the size of transactions, the new
regulation also bans payment institutions from opening accounts
for firms engaged in financial businesses.
The new policy will be effective from July 1, 2016.

Global stocks mixed, with some

cheered by overnight rally

In brief
Swiss bank Julius Baer reaches deal to settle US tax dispute

BERLIN (AP) -- Swiss bank Julius Baer says it has reached an agreement in principle to settle
a dispute over dealings with US clients, and is setting aside US$547.25 million to cover the
costs. Julius Baer was one of several Swiss banks that came under pressure in recent years over
allegations they helped American clients cheat on taxes. The bank said Wednesday it has now
reached an agreement in principle with the US Attorneys Office for the Southern District of
New York. That is subject to final approval from the Department of Justice, which the bank is
aiming for in the first quarter of 2016.
Julius Baer had made a preliminary provision of US$350 million in June to cover a settlement,
and increased that figure by US$197.25 million in view of the agreement.

Russias ruble reaching record lows

Workers sweep confetti on the floor of the Korea Exchange after the years market closing ceremony
under a screen displaying stock prices in Seoul, South Korea.

Retail sales down 1 percent in November

TOKYO (AP) -- Global

shares were mixed in on
Wednesday trading, with only
some markets cheered by an
overnight rally as investor
sentiment grew cautious on
lower oil prices.
Frances CAC 40 lost 0.4
percent to 4,682.53 in early
trading, and Germanys DAX
fell 0.3 percent to 10,830.93.
Britains FTSE 100 slipped 0.6
percent to 6,276.17. US shares
were set to drift lower, with
Dow futures down 0.1 percent
at 17,607 and S&P 500 futures
losing 0.1 percent to 2,069.40.
Japans benchmark Nikkei
225 gained 0.3 percent to finish
at 19,033.71, but trading was
muted on the last trading day
of the year ahead of the New
Years holiday. People clapped

MOSCOW (AP) -- The Russian ruble is reaching record lows in the last trading session of the
year, battered by declining oil prices.
The ruble dropped 1.3 percent in early morning trading on Wednesday to 73.2 rubles, its lowest
level in a year. The national currency lost 40 percent of its value last year and is now 20 percent
down compared to a year ago. The Russian economy has been suffering from the effects of
Western economic sanctions and oil prices, the backbone of the countrys economy, which are
currently hovering around 11-year lows.
The Russian economic development minister on Tuesday said the government is not so much
concerned about the drop in the value of the ruble but rather its high volatility, making budget
planning difficult.

TOKYO (Jiji Press) -- The nations retail sales in November fell 1.0 percent from a year before
to 11.53 trillion, the first drop in two months, the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry said
on Monday. The drop reflected sluggish sales of winter clothing due to relatively warm weather
in the reporting month and a drop in fuel sales reflecting lower gasoline prices.
The ministry revised down its basic assessment, saying that retail sales in Japan remain almost
flat though some weakness is seen. Last month, the ministry said retail sales were showing
signs of a pickup.
Sales of machinery and other equipment inched down 0.2 percent to 480 billion. In this
category, sales of personal computers and smartphones were weak, a ministry official said.

in rhythm at the Tokyo Stock

Exchange in Japans customary
ceremony to close out the year.
South Koreas Kospi dipped
0.3 percent to 1,961.31. Hong
Kongs Hang Seng fell 0.5
percent to 21,882.15, while
the Shanghai Composite added
0.3 percent to 3,572.88. Other
regional shares were also mixed,
rising in Indonesia but dropping
in Taiwan and Singapore.
The latest batch of US
economic data added to
the upbeat sentiments. The
Conference Board said its
consumer confidence index
increased from the previous
month, reflecting positive
views on the economy and job
market. Separately, a key gauge
of home values indicated that
US home prices climbed 5.5

percent in October from a year

This years Santa rally
is doing what many of its
predecessors have done, said
Ric Spooner, chief market
analyst at CMC Markets. The
stock market continues to push
higher on thin volume and with
no need for a macro catalyst. At
the moment, the market is all
about sentiment and perceived
value. Spooner warned that
caution could set in after the
new year comes.
Benchmark US crude fell 74
cents to US$37.13 a barrel on the
New York Mercantile Exchange,
losing some of the overnight
price recovery. Brent crude,
used to price international oils,
slipped 65 cents to US$37.14 a
barrel in London.

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

Renewable energy key to

ASEANs green growth: OECD
BRUNEI (The Brunei Times,
ANN) -- The agenda for
renewable energy in Asean
will be a promising one with
the enhancement of regional
cooperation in terms of energy
generation, the Organisation
for Economic Co-operation and
Development (OECD) said in a
recent report.
In its Economic Outlook
for Southeast Asia, China and
India 2016 report, the OECD
said renewable energy is an
issue that was not addressed
adequately in the pre-2015
agendas apart from green growth
and development of the private
OECD said market
integration may have received
too much attention at the expense
of other issues.
To redirect the current
development pattern to deliver
shared well-being and improved
equity without exceeding
ecological limits, it is
necessary to rebalance regional
integration in East Asia from
its focus on economic integration
to broader sustainability
objectives, OECD said.
OECD said the increased use

of renewable sources of energy

needs to be a central component
of strategy for green growth and
aligned with multiple economic
and environmental priorities.
According to the Southeast
Asia Energy Outlook 2015, the
region remains heavily reliant
on fossil fuels which take up
74 percent of the regions total
primary energy demand in 2013.
Other energy sources,
particularly solar photovoltaics
and wind, are growing at rapid
rates but from very low levels.
OECD said there are
opportunities for further
development, such as in
exploiting hydropower from
the Mekong River which runs
from the Tibetan Plateau through
Chinas Yunnan Province,
Myanmar, Laos, Thailand,
Cambodia and Vietnam.
The river is a promising
source of future generating
capacity to be exported for
the region but environmental
challenges will need to be
addressed and cooperative
solutions found to cross-border
Emerging Asia can
experience a boost in economic

development through responsible

exploitation of its large renewable
energy resources which can
address the issue of access to
electricity in Asean member
Countries such as Myanmar,
Cambodia, Laos and the
Philippines have a low rate of
access to electricity which is a
major developmental challenge.
The report said Asean is
also expected to increase its
electricity demand by about
2,300 terawatt-hours.
Total electricity demand
across Asean is expected to
increase significantly between
2009 and 2030 which means
that large-scale use of renewable
energy is required to generate
power without devastating
environmental consequences,
said the report.
It said the removal of regional
barriers will also play a vital role
in the development of renewable
energy sources.
Liberalisation of regional
trade will enable technology and
innovation to be transferred more
smoothly which will effectively
promote renewable energy, said
the report.

Deputy Finance Minister says

govt wont revise 2016 Budget as yet
PETALING JAYA (The Star, ANN) -- The
government will not make any revision to the
2016 Budget now despite declining oil prices,
says Deputy Finance Minister DatukJohari
Abdul Ghani.
When we prepared the budget, the oil
price was then US$48 per barrel but now it has
dropped to US$36 per barrel.
The impact on government revenue is
bearable, so we do not see a need to do a revision
at the moment, however, we will continue to
monitor oil price movements in the first quarter
of next year, he told reporters on Wednesday
at the special monthly, local and weekly draw
of Bank SimpananNasionals premium savings
certificates to lucky winners.
Even if oil price were to fall below US$30
per barrel, Johari said the government would

tweak its spending to mitigate the need to adjust

the national budget.
On the possibility of revising the petrol
pump price to weekly from monthly, he said the
government was open to this suggestion as long
as it does not burden the people.
Johari said the Petrol Dealers Association
of Malaysia was scheduled to submit their
proposal on this to the ministry next week for
their consideration.
We do not see a problem in doing the
revision weekly but oil and gas companies and
petrol station operators must also be on board,
he said.
Johari said the weekly revision would result
in petrol pump price movement being more
reflective towards the current market and its
changes would not be too drastic.

Business 11

Asean Economic Community

SMEs downbeat
about next six months

Office workers in Raffles Place.

SINGAPORE (The Straits

Times, ANN) -- Small and
medium-sized enterprises
(SMEs) are expecting tough
times in the first half of the new
year, according to a survey out
on Tuesday.
They predict slower growth
amid weak market sentiment,
an uneven global economy and
domestic pressures.
The downbeat mood
generated a reading of 51.1 on a
quarterly index compiled by the
Singapore Business Federation
(SBF) and DP Information
Group (DP Info).
This is down from a reading
of 51.9 recorded in the previous
poll. A score above 50 indicates
that SMEs are positive about the
next six months. However, the
readings have been sliding for
five consecutive quarters.
About 3,600 SME owners
and managers across six
industries were polled for the
index, which measured sentiment
about the January to June period.
All major components that
make up the index recorded a

lower reading compared with the

previous quarter - the first time
this has occurred since the index
was introduced in 2010.
This means SMEs are less
optimistic about all aspects of
their operations, from hiring to
business expansion and capital
Sentiment weakened or
remained flat across all six
industries polled: commerce and
trading; transport and storage;
construction and engineering;
manufacturing; retail and food
and beverage; and business
The sluggish global economy
is weighing on the outlook
of Singapore SMEs, said Mr
Lincoln Teo, chief operating
officer of DP Info.
With the islands industrial
production falling and the
consumer price index at its lowest
in recent memory, demand is
weak within the business and
consumer space.
SBF chief executive Ho
Meng Kit said five straight
quarters of falling sentiment is

a worrying trend and SMEs

need to jolt themselves out of a
stagnation mindset.
He said: With the recent
emphasis on value creation, it is
no longer possible for businesses
to continue adopting the same
business models that brought us
growth in the past.
Mr Johnny Mok, assistant
general manager of electronic
component assembly firm AddPlus, said market sentiment is
poor and business is expected to
slide further in 2016.
Theres been a big difference
this year compared with last year.
Were usually quite busy in
November and December but
this year customers have had
fewer orders.
MrMok attributed this to
the slowdown in China, as well
as tepid growth in Europe and
uncertainties over the recovery
in the US.
Itll be worse next year,
everyone can feel it. Not just in
manufacturing but also sectors
like oil and gas, and marine and

Foreign airlines cargo VAT-exempt

PHILIPPINE (Philippine Daily
Inquirer, ANN) -- Foreign
airlines transport of cargo and
passengers as well as trade
of aircraft and vessels are
exempted from the payment of
the 12-percent value-added tax
or VAT, according to the Bureau
of Internal Revenue (BIR).
The transport of passengers
by international carriers doing
business in the Philippines shall
be exempt from VAT pursuant to
Sections 109(1)(S) of the NIRC
(National Internal Revenue Code
or the Tax Code), as amended by
RA (Republic Act) No. 10378,
read Revenue Regulations (RR)
No. 15-2015 issued by BIR
Commissioner Kim S. JacintoHenares last December 28.

RR 15-2015 amended some

provisions of RR 16-2005 or the
consolidated VAT regulations.
To recall, RA 10378 signed
by President Aquino in 2013
granted tax breaks to foreign
carriers. Besides VAT exemption,
international carriers are also
exempted from paying the
2.5-percent gross Philippine
billings tax or GPBT, a form of
income tax applied to international
airlines or shipping companies.
Also, the BIR said the
transport of cargo by international
carriers doing business in the
Philippines shall be exempt from
VAT pursuant to Sections 109(1)
(E) of the NIRC, as amended
by RA 10378, as the same is
subject to Common Carriers Tax

(Percentage Tax on International

Carriers) under Section 118 of the
NIRC, as amended.
Also VAT-exempt are the
sale, importation or lease of
passenger or cargo vessels
and aircraft, including engine,
equipment and spare parts thereof
for domestic or international
transport operations, according
to the BIR.
However, the BIR said
the exemption from VAT
on the importation and local
purchase of passenger and/or
cargo vessels shall be subject to
the requirements on restriction
on vessel importation and
mandatory vessel retirement
program of Marina (Maritime
Industry Authority).


Thursday December 31, 2015

Vientiane Times

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015



Thursday December 31, 2015

Vientiane Times

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015



Thursday December 31, 2015

Vientiane Times

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015



Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

Lecturers and Heads of Department
Soutsaka College of Management and Technology

Project Coordinator (National)_Re-advertise
Type of Contract:
Languages required:
Starting Date:
Application deadline:
Duration of Initial Contract:

Vientiane Capital
Local Service contract
Lao and English
as soon as possible
31 December 2015
One year (with 60 days of a probation period)

In September 2009, the Legal Sector Master Plan was officially adopted by the Government
of Lao PDR. The Master Plan lays out a framework for the countrys first broad-ranging legal
reform in order to achieve its ultimate goal of establishing a rule of law state by 2020. It is a
comprehensive and candid statement of the current needs of the legal system as well as a
series of guiding principles for developing a rule of law state and action plan to achieve this
goal. The Plan represents an effort at coordinated legal system development consistent with
the guidance of the political report of the IX Party Congress.
In order to support the implementation of the Master Plan, UNDP, together with other
donors, launched a new project (Support Project for Implementation of the Legal Sector
Master Plan) in January 2014. As the first attempt towards a programme-based approach
in the legal sector of Lao PDR, the SPLSMP is expected to deliver the following 6 key outputs:
1. Enhanced capacity, procedures, and standards for legislative development and
implementation in Lao PDR (implemented by MoJ)
2. Improved mechanisms for effective legal institutions and systems at national and local
levels (implemented by OSPP)
3. Improved capacities of human resources in the legal and judicial sector (implemented by
4. Increased public understanding of legal rights and information, and increased participation
in the legal system (implemented by MoJ)
5. Continued ratification of key international conventions and norms, and enhanced
implementation, enforcement, monitoring, and reporting under international legal
instruments accepted by Lao PDR (implemented by MoFA)
6. Enhanced capacity of the Secretariat to coordinate and implement the LSMP (implemented
by MoJ)
In this regard, the Ministry of Justice and its partners are seeking for Project Coordinator who
has proven knowledge and working experience in supporting to the Secretariat and Outputs.
1. Project Coordinator (National): 1 Position
Duties and Responsibilities:
Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Head of the Secretariat, the incumbent shall:
Assist the Pillar Focal Points in overseeing the implementation of outputs specified under
the Support Programme
Assist the relevant ministries and agencies in preparing their work plans
Assist the ministries and agencies in the actual implementation of planned activities
Once ministries work plans are submitted, screen and analyze ministries work plans
Based on these work plans, draft and finalize pillar annual/quarterly work plans, budgets,
procurement plans, progress reports, and other required documents in close consultation
with the Pillar Focal Points
Ensure that the project implementation and management is fully in line with the national
implementation modalitys standard operating procedures
Assist the Pillars Committee and Working Groups to implement their activities
Prepare for and organize quarterly pillar coordination meetings
Participate in processes of selection, recruitment and performance management of
consultants and support staff related to the Pillars
Provide operational management of the production of outputs, in line with the Programme
Document and in compliance with the procedures in the NIM manual
Ensure close co-ordination of the Pillar activities with activities of other Pillars
Report to the LSMP Secretariat on a monthly basis (at the monthly meeting) on the
progress and issues of activities
Closely coordinate with working groups under each Pillar and possibly development
partners if they are going to be involved in the working group
Act as a translator and an interpreter when required
Perform other duties as required
Qualifications and Experience:
Degree in development studies, law, political or social sciences
A minimum of 5 year experiences (Master Degree) and 7 year experiences (Bachelor
Degree) working in the field of legal sector development, and project/programme
management and coordination
Familiarity with government ministries and agencies (especially in the legal and judicial
Strong understanding of the Legal Sector Master Plan and the legal and judicial sector in
Lao PDR, particularly with reference to the assigned areas of responsibility;
High level capacity to work with, and support, other agencies to achieve results;
Strong work planning and coordination ability;
Strong technical knowledge and experience related to program management, governance
and legal/judicial reform;
Excellent Lao reading and legal interpretation, legal drafting and speaking skills;
Well-developed English reading, writing and speaking skills; and
Strong focus on results-based performance and ability to monitor performance.
Experience working in a culturally diverse environment
Requirements for submission of applications:
*Letter of interest, updated CV and other relevant documents;
Application shall be sent via mail to: chanthalad@yahoo.com , splsmpproject@gmail.com
Tel: (856 21) 416 443, fax: 454 907
Please indicated in e-mail subject or on the envelope
Application for Project Coordinator
Female candidates are encouraged to apply. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Do you have professional experience, academic qualifications and a serious interest in

contributing to higher education innovation in Laos?
Soutsaka College of Management and Technology is seeking expressions of interest from
persons interested in joining a full-time professional teaching team dedicated to the
development of innovative higher education in Laos.
The College currently conducts higher diploma and bachelor degree programs accredited by
the Ministry of Education and Sport. These programs are offered in the fields of Computer
Science, Business Administration, Finance and Banking and Communication Arts.
The College is expanding and aims to follow a student-centred pedagogy, to undertake
rigorous reviews of its teaching and learning practices and infrastructure, and to achieve high
quality academic and employment outcomes for its students and our country.It aims to be
an internationalised campus and produce internationally capable graduates by adding to its
existing exchange agreements with institutions in China and Thailand and by extending its
teaching into languages other than Lao.
The positions:

Computer Science and IT (10), Management and Business

Administration (5), Finance and Banking (5), Media/Communication
Arts (5)
Head of Department: Information Technology (01) Head of Business and Administration
(01), Communication and Language Studies (01)
Qualifications and Experience:
Relevant postgraduate qualification and a) related teaching experience, or b) 3 years related
industry experience and an interest in and aptitude for teaching.[Candidates with relevant
undergraduate qualifications from leading overseas institutions and with strong teaching
and/or industry experience may be considered.]
Head of Department
Relevant postgraduate level qualification [PhD preferred]:
a demonstrated understanding of higher education pedagogy
five years related teaching and/or research management experience
aptitude for and commitment to academic ethics, leadership and management
[Candidates with Masters level postgraduate qualifications from leading overseas institutions
and with strong teaching and/or industry experience will be considered.]
Language Capability
Candidates who are fluent in the Lao and English languages are strongly encouraged to apply.
Terms and Conditions
Two or three year contractwill be offered depending on your qualifications and experience
and the program needs of the College. This willinclude a 3month probationary periodbefore
confirming the continuation of the contract. You will be provided training in the Colleges
curriculum policies and procedures. You will be expected to meet the standards set out in
that policy and contribute to its continuous improvement.
Position Descriptionsand Expressions of Interest forms can be obtained by email request to
info@scmt.edu.la . EOIs must be lodged with info@scmt.edu.laby 1600 on 31 December 2015

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015


Showul goes oneto-one to reach

out to expats
KOREA (The Korea Herlad)
-- Looking to introduce Korea
to foreign nationals here in a
friendlier way than the standard
tours, a group of Korean
undergraduates is offering
group events to help expats
build bridges.
On January 2, a group of
Showul volunteers plans to take
30 foreign participants on a tour
of the War Memorial of Korea
before letting them try their
hands and feet at breaking
some boards with martial arts
at Korea Arirang Taekwondo
in Seoul.
But rather than having one
or two guides, Showul takes a
one-to-one approach. Although
the tours are done in groups,
the foreign participants are each
paired up with a Korean guide,
with larger tours split up into
groups of three or four pairs.
Organiser Choi Jin-woo said
the group has been active for

about two years, with monthly

tours of large groups and smaller
ones arranged more informally
through social media, particularly
We are trying to make
it a little bit different from
conventional tours where you
have only one person talking and
everyone listening, said Choi.
We try to make it more friendly
so that we can get to know each
other, not as guides and tourists.
He added that Showul often
arranges a meal or drinks after
the tours for those who want to
stay on.
The tours started as a way
for expats and young Koreans
to meet each other in an informal
way. While the Korean students
get to keep their English skills
sharp, people new to the city
have someone to show them
I studied in America myself,
and I know how difficult it can

Participants pose at Deoksugung Palace during a Showul group tour in November.

be, especially for people who are

studying here, to make friends
in Korea and get to know the
place, he said. That was my
motivation for joining. Its
great because I feel like Im
helping people make friends
and making a good impression
of Korea.
A lot of our guests are
studying in Korea and they
come to us because they want
to make Korean friends and see

the country as well, Choi said.

Language meant that
the people who had joined
the tours were mainly from
English-speaking countries,
but Choi said they have started
to diversify.
Because it is an English
tour other languages arent
available yet we have mostly
had people from Europe and
America, but now we have a lot
of people from Singapore and

Villages for all seasons

Fields of yellow rapeseed flowers surround the villages in spring.

SINGAPORE (The Straits Times)

-- In central China, the regal Yellow
Mountains, or Huangshan in Mandarin,
are well known to travellers, but few
take the time to explore the old-world
villages that dot its foothills.
My friends and I almost bypassed
the villages as well when we made
our first trip to the Yellow Mountains
three years ago. However, we thought
it would be a good idea to check into
a nice hotel to relax after hiking in the
mountain range before going back to
That was how we ended up in
the 900-year-old Hongcun Village - a
Unesco world heritage site - about an
hours drive from Huangshan.
It turned out to be such a wonderful
experience, strolling through its
backlanes, basking in the friendliness
of its villagers, seemingly untouched
by modern civilisation, and dining in


ancient courtyards that I found myself

wandering back there another two times
after my first trip.
It was love at first sight as I feasted
my eyes on the timeless beauty of the
elegant Huizhou-style white-washed
houses that lined Nanhu Lake in the
village. The crystal-clear lakewater
was so calm that images of the houses
shimmered on its surface.
Like other villages in ancient China,
Hongcun is laid out according to the
ancient art of fengshui to harmonise
its houses with the environment. The
result is that the village is constructed in
the shape of a buffalo to blend in with
Nanhu and the rolling hills.
The old Ming- and Qing-dynasty
houses and beautifully preserved
countryside look like a classical Chinese
At the centre of the village is the
exquisite Moon Pond, which formed

--Photo chang swee siong

the backdrop for some scenes in the

blockbuster movie Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Dragon, starring Hong Kong
actor Chow Yun Fat and then up-andcoming actress Zhang Ziyi, 15 years
What makes Hongcun so endearing
is the small eating establishment next to
the Moon Pond, known as Pan Yue Lou
or Companion Moon restaurant, where
some scenes in the movie were shot.
We had been lured to the
establishment by the rows of smoked
legs of ham hanging on its walls, which
reminded us of how villagers must have
lived 100 years ago.
The owner, Madam Yu Qunying,
turned out to be a great cook, whipping
up fabulous dishes such as smelly
fish in black bean sauce and claypot
beancurd with the smoked ham she had
cured herself.
The highlight was dining alfresco in

Malaysia as well.
There was no tour in
December due to the exam
season, but there will be two
in January to compensate. The
second destination is undecided
a toss-up between Yongin
Folk Village and an ice fishing
trip but Choi said it would be
an overnight trip.
He added that Showul would
try to run more smaller tours next
year, to give people a chance to

the restaurants courtyard, watching the

sun go down over the elegant old houses
and bathing the pond in golden hues.
As night fell and red lanterns lit up
and a hush fell over the pond, we were
transported back in time, enjoying the
camaraderie of villagers who had so
lovingly built Hongcun.
Perhaps the villages biggest asset is
that unlike renowned attractions such as
the Great Wall near Beijing and the West
Lake in Hangzhou, it draws only local
tourists. That has helped to preserve its
beauty and charm.
But it was not just Hongcuns village
charm that captivated us. Madam Yus
hospitality reminded me of the warm
reception I received from my relatives
when I visited my ancestral village in
Fujian some years ago.
When she learnt that we had
problems getting transport to Hangzhou
to catch the train to Shanghai the next
day, she introduced us to a driver, Xiao
Jiang, during our first trip to the village.
He turned to be much more than a
driver who took us to Hangzhou. On
my two subsequent trips to Hongcun,
he also turned tourist guide, taking us to
the surrounding countryside to see other
beautifully preserved villages.
In April, I had an opportunity to
return to Hongcun after visiting the
Buddhist temples in nearby Jiuhuashan.
Xiao Jiang drove about 150km to pick
up me and my friend from the mountain.
As our car neared Hongcun, we
were greeted by a sea of yellow rapeseed
flowers that stretched as far as the eye
could see. Along the Nanhu, budding
artists competed with one another to
capture the beauty of the landscape on
their canvases.
Xiao Jiang took us to a few viewing
spots high in the hills to see the village
and the rapeseed fields. Our lodging,
Zhong Kun Hotel, was 5km from
Hongcun. In its sprawling grounds
were pink-and-white peach blossoms
in full bloom.
But spring is not the only time to
see the village in all its glory. Autumn
is also a wonderful season to travel there
and to the surrounding countryside as
the area is teeming with giant maple
and camphor trees, planted hundreds
of years ago, that turn into shades of

meet more often. Though the

larger tours are heavily planned
in advance, the smaller ones are
arranged based on suggestions
made by foreign members of
Showuls Meetup group. Showul
members then research those
suggestions to organise a tour.
We want to make our
tours as fun and interactive
as possible so that our guests
leave Korea wanting to come
back, Choi said.

red, orange and yellow as the weather

turns colder.
So last month, I found myself
trotting up to the village with three
friends to see for ourselves the autumn
colours around the Yellow Mountains
that we had heard so much about.
We were not disappointed. A highspeed train service had commenced
between Shanghai and Huangshan City
during the summer. While travelling
still took about four hours, this made
the journey a lot more comfortable
than before.
Xiao Jiang picked us up from the
citys train station and, for the next six
days, took us to some of the best autumn
viewing sites in the area.
At Tachuan, a small village about
1.5km from Hongcun, some of the trees
were a gorgeous red colour, towering
over the still-green tea bushes that
stretched for miles.
He then took us about 100km to
the south to see the autumn colours in
a village called Shi Cheng, meaning
Stone City in Chinese, in a neighbouring
county, Wuyuan.
Along the way, we stopped by
the aptly named Chrysanthemum
Walk Village and climbed the nearby
slope to view it. From afar, the village
looked as if it was shaped like a giant
As we drove to higher ground, we
saw thick layers of mist enveloping
the hills below. The scene resembled a
watercolour painting.
In Huangshan, mist shrouded the
mountains and forests and the sight was
so much like a classical Chinese painting
that I half-expected a fox fairy to leap
out of the woods as we walked along
the forest trail. Spectacular waterfalls
fed by heavy rain disgorged massive
volumes of water.
For an encore, Xiao Jiang took us
to two villages which are much older
than Hongcun and off the beaten track.
One of them - Cheng Kan - was
founded 1,800 years ago during the
Tang Dynasty. It had the typical small
lake in front and an assortment of houses
behind. What fascinated us was the
octagonal layout of the village. Without
a tour guide, it would be easy to get lost
in its maze of lanes.


Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015


Hmong boy falls in love

with fathers costume

Ounkham Pimmata

young Hmong boy

named Sivongphone
Mua, 17 years old,
still loves to wear his
ancestors traditional costume
even though its pattern is a very
old style and has passed through
different hands before coming
into his possession.
O n c e a y e a r, d u r i n g
Hmong Festival in December,
Sivongphone picks up his
ancestors traditional costume
from a clothing shelf where
his mother has packed it away
carefully in a box for the past
11 months.
He sweeps the dust off it
softly before he takes it from the
bag and dons the black traditional
dress, which is fashioned from
silk with an accompanying
Hmong headdress.
This is an annual ritual
as he is preparing himself to
celebrate the Hmong peoples
traditional activities during the
yearly festival which will end
in January.
Sivongphone gets up early at
6am to prepare for the villages
annual Hmong festival, where he
enjoys showing off his ancestors
traditional dress among guests
whilst joining his friends to
take part in a traditional dance
on stage.
I fell in love with my

fathers costume since he told me

it had been designed in a very old
pattern and passed through the
generations. In 2012, he passed
it on to me as his last treasure.
Every year, his mother
weaves traditional dresses for his
two young sisters and decorates
them accordingly but he is more
than pleased to be wearing his
fathers dress even if it had to be
adjusted a little.
My mother had to weave
twists onto the edges to make

better. Sivongphone stressed that

every part of the dress is still the
same as centuries ago. He didnt
modify his suit as some young
Hmong do currently; he just
wears a white shirt underneath to
stop his stomach from showing,
then uses a waist cloth designed
in Hmong mens traditional style
to tie around his waist .
In the past, Hmong men often
designed their dress to show the
six packs on their stomachs,
which was a show of strength

I have observed that there are not

many old Hmong traditional dresses
left because the new generation is
improving them so much to follow
their own particular fashions.
it fit my arms, Sivongphone
explained with a laugh, as he is a
little bigger than his father.
My fathers body is rather
the same size as my grandfather
who dressed in this very same
costume 50 years ago, so he
hasnt adapted it, Sivongphone
said as he held up the traditional
costume showing where he used
a circular rubber line to tie into its
trousers edge, making it fit him

for the women and regarded as

very manly.
As you see, Hmong dresses
in this era are more adjustable;
they will add more, as well as
weaving accessories on to their
dresses, especially the women,
to make them more beautiful and
attractive for the men during the
In the past, the Hmong
traditional suits for men didnt

Vacancy Notice

feature many accessories; there

was only a cloth pattern on the
wrists edge to tell the character
of the group, Sivongphone
recalled, repeating what his
father had told to him.
I have observed that there
are not many old Hmong
traditional dresses left because
the new generation is improving
them so much to follow their own
particular fashions.
Sivongphone has worn his
fathers dress since 2012. In
three years of wearing it, he has
never envied any of his other
friends who have more colourful
patterns on their costumes.
I am proud that I am able to
continue to wear my ancestors
suit which my grandmother
wove for my grandfather for a
special Hmong festival. I think
it is a gift for loved-ones, and
imagine myself back in the era
of my grandfather when I am
wearing it, he laughs while
touching the costume.
For him, it is a more valuable
treasure than a beautiful new
dress which lacks the heritage of
traditional style.
However, Sivongphone still
wants to learn how to weave
traditional dresses from his
Even though it shouldnt
to be a mans work, he aims to
one day educate his children in
the same art as well as preserve

Sivongphone Mua show off his ancestors traditional costume that

he inherited from his father in 2012.

the wearing of traditional styles

of clothing which date back
hundreds of years in his family.
I was born into a family
where your mother wove the
Hmong dresses by hand so I
am very keen for myself and
my young sisters to learn the
weaving techniques. I hope that
in the future I can fix my familys

valuable dress treasures that I am

Of course, he has promised
himself that he will keep his
ancestors dress in a safe place
to pass it on to his children as
his father did for him, seeking
to conserve their ancestors
traditional costumes for many
years to come.

Vacancy Notice

The World Health Organization has a vacancy for the position of:
International Consultant
for Maternal and Child Health Care (newborn care and maternal death surveillance and response)
(Short-term, Six Months)

The World Health Organization has a vacancy for the position of:
International Consultant
for EENC (early essential newborn care) coaching and data management
(Short-term, One year)

Purpose of the post:

Assist the MCH Team and Team Leader to strengthen programmatic and technical implementation of Ministry
of Health at the national, provincial and district offices for maternal and child health service delivery;
Assist the MCH Team and Team Leader to support Department of Health Care, Ministry of Health and national
EENC Committee to implement the EENC Action plan with particular focus on breastfeeding support;
Assist the MCH Team and Team Leader to support Department of Health Care, Ministry of Health and
national MDSR Committee to transition from MDR to MDSR.

To support the EENC implementation scale-up through coaching and data management in Lao PDR.

1. Assist the MCH /WHO and Ministry of Health to implement the EENC plan 2016 in the new scaled-up
provinces by making frequent field visits for coaching and monitoring activities;
2. Support the MDSR Committee to implement the MDSR plan 2016 by coordinating with stakeholders
to set up permanent secretariat and collect data to formulate MDSR report 2014-2016.
Method(s) to carry out the activity:
Field monitoring visit
Meeting/workshop/training attendance and support
Technical document review and draft as required
Basic quantitative and qualitative analysis of data
Coordination with EENC and MDSR team composed of government and partners
Development of IEC tools
Knowledge & skills:
Sound knowledge and understanding of health programs newborn care and maternal death review
Sound knowledge and understanding of the new RMNCH Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2025;
Strong analytical, writing and presentation skills;
Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
Efficient use of Microsoft Office programmes
Essential: Bachelor Degree in the area of Medical/Nursing area and/or public health
Desirable: Post Graduate Degree in the same area is desirable.
At least 3 years of experience in public health and/or clinical program (maternal and child health
program area)
Experience in working in the government partners in Lao PDR
Experience in the UN or international organizations would be an advantage.
Fluent in speaking, reading and writing English. Lao language skill for basic communication would be
an advantage.
Interested and qualified candidates are invited to submit applications in the English language with curriculum
vitae, by 18 January 2016. Please indicate on your letter EENC+MDSR, either by mail or email to:
The World Health Organization
125 Saphanthong Road, Unit 5,
Ban Saphanthongtai, Sisattanak District,
P.O. Box 343
Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.
Tel: (856-21)353902-04; Fax: (856-21)353905
Email: who.lao@wpro.who.int

Supervision of EENC coaching to monitor quality of coaching being delivered. Including attending
EENC Coaching at least once per quarter
EENC monitoring and evaluation
o Provide technical support to central and provincial and hospitals for the use of EENC Excel spreadsheets
for monthly data collection or for use of a computer-based hospital reporting system (depending on
hospital capacity and need)
o Collate EENC data from central and provincial hospitals and provide reports as required.
Supervision of EENC National Facilitator workshops
<Method(s) to carry out the activity>
Work together with EENC National Facilitators to provide coaching and supervision to health staff in
target provinces
Work alongside the EENC coordinator to train data collector/s at each of the implementing hospitals
and assist with EENC data management.
Work alongside EENC coordinator and WHO to continue monitoring of hospitals through exit interviews
with post-partum mothers and other hospital strengthening activities including data management.
Manage existing EENC spreadsheets and continue to summarize data from existing EENC hospitals.
Assess capacity at new EENC implementing hospitals for data collection and decide upon the most
appropriate method of data collection including the following methods: EENC spreadsheet, DHIS2 or
the hospital reporting program.
<Description of the tasks/process involved in carrying out the activity>
Continue to support EENC activities at a central level through intermittent monitoring visits and feedback
with hospital staff at EENC committee meetings (Quarterly)
Support the EENC implementation in provincial hospitals through attending EENC coaching and
monitoring visits.
Manage the collected data on hospital impact indicators and monitoring interviews
Analysis of the data and provide recommendations about future priorities.
Knowledge & skills:
Sound knowledge and understanding of health programs newborn care;
Sound knowledge and understanding of the new RMNCH Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2025;
Strong coaching/training skills;
Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
Efficient use of Microsoft Office programmes and statistics program
Essential: Bachelor Degree in the area of Medical/Nursing area and/or public health
Desirable: Post Graduate Degree in the same area is desirable.
At least 3 years of experience in public health and/or clinical program (maternal and child health
program area)
Experience in working in the developing countries
Languages: Fluent in speaking, reading and writing English.
Interested and qualified candidates are invited to submit applications in the English language with
curriculum vitae, by 18, January 2016. Please indicate on your letter EENC data management, either
by mail or email to:
The World Health Organization
125 Saphanthong Road, Unit 5, Ban Saphanthongtai, Sisattanak District,
P.O. Box 343, Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.
Tel: (856-21)353902-04; Fax: (856-21)353905; Email: who.lao@wpro.who.int

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015




Whats the best way to celebrate the New Year?

Tomorrow is New Years Day, but the celebrations have already started. As everyone
is getting ready to party, Vientiane Times checked out the thoughts of people on the
streets about the upcoming holiday and their plans for the occasion.
and my family are waiting
for the New Year celebrations
as we have many activities
planned. This year, I wont
drink as much as I did last
year because I want to do
other things that are better
than drinking. I am planning
to go outside Vientiane with
my family and friends to
give some clothes, household
items, medicine and other
goods to people in rural areas,
especially children and disabled
people who cannot help
themselves. At this time of the
year, some people in remote
areas dont have enough clothes
for the winter and they need
help. So I will do this before
I do anything else. I think its
better than just drinking all the
time and those who receive
the donations will be happy.

Visith Teppalath

Ms Khamman
Fongkhamdeng, a resident
of Khounta village,
Sikhottabong district: I am

happy that New Years Day

is nearly here so that I can do
something special with my
family. Like other people, I

Of course, after that we will

have a small party to celebrate
the New Year but we wont
go crazy and drink too much
Mr Khamsone, a resident
of Phonesavanh village,
Sisattanak district: Everyone
is getting ready to celebrate
the New Year and I see that
some people started partying
earlier this week while others
are counting down to New
Years Eve. Its good that
everyone is going to be
having fun because it helps
to strengthen bonds, unity,
love and care among people
in families, organisations,
and society in general. But
we should all take care not
to let things get out of hand,
and stay peaceful and safe, in

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line with Lao traditions and

culture. I think its better to
focus on activities that are
meaningful instead of holding

a big party and drinking to

excess, and giving lots of
presents. It would be better to
have a simple meal together.
If more people did this, our
celebrations would be more
meaningful and peaceful, we
wouldnt waste money, and
everyone would be happy at
the end because they were safe
and had some fun.
Ms Vanida Chanthavong,
a student at the Faculty of
Environmental Sciences,
National University of Laos: I
think New Years Day is a very
special occasion because most
companies and organisations
stop work and people have a
holiday and do various things
with their family, colleagues
and friends. People who work
far away from home also take
this opportunity to return for



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someone who was drunk hit

him with his car and he died.
This is a sad example and I
dont want an accident like
this to happen to anyone else,
so everyone should consider
the safety of themselves and
others before drinking.
Ms Vilavan Khamxomphou
a resident of Thongkang
village, Sisattanak district:
I plan to celebrate the New
Year at home with my
family. Its an event that only
happens once a year, so I
want to spend all my time
with my parents and other

family members. We will

have a meal together and
invite some of our relatives to
join us. Of course, everyone
will celebrate the New Year
in some way but we should
not hold an extravagant party
or do something that costs
a lot of money. We should
consider our safety more than
drinking a lot and having fun.
If possible, we should not
drink much because all forms
of alcohol are damaging
to our health and cause
problems of various kinds.
As we know, alcohol is the

main cause of road accidents

in Laos. To ensure safety on
the roads, the authorities,
especially the traffic police,
should use modern equipment
to measure drivers blood
alcohol level and be on the
lookout for people who are
drunk. The police should stop
anyone they believe to be
drunk and send them to court
in line with the law.

Asia News Network (ANN)


3 months ( 78 issues) 150,000

a visit to their families so that

they can celebrate together.
However, we should celebrate
the occasion properly and if
we go to a party we should not
drink too much and shouldnt
drive if we do get drunk. Lets
remember that every New Year
there are many road accidents.
Last year my friend was
involved in an accident when


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It was established in March, 1999, to provide avenues for cooperation
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The Statesman (India), The Korea Herald (South Korea), The Star
(Malaysia), Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia), The Nation (Thailand), The
Straits Times (Singapore), The Philippine Daily Inquirer (Philippines),
The Jakarta Post (Indonesia), Vietnam News (Vietnam), The Daily
Star (Bangladesh), Vientiane Times (Laos), The Kathmandu Post
(Nepal), The Island (Sri Lanka), Brunei Times (Brunei), The Nation
(Pakistan), and China Post (Taiwan). The combined circulation of these
newspapers is more than 14 million copies per day.

22 Opinion

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015


Lottery draw should

be more open
Translated by Times Reporters

Many people like to buy lottery tickets

hoping theyll get lucky, but lots of people
have said theyd like the ticket draws to be
conducted publicly.
Complaints have centred on the fact that
the same numbers have been drawn several
times, or consecutive numbers are picked in
subsequent draws.
Besides this, people dont like to buy
numbers 27 and 67 because they say they
are unlucky, but these numbers get drawn all
the time, leading people to suspect that there
is not always fair play. The lottery is run by
the Ministry of Finance and has changed
in format over the years. Numbers are now
drawn three times a week.
Previously, the draw was broadcast on
television and radio but this has stopped for
various reasons, making people wonder if the
process is being conducted fairly.
To make things more transparent, officials
say they will broadcast draws on television
once a month, hoping to reduce the number of
complaints. Officials urge everyone to watch
the draw on television.
--Vientiane Mai Daily, December 30

Public cooperation
needed to keep
Vientiane clean
Officials are trying to keep Vientiane free of
dust and rubbish but many people still dump
rubbish wherever they please, thwarting
attempts to keep the city clean.
Each day, we can see workers employed
by the Vientiane Urban Development and
Administration Authority cleaning up dust
and rubbish along main roads, especially
Souphanouvong, Setthathirat, Samsenthai,
Lane Xang and Kaysone Phomvihane.
However, the roads and other public
areas are still unclean because most people
lack a sense of civic pride. This is a chronic
problem and will be difficult to solve without
the cooperation of all concerned.
Everyone should dispose of waste in the
correct place and not somewhere that just
happens to be convenient.
--Pasaxon Van-Athit Weekly,
December 27

Respect the
rules of the road
The traffic in Vientiane remains heavily
congested, which increases the risk of
accidents, so its important that everyone
complies with the traffic rules and drives
Vientiane traffic police recently partnered
with staff at the New Chip Xeng Company
to explain safe driving habits to teachers and
students at Phonthan Secondary School in
Xaysettha district.
The objective was to teach them about
the traffic rules and safe driving techniques,
so they have a clearer idea of good driving
habits that will keep them safe on the roads.
Currently, drivers frequently go through
red lights and drive carelessly, while
motorbike riders drive side by side and do
not wear crash helmets, all of which can lead
to injury and accidents.
Recently, the traffic police have been
running campaigns in schools to help students
understand the regulations. Police urge all
motorists to obey the traffic regulations, as
compliance and consideration for others will
make the roads a lot safer.
--Khuamsangob Daily, December 29

Vehicle seizure a smart way to sober up drivers

THAILAND (The Nation, ANN) -- Thailands
strict new law against driving while intoxicated
during the New Year holidays is one of the few
on the books thats actually designed to save
lives directly, and as such it should be loudly
advertised - and just as strictly enforced.
Promulgated by the National Council
for Peace and Order, the law deems that the
vehicles of motorists who fail a breathalyser
test will be seized. Already police have hauled
off 116 vehicles, a result thats both worrying
and encouraging - encouraging because the
government as a consequence is considering
extending the measure year-round.
Drunk driving is certainly not the only
cause of road causalities, but it is a major
one. The World Health Organisation reckons
that inebriated drivers are to blame for 26
percent of road deaths in Thailand. The figure
could actually be much higher, given that law
enforcement is at times lax enough to let the
drunks drive away. Poor law enforcement is a
major reason for Thai roads ranking high among
the most dangerous in the world. Keeping the
drunks away from the steering wheel would
obviously curb the accident toll.
The Peace and Order Maintaining Command
(POMC) is now attempting to set an example
in the strict enforcement of the vehicleseizure law. Although having ones car
confiscated is soft punishment compared to
time in jail, its enough to make motorists
think twice about taking the risk, especially
drivers who depend on their vehicles every
day. Losing ownership of your car, however
temporarily, has an immediate debilitating
effect, and besides, the concept has proved
catchy enough that word has spread widely

on the social media.

This is not an easily administered
programme, but the results could prove
significant. Nearly 670 checkpoints have been
set up - 361 in the north and 195 in the northeast
- jointly manned by police, soldiers attached to
the POMC, and local administrative officials.
Having men in military uniform on the job
makes a difference thanks to the perception

If the goal is to save

lives, the notion
of seizing vehicles
should apply to
motorcyclists not
wearing safety
helmets - and their
that theyre less corrupt, but more importantly,
having three different agencies represented
is more likely to keep everyone honest. The
governments priority is to put an end to the
influence wielded by people in positions of
wealth and power, and in clever fashion the
roadblocks are self-monitoring.

The checkpoints are also watching the speed

of buses and public vans, though some doubt
remains as to whether this can be as effectively
controlled through the seizure of vehicles.
Thailand has in the past witnessed a series of
campaigns aimed at curbing drunk driving, but
none has had a notable effect. News of road
accidents is despairingly mundane and even
those resulting in multiple casualties fail to
sustain the public will to bring about change.
If the government wants to reduce the
death toll in holiday periods and throughout
the year, it must first and foremost ensure that
all public officials are engaged, committed and
determined to show results. In this sense, the
POMC is a refreshing addition to the arsenal in
the war on highway carelessness, its sole aim
being to execute the plan at hand.
If the goal is to save lives, the notion of
seizing vehicles should apply to motorcyclists
not wearing safety helmets - and their
passengers. Motorcycles are always at the top
of the list when it comes to accident statistics
and the national disdain for helmets is among
the biggest cause of road fatalities. While the
Dont Drive Drunk Foundation has said that
14,000 people die on average each year due to
inebriation, failure to wear a helmet accounts
for 90 percent of motorcycle fatalities. Refusal
to wear a helmet on a bike demonstrates just
as much disregard for the safety of others as
driving while drunk.
If poor enforcement of the law continues to
be a problem, these tragic numbers are unlikely
to decline. The police have no excuse not to
crack down, and they too should be punished if
they fail to do so. There must be no compromise
wherever public welfare is concerned.

Fixing my health and the planets too

about global warming and climate change.
What that ultimately means is clamping
MALAYSIA (The Star, ANN) -- THERE are
down on how much energy we consume. I had
two things I am resolute about doing this new
quoted from the November issue of National
Geographic which was devoted to climate
The first one is to really, really get serious
about my health. Sounds familiar? Yes, I said
Space constraints didnt allow me to
it twice before.
touch on what individuals can do to reduce
The first time was on Jan 2, 2013, and again
CO2 emissions. But that issue of National
on Jan 1, 2014: My resolutions for 2013 were
Geographic made it clear that climate change
to change my unhealthy lifestyle and to try to
is a problem of personal consumption.
get a work-life balance. I even cut my hair short
So my second resolution for 2016 is
so that I could exercise more.
to further reduce my household energy
Well, I failed on all accounts. My life is
still unbalanced, I work 14 hours on most days,
I was galvanised into action by my first
I havent hit the treadmill in six months and
Tenaga Nasional Bhd Home Energy Report.
my weight and cholesterol are up. My hair has
I was horrified to learn my house used 141
grown back too.
percent more electricity than similar homes.
Still, I intend to give it another
TNB defines similar homes
go. I have started doing push-ups
as 100 occupied nearby homes.
in my bathroom, taking the stairs to
Well okay, my neighbours are
When I watch my Korean dramas, a major
reach my office on the 5th floor ...
more energy-thrifty than me but I
That year, 2014, was very
do wonder if these homes have the
eventful and I was moved from the
same number of occupants. I have
cause of my sedentary state, I stand up
5th floor to the 16th floor. Walking
nine people. Still, that is no excuse
up five flights was doable but 16
not to do my part.
and limber up a bit every now and then. Im
floors? It became a good excuse to
I am relieved my latest energy
take the lift.
report has somewhat improved: my
I stopped doing my push-ups
now uses 126 percent more
doing yoga again. When I get back to work, home
when I developed a painful left
electricity than similar homes.
elbow. For months, my life became
We are making conscious efforts
very sedentary. I barely sweated
to switch off lights, air-cons,
Im stopping the lift on the 11th floor.
as I moved from one air-con
computers and so on. I am taking
environment to the next.
more cold showers so that I dont
I didnt even walk in my garden
have to turn on the water heater.
for a year. There was always an excuse: too hot, walking up and down the stairs in my house
TNB offers tips on how to reduce
too late, too hazy and yes, too lazy.
more than usual. I go up to call the kids down consumption like maintaining air-cons and
Serves me right because the body is now for dinner rather than phoning them or yelling using efficient light bulbs. I do that already: my
striking back. For the first time I didnt breeze from the bottom step.
air-cons are serviced regularly and I use only
through my annual physical check-up this
I am making lifestyle changes. Diet-wise, compact fluorescent lamps.
year. I had ST depression with T inversion its less cookies and cakes and more fruits and
Whats left? TNB says buy appliances with
in my resting ECG. It meant maybe there veggies.
high energy efficient ratings.
was a blockage in my heart and with my LDL
Well and good but mine is an established
When I watch my Korean dramas, a major
elevated, it would be best if I see a cardiologist cause of my sedentary state, I stand up and household. Does that mean I have to start
to do a stress test.
limber up a bit every now and then. Im doing replacing my 20-year-old refrigerators (one
I was stunned. What, me see a cardiologist? yoga again. When I get back to work, Im actually belongs to my mum which she brought
My 88-year-old dad sees a cardiologist, not me. stopping the lift on the 11th floor.
with her when she moved in with me six years
A week later, I was all wired up on the
Now for my second resolution: help save ago) and my 10-year-old air-cons?
treadmill. It took just nine minutes to stress my the planet. Seriously.
Thats tough because they are still in good
heart and my ticker held up yay. But I was not
In my previous column, I wrote about the working order. Ill have to think hard on that.
out of the woods. The cardiologist told me my historic Paris Agreement signed by almost But I know what I can do: start sleeping without
blood pressure was also elevated.
200 nations to finally commit to reducing the air-con on the whole night. I will just have
That got me. I have never had blood pressure greenhouse gas emissions which have brought to wear less to bed. That is totally doable.
June H.L. Wong

problems before, not in the most stressed-out

periods of my job, not when I was heavily
pregnant, not when my father fell very ill.
Fortunately, the cardiologist was reassuring
and she was not going to put me on any drug.
But for that to remain so, it was up to me to
tackle that old chestnut of a treatment: exercise
and diet. She gave me a couple of months to
show improvements.
I got started straight away. The next day, I
got off the lift on the 13th floor and huffed and
puffed my way up the stairs to the 16th. The
following day, I started from the 12th floor. It
was just too bad the next two days were public
holidays leading to the weekend and I am now
on leave.
But I have been quite good. I have been
doing 40 to 50 full-length push-ups a day and

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

Science Film Festival to

kick off in Xieng Khuang


Arts & Leisure

Sisouphan Amphonephong

oklao Media Centre is

currently supporting
the hosting of the
Science Film
Festival Lao PDR in Xieng
Khuang province, seeking to
promote better understanding
about science among primary
and secondary school students
in Laos.
The Science Film Festival
Lao PDR is screening this year
on the theme Light, organised
by Doklao Media Centre.
The event is sponsored by
Goe, The Shamdana Research
Institute of Science and
Education, the Department
of Cinema at the Ministry
of Information, Culture and
Tourism, and Participatory
Development Training Centre
Doklao Media Centre
volunteer, Mr Phonesavanh
Chindamany said that this year
the festival will feature 10 films
for screening to students in six
target provinces, namely Xieng
Khuang, Xayaboury, Vientiane,
Champassak, Savannakhet and
Saravan provinces.
The initiative is seeking to
open opportunities for students
in each of the provinces to gain
scientific knowledge about
light, lights processes in the

Mr Phonesavanh Chindamany (first left) and his volunteer friends

pose for a group photo to promote the Science Film Festival.

Students upgrade their knowledge with the volunteer staff.

creation of rainbows and the

effects of heat.
He said the topic of this
years Science Film Festival
was different from last year,
seeking to impart scientific
knowledge about energy and
encourage students to enjoy
learning in class and have a
better understanding about
science and how it shapes and
affects the world around them.
The volunteer team is now
screening films for students
in Xieng Khuang province as
well as doing various activities

with the students, including

experiments about light and the
formation of rainbows amongst
other experiments.
The screening of films and
other activities will continue
for five days in Xieng Khuang
province before the team of
volunteers move on to the next
participating province, where
they will also screen for five
days each.
Mr Phonesavanh added that
the Science Film Festival is
held every year and will change
the topic of film screening to

encourage students to learn

different areas of science and
improve their knowledge and
Through these new
techniques and teaching
methods, the organisers
hope to garner more interest
in science and innovation
amongst the students and
also their teachers by creating
a more interesting learning
They should also have more
creative ideas to make use of
science in their daily lives.

Chinese movies that represented the best of art in 2015

CHINA (China Daily, ANN)

-- A roundup of the years best
domestic films will set you on a
collision course with those with
different tastes and yardsticks.
This is especially true when the
years best vary widely from the
years best-selling. In other words,
a cinephiles picks are bound to
diverge from one who focuses on
the bottom line.
So, here are some of the
Chinese-language movies that I
feel represent 2015s height of
artistic achievement.
Hou Hsiao-hsiens Assassin
is the only one that made it into
some prestigious international
lists. Yet it was very polarizing
on the domestic front. Its elliptical
narrative left many audience
members scratching their heads.
For me, it is ambitious but
falls short of the standard of
Shanghai Flowers, an early work
by the master with a similar

stylistic approach. The dense

plot distracts from the texture of
the visuals, where the brilliance
definitely lies.
Jia Zhangkes Mountains
May Depart is neatly divided into
three time periods. The first two,
set in 1999 and 2014, find him in
familiar territory, but it is the last
one, set in 2025 Australia, that is
jaw-dropping in both positive and
negative ways.
The twist is audaciously
conceived, but testifies
to a fundamental lack of
understanding of the Chinese
diaspora, and the May-December
relationship is shallow in its
Freudian implication.
The years most satisfying
work belongs to Deep in the
Heart, the directorial debut of Xin
Yukun. It was titled The Coffin in
the Mountain when it first ran on
the festival circuit in 2014.
Made with a paltry budget of

1.7 million yuan (US$269,800),

the dark drama takes on crime
and punishment with a verve and
aplomb befitting a veteran.
As a matter of fact, one of
its early champions was Cao
Baoping, whose film The Dead
End has an overlapping theme
yet leaves several narrative holes
in the story.
Caos crime story has a
stronger drive, and at its heart
it attempts to plumb the depths
of the human psyche. More
significantly, it broke several
taboos, including a passionate
male-on-male kiss.
The Dead End won an acting
award for its male ensemble at
the Shanghai International Film
Festival, but the years most
eye-opening male performance
belongs to a renowned director.
Feng Xiaogangs cameo
appearances have been so
memorable he ranks among

the best character actors in the

nation. In Mr. Six, he turns his
formidable acting chops into a
character study so immersive it
blew me away when I first saw
the film. This is a portrayal that
goes beyond technique and into
the innermost part of his soul.
Ostensibly about a former
good-for-nothing, it is imbued
with a quiet heroism and
evokes a way of life that is fast
receding echoing the somewhat
cruel generational shift that
is happening in todays film
Not since Zhang Yimou
played the male lead in 1986s
Old Well has an ace director
trumped actors of his profession
with such on-screen and offscreen poignancy.
Xu Haofengs The Master
seems to be a scaled-down
version of The Grandmaster,
which he co-wrote. It is certainly
different from the norm, but his
familiarity with the material
could be holding him back from
a full filmic vision.
While I applaud his
innovation, I was not emotionally
involved or thematically curious.
12 Citizens, a Chinese
remake of 12 Angry Men,
resolved the biggest conundrum
that China does not employ a
jury system with a stroke of
genius. But it was marred by
several clumsy touches, such
as the eventual certainty of the
suspects innocence and the
secret identity of the Henry
Fonda character, here played by
stage veteran He Bing.

Demonstrations on light attract the interest of students.

Miss Sport finalist, film student

win Vietnam Supermodel 2015

Two winners of Vietnam Supermodel 2015, Mai Tuan Anh (left) and Duong
Nguyen Kha Trang receive their Vietnam Supermodel 2015 titles.


News, ANN) -- Miss Sport
2012 runner-up Duong Nguyen
Kha Trang and cinematography
student Mai Tuan Anh overcame
25 other finalists to win Vietnam
Supermodel 2015 on Sunday night
in Ho Chi Minh Citys Nguyen Du
Silver prizes were granted to
Tran Manh Khang and Pham Ngoc
Quy, who is among 10 finalists of
Vietnam Miss Universe 2015.
Nguyen Ngoc Duyen, and
Vietnams Next Top Model
contestant Nguyen Tran Trung
scooped the bronze prizes.
The finale was opened with
a catwalk of all 27 finalists who

showcased an ao dai (traditional

dress) collection by designers Sy
Hoang and Minh Chau.
The competitors then staged
other collections featuring outfits,
swimwear, and evening gown and
suits, all creations by designers
Vo Cong Khanh, Minh Tu and
Chung Thanh Phong. After four
catwalk performances, the 10
best models were selected for the
Q&A section.
Alongside main prizes, the
competition also gave other
titles such as Potential Young
Supermodel, Golden Prize, Best
Face, Best Body, Best Catwalk
Performance, Best Stylist, and
Most Favourite Supermodel.


Thursday December 31, 2015


Vientiane Times

AB Apartment
Serviced Apartment Fully
Ban Sibounheuang,
Chanthaboury Dist.
Mob: +856-20-55512828
Phone: (+856-21) 222565 Fax:
Email: abapart@gmail.com

and House
for Rent)

Free Wifi, Swimming Pool and Parking

Tel: +85620 7771 3513, 020 9977 7074
Avenue Kaysone phomvihane, Ban Phonkheng,
Xaysettha, Vientiane Lao PDR

Land for Sale in Vientiane

Dongponhae Village.
Close to 450 Road

House for Rent

Villa for rent: 3 Bedroom,3bathroom, living
room and nice garden
Thadeau Road, Choumphet Village,
Sisattanak District.
Contract: 020 7782 1551 or 020 5959 9611
E-mail: tum_y.x@hotmail.com

10 mins from Friendship Bridge

5mins from Thanaleang
Price Kip 60,000/m2

Call 02059683340

Le magazine Le Rnovateur disponible en CD-ROM

Les numros du journal Le Rnovateur du mois de janvier 2011 fvrier 2015 sont
disponibles sur CD-ROM au bureau de la Presse lao en langues trangres (service
Vientiane Times), Ban Phonpapao, unit 32, arrondissement de Sisattanak,Vientiane. BP : 5723.
Contact Tel : (856-21) 33 60 42 ; 33 60 48 Fax : (856-21) 33 60 41.
Courriel : editor@vientianetimes.la

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

Classified 25


Persons interested in being partners

in educational business development
investment with insured incomes for
your investment and already expanded
business building and facilities, kindly
contact number 020-91833335 or e-mail:

020 55011515 - 020 22454445


. .
020 91833335

: inthanin_school@yahoo.

way to airport

way to airport

Publicity of Bidding Result

1. Luang Prabang living area Project of Conch Cement, at 9:00 on 16th December, 2015,


Laoland Company is a long established and leading real estate service

agency based in Vientiane. With our experience in serving customers of
all nationalities, and our knowledge of the local property market, we are
confident that we will be able to understand and meet your requirements.
Property inspection visits provided.
We speak English, French, Japanese and Chinese.
For further details, please feel free to contact us
At 020 5551 0155, 2366 6333, 2826 4781, 021 453 919
For Advertisement, Please call Ms Tou 021 453 919, 020 5654 5155
Email: Laoland.realestate@gmail.com
Website: www.laoland.com

In the centre of Vientiane

Fully furnished 1 bedroom, Living
room, Kitchen, Housekeeping,
Laundry, Cable TV and Wi-Fi
Call: 020 55505840, 020 77495533
Email: lao.heritage@gmail.com

Spacious & tastefully decorated
Fully furnished 1 & 2 bedroom
Air-conditioning, Cable TV, Swimming pool,
Garden, Housekeeping, Laundry
MP: 020 55505840, 020 55023782
Email: lao.heritage@gmail.com

RentsBuy Co., Ltd is a leading professional real estate
company offering;house, land, apartment, office,
warehouse, business for rent /for sale and
property valuation throughout Lao PDR.
Dongpainar Rd., Ban Phontan, Saysetta
District,Sisattanak, Vientiane
Office mobile: 021 262319/20, 020 23333347,
www.RentsBuy.com email: rentsbuy@gmail.com


Car rental service

We have many types of cars for rent new

model and old, sedan & 4 wheel such as:


AGL assurances Allianz Group

Short term 1-7days & long 1-12 months
Self drive or with driver
Provide vehicle for Project & Private
Affordable price and best service
Office B. Thonkang, R. sokpalaung 15/279
For English call Mr. Chanh anytime
Tel: 020 55599900. 55593013,
office: 030 9800630
Email: vpscarrental@yahoo.com

Two storied- house (300m) on 1600m
plot to rent. Fully furnished with large
swimming pool (14m x 7m). 3 bed
rooms with air conditioners, 3 WCs and
2 bathrooms. Beautiful garden with trees.
Good Security is provided by 4m high
wall. Very quiet area
Located in Ban Chommany Neua,
Xaysettha,Vientiane (behind Mittaphab
hospital and Super U Shop, 10 minutes
from Talath Sao).
Available from 1 January 2016,
Only 1650 $/month
Tel: 02055 828 150

*Value *Comfort *Service

In the heart of Vientiane
Ideal for business or tourist
43/7 Hengboun Road,Vientiane
Tel: (856 21) 219280-1, Fax: (856 21) 219282
Email: hotellao.vientiane@gmail.com

opening bidding in Xishuangbanna conference room of Luang Prabang, Lao PDR, reviewed
by the bid evaluation committee, evaluation results of bidding as follows:
The best winning candidate: Guangdong NO.3 Hydro Electric Engineering Board (Lao) Co., Ltd
Publicity duration: 29 December, 2015 to 31 December, 2015
Bidding for the above-mentioned parties disagrees with the results, please submit a written
objection to Luang Prabang Conch Cement Co. Ltd during the publicity duration. Objection
Tel: 02054496288.
2. Written objection should include the following details:
1) Objectors name, address and effective contact information;
2) Name of the objector;
3) Basic facts of objections matters;
4) Related requests and claims;
5) Effective clues and relevant certification materials.
Written objection must meet the above requirements and its legal representatives
signature and official seal, moreover the valid identification certificates copies of the legal
representative and mandate person, or will not be received.
3. The objection materials also will not be received under following circumstances:
1) Objection material is not complete;
2) Contains a subjective guess objection matters and other content without sufficient valid
3) Cannot provide a legitimate source to other bidders file details.
The objector shall not oppose in a fake and malicious way in the name of opposition to
interrupt the normal operation of tendering and bidding.
Those providing fake materials and seeking bidding and opposing maliciously in the name
of opposition to interrupt tendering order will be reported to administrative supervision
department and processed accordingly.
If there is no effective opposition during the Publicity Duration, the result of review will
be the evidence of the winning bidder.
Its hereby publicized.
Luang Prabang Conch Cement Co. Ltd
29th December 2015


Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

Whats On
Visit That Luang stupa
This is the most important
stupa in Laos and the
countrys most revered
Buddhist structure. It was
built in 1566 during the reign
of King Xaysetthathirath.
Where: That Luang village,
Xaysettha district, Vientiane
When: Open every day,
8am-12 noon; 1pm-4pm

Electro, hip-hop concert

La Fine
Equipe is
a MarseilloParisian
group of
who use
and synthesisers to deliver funky, soul, jazz and hip-hop 70s
influenced sounds.
When: January 22, 9pm
Where: French Institute, Lane Xang Avenue, Vientiane. Tickets
20,000-50,000 kip

Buddhist New Year ceremony

Devotees are invited
to attend a Buddhist
chanting ceremony to
welcome the New Year.
Where: Thammasapha
Hall, That Luang-neua
temple, Xaysettha
When: December
31-January 1. The
ceremony begins at 5pm and the chanting starts at 8pm on
December 31. Participants can offer takbaat (food offerings)
on the morning of January 1.
For more information, please contact 020 58552518,
28127275 or 29804584

Play casting
Actors wanted for a play titled
Cooperation for development as part
of the Vientiane Performing Arts Festival
2016. Candidates can be male or female,
no age limit, and can apply singly or as
part of a group. Send an outline of the
proposed content of your play. Public
registration open until January 5.
When: January 29-31
Where: National Culture Hall
For more information: facebook/ShadowMagazine, call 021
217 802

Charity Football Match

There will be a Charity Football
Match between the Lao Premier
Leagues Allstars and Thai
champions Buriram United
When: January 31, 6:30pm
Where: National Stadium, Km
16. The match will be televised
on TV Lao channel and 3SD Thai channel.

The Vientiane Times welcomes

notices from members of the public
for announcement on this page. Any
events or functions open
to the general public are suitable
for publishing.
Contact: editor@vientianetimes.la

Hor Pha Keo Museum

This ancient temple
was first built in 1565
during the reign of King
Xaysetthathirath to house
the Emerald Buddha (lost
to the Siamese in 1828)
and was the kings personal
place of worship.
When: Open daily 8am-12
noon; 1pm-4pm.
Where: Setthathirath Road, Chanthabouly district, Vientiane

Trade Fair

13th anniversary of Chao Fa Ngum statue

Everyone is invited to attend events
to mark the 13th anniversary of the
Chao Fa Ngum statue in Chao Fa
Ngum Park, Vientiane. Activities will
include cultural shows and a film,
as well as religious ceremonies
dedicated to the former king along
with an almsgiving ceremony for 57
monks at 7am on January 5.
Where: Chao Fa Ngum Park,
Souphanouvong Road, Sithan-neua
village, Sikhottabong district.
When: January 3-5.

Buddhist ceremony to welcome New Year

Come along to the LaoITECC Trade Fair this

week for some great
shopping opportunities.
Where: Lao-ITECC
When: December 24-31
For more information contact: 020-55658207

Thai film screening

Visit Lao-ITECC to see a
repeat screening of the Thai
film May Who.
Where: Lao-ITECC
When: December 29-31.
For more information
contact: 020 55658207

Lao Furniture Fair

The fair will exhibit the carpentry skills of Lao furniture makers.
When: January 14-19
Where: Lao-ITECC

Actors, actresses wanted

The Kheo Heng (KH)
Company is inviting
good-looking young
people to apply for the
roles of two male leads
and two female leads for
the romantic comedy film
Hong Ham Tao. Female
applicants should be
aged 18-26 and males
should be aged 20-28.
When: Applications
accepted until February 28, 2016
Where: Contact Facebook at Inbox only, www.facebook.com/
or Search in facebook: Jear Pacific

New Year party

New Year Party in the Beerlao
Music Zone featuring DJ
Vientiane Electro, Energykingz,
Taiy PP, and DJ from Italian
Kids, Swindall, Revia
When: December 29-31,
starting at 4pm
Where: National Culture Hall
parking lot, Vientiane

Mini Vientianale Short Film Competition

Vientianale International Film Festival is hosting a short film
competition. The competition is open to anyone currently
living in Laos, regardless of nationality and level of filmmaking
When: All films will be screened on the last day of the Mini
Vientianale Film Festival in February 2016.
Deadline: January 15, 2016
Contact: Email: festival@vientianale.org
Call: 020 95353595 (Lao), 020 58891465 (Lao/English)

Devotees are invited to attend a Buddhist chanting ceremony

to welcome the New Year.
When: December 31, starting at 6pm
Where: Nakhoun-noy temple, Naxaithong district, Vientiane

Free Polio Immunisation

The Expanded Programme of Immunisation under the Ministry
of Health will provide free polio vaccinations for some 2.4
million children aged 15 and under.
When: December 21-31
Where: Hospitals and healthcare centres nationwide. For more
information, please call 021 312352

Free concerts at Savan Vegas

A series of concerts to mark Christmas and the New Year will take
place in Savannakhet province.
When: December 26 January 3
Where: Savan Vegas, Savannakhet province. For more information
please contact 020 22300141, 020 22301015, 020 22300388

Toyota Painting Contest

The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2016 is open to children, with the
theme Toyota in My Dream
The painting contest is divided into three age groups: Under 8; Ages
8-11; and Ages 12-15.
When: Submit your painting anytime from December 16 February
15, 2016
Where: For details, contact Toyota company offices nationwide
on: 021 453801-2, 041 260882-4, 071 214111, 031 251400 or any
Education and Sports Department.

Warm for Winter appeal

The Lao Red Cross asks everyone to help people living in northern
Laos keep warm this winter. Please donate clean blankets, warm
clothing, towels, shoes, gloves and socks to our Warm for Winter
Appeal 2015.
Where: Lao Red Cross
When: Normal working hours
For more information: 021 253 014, Facebook/LaoRedCrossSociety
Thank you so much for your generosity!

Free Rescue Services

Three free rescue teams are available on 24 hour standby in
Vientiane :
1. Lao Red Cross is providing free emergency assistance,
including at road accidents, for members of the public
who need help. For more information call: 020 59966111
Where: Xiengyeun village, Chanthabouly district,
2. People who need help after a road accident or in any
other situation where there is danger can contact the
Rescue Hotline Number of the Foundation for Assisting the
Poor People of Laos, Tel: 1623
Where: The Rescue Centre is located at Nonghay
village, Hadxaifong district, in front of Nonghay temple,
on Kamphaengmeuang Road.
3. People who need help after a road accident or other
urgent assistance, please call the rescue hotline number
of the Association of Voluntary Rescue of Vientiane Tel:
Where: The Association of Voluntary Rescue of Vientiane
is located in Nongsangthor village, Xaysettha district.

Vientiane Times

Thursday December 31, 2015

Richard Gasquet withdraws

from Australian Open

Sports 27

Leicester, Man City draw 0-0;

Arsenal top going into 2016

Richard Gasquet
(foreground) hits
a forehand as
teammate Edouard
both of France,
looks on during
the mens doubles
match against the
Indian Aces Rafael
Nadal of Spain
and Ivan Dodig
of Croatia in the
2015 International
Premier Tennis
League on
--Photo AP

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) -- World No.

9 Richard Gasquet has withdrawn from the
Australian Open because of a back injury.
Tournament organisers tweeted news of
Gasquets withdrawal late Tuesday, adding we
wish him a speedy recovery.
Frances Gasquet is the third withdrawal
from the Grand Slam tournament which starts on
Jan. 18 at Melbourne Park, after Juan Monaco

and Thanasi Kokkinakis. Britains Kyle Edmund

will take his place in the main draw.
Gasquet aggravated the injury while playing Leicesters Jamie Vardy (centre) has a shot at goal flanked by Manchester Citys Eliaquim Mangala (left)
in exhibitions this month, and he has also and Manchester Citys Joe Hart during the English Premier League soccer match between Leicester City
--Photo AP
withdrawn from the Qatar Open, due to start and Manchester City at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, England on Tuesday.
on Monday.
He is a previous Wimbledon semifinalist and LEICESTER, England (AP) the home sides best chance by on Saturday, Leicesters title
US Open quarterfinalist, and his best Australian -- Leicester relinquished first blazing over when clear on goal. credentials were questioned by
place in the English Premier
City finally managed to keep some, especially as it was battling
Open result was the fourth round, four times.
League heading into 2016 after a clean sheet without injured relegation all of last season. But
drawing 0-0 with Manchester captain Vincent Kompany (calf) Claudio Ranieris side silenced
City in an entertaining stalemate who was ruled out for up to their doubters with another
on Tuesday.
four weeks by manager Manuel superb performance, holding
Arsenal leads Leicester Pellegrini after the game but its own against many pundits
MADRID (Xinhua) -- Real coach was bullish when asked to magnified. I know how things the surprise team of the season hasnt won away in its last six favourite for the championship.
This league is very crazy .
Madrid coach Rafael Benitez his future.
are and there are solutions. We on goal difference, with attempts.
I dont think in December nobody wants to win the league.
on Tuesday accused the press
There is a campaign against have to concentrate on our job third-place City three points
of carrying out an organised Florentino (Perez), against ... In order to do something in behind after half of the league that youre going to win the Its very strange, Ranieri said.
title, Pellegrini said. At the Were the basement and the
campaign against himself and myself and against the team. You the league we have to be stable campaign.
Raheem Sterling was a end of January and the first week other teams are a villa with a
club President, Florentino Perez. can see all of the machinery, he and calm, not nervous. The team
The coach was speaking said, before admitting that we is quite a lot better than people danger in the first half for City of February, maybe we can see swimming pool. Its not easy
ahead of Wednesdays home all have to put a bit in, starting think and that has to be reflected at King Power Stadium, forcing more who are finally the teams for us but we want to fight with
game against Real Sociedad, with me.
in our games, continued the Leicester goalkeeper Kasper which will be involved in the everybody.
Schmeichel into three saves, fight.
Its a miracle what were
which according to the Spanish
Benitez insisted that during coach.
After a loss at Liverpool doing.
press his side needs to win in his recent holidays in England,
Elsewhere Barcelona boss, while striker Jamie Vardy wasted
order for him to keep his job.
the British press are not Luis Enrique spoke ahead of
The match comes after a reflecting what is said in Spain.. his sides match against Betis,
week in which speculation has I am just thinking about beating saying that his club could make
increased that Benitez is on Real Sociedad, commented the more signings in January to add
the verge of the sack whatever coach.
to Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal.
happens with Jose Mourinho
We know that we are at You can always improve your
lined up to replace him, but the a club where everything is squad, he commented.
-- Severin Freund became the
first German winner on the ski
jumping Four Hills Tour in 13
years when his big jump in
the second heat gave him the
opening leg on Tuesday.
Lagging fifth after the first
heat, Freund soared 137.5 metres
in his second effort.
Freund had a jump of
126 meters in the first heat
shot (centre)
but mastered difficult wind
is blocked
conditions in the second to win
by Colognes
ahead of Michael Hayboeck of
It was a very good second Germanys Severin Freund soars through the air during a trial jump
(right) during
the German
jump. The wind conditions were at the first stage of the 64th four hills ski jumping tournament in
--Photo AP
changing constantly, Freund Oberstdorf, Germany on Tuesday.
soccer match
between 1.FC
World Cup circuit. But this is Four Hills winner, Stefan Kraft points total of 307.2. Hayboeck
Cologne and
just the beginning.
had 304.2.
of Austria, was seventh.
Overall World Cup leader
Prevc led after the first heat
Hayboeck, who was runnerin Cologne,
Peter Prevcs run of three up in the competition last season, with a jump of 129.5 meters
Germany on
consecutive wins ended as the had the longest jump of the day but had to settle for the thirdSaturday.
Slovenian finished third.
at 139 meters in the second heat, best points total of 299.9 after
--Photo AP
Anders Fannemel of Norway after an effort of 130 in the first. an effort of 130 meters in the
was fourth, ahead of the 43-yearBut the lengths were not second.
old Japanese jumper Noriaki decisive, as wind conditions and
The second leg of the tour
Kasai. Kenneth Gangnes of
BERLIN (Xinhua) -- The 23-year-old midfielder
The former Dortmund player spent the last Norway was sixth, and last years style were also factored in, and is on Friday in GarmischFreund finished with a higher Partenkirchen.
Jonas Hofmann has joined the Foals from season on loan at Mainz where he scored three
league rivals Dortmund and agreed on a contract goals in ten matches. After returning to Dortmund
until 2020, both Bundesliga sides announced on for the current season, Hofmann provided one
goal and two assists in seven starts. He marked
Monchengladbach reacted to their injury overall six goals in 48 Bundesliga appearances.
crisis and reinforced their squad with the signing
I had a good time at Dortmund but now RIO DE JANEIRO (Xinhua) -- Construction work at Rio de Janeiros Barra Olympic Park, the main venue
of attacking midfielder Jonas Hofmann, who I am looking forward to the new challenge. I cluster for next years Olympic Games, has reached 95 percent completion, organisers said on Tuesday.
penned a deal until June 2020.
am happy to play for such a great club. I will
The complex will comprise nine venues that will host 16 Olympic and nine Paralympic events, in
Jonas Hofmann will help to compensate give everything to help the team and the club, addition to the main press centre and international broadcast center.
our injury crisis on the winger position. His Monchengladbachs new arrival Jonas Hofmann
Meanwhile the Olympic and Paralympic Village, which will host nearly 14,000 athletes next year,
commitment is besides that a long-term said.
is 97 percent ready according to Rio2016.com.
improvement for our squad. Jonas has already
The Foals sit currently on the 4th place
The Olympic Hockey Centre is 99 percent complete and the Youth Arena (for basketball, modern
shown in Mainz and Dortmund that he is a of the Bundesliga standings and kick-off their pentathlon and wheelchair fencing) 75 percent finished. Work on the golf course and three X-Park
talented Bundesliga player. Monchengladbachs second half of the season against runner-up facilities has already been completed. The least advanced venues are the Youth Arena, which will host
sporting director Max Eberl said.
Dortmund on January 23.
basketball and fencing (75 percent) and the velodrome (76 percent).

Benitez: there is a campaign against us

Germanys Severin Freund

wins first leg of 4 Hills Tour

Monchengladbach sign
Dortmunds Jonas Hofmann

Rio Olympic Park hits 95 percent completion

December 31, 2015

Vientiane Times


Sanasomboun successfully
hosts Champassak
provincial games

Sangkhomsay Bubphanouvong

hampassak provinces
Sanasomboun district is
ready to pass the baton to
Soukhouma district for the
ninth provincial games in 2017 after
the former successfully hosted the
eighth games.
The biennial games from December
15 to 25 featured 1,800 athletes from
10 districts, as well as provincial Army
and Police.
Athletes comprising secondary
school and college students and from
many sectors in Champassak province
competed in football, volleyball,
sepak takraw, muaylao, boxing,
maklae, table tennis, basketball,
petanque, boat racing, chess, stilt
walking, and track and field events.

Provincial authorities expressed

their satisfaction with the success of
the games.
We realised our goal for a
friendly games between athletes of
each district while promoting the antidrug message and developing their
skills, Champassak Education and
Sports Departments Deputy Head Mr
Phayvone Phabounmy said.
Results of the eighth games: hosts
Sanasomboun district finished in
third place with 10 gold, 13 silver
and 21 bronze medals; second was
Mounlapamok district with 11 gold,
14 silver and 10 bronze medals while
in first place was Pakxong district with
14 gold, 10 silver and 23 bronze medals.
Mr Phayvone said following
the games, Champassak Provincial
University would prepare athletes for

The closing ceremony of the Champassak provincial games in Sanasomboun district on Friday.

the Lao National University Games in Vientiane in March to compete in football, futsal, badminton, table tennis, petanque,
taekwondo, volleyball, beach volleyball, and track and field events.
Champassak province is also keen to develop its best young talent for the National Student Games in Borikhamxay
province and the 11th National Games in Xieng Khuang province, both in 2017.
Champassak province also hosted the eighth National Games in 2008. The province finished in sixth place with 21 gold,
30 silver and 45 bronze medals at the 10th National Games in Oudomxay province last December.

Lao Toyota to contract Japanese

footballers for league 2016

Lao Toyota FCs Kazuo Homma in action against Police FC at the National University of Laos stadium.
(File photo)


Before kicking off Lao Premier

League 2016 in Vientiane, 2015
league champions Lao Toyota FC
plan to re-sign two professional
footballers from Japan to bolster
their playing stocks for next year.
However Lao Toyota cant
expect to have it all their own way
in 2016, with many other FCs
also on the lookout for skillful
football players to strengthen
their squads, including both local
talent and also overseas imports.
For Lao Toyota, they will
retain the top scorer of Lao
Premier League 2015, Kazuo
Homma while midfielder Renshi
Yamagushi has also agreed to
continue his contract with the
club next year.
In regional competition, Lao
Toyota FC can expect to face
even stronger opponents at the
AFC Cup 2016 next year after it
was unsuccessful in the Toyota
Mekong Club Championship
2015 tournament this year.
Lao Toyota FC is drawn in
Group H, which comprises Johor
Darul TA ZIM (Malaysia), JSW
Bengaluru FC (Indonesia) and
Ayeyawady United (Myanmar).

The AFC Cup 2016s system is in

the first leg and second leg.
This is the first time for Lao
Toyota FC to take part in the AFC
Cup. If Lao Toyota FC is not fit
enough, the club will be unable
to pass the first round of the AFC
Cup as was the case in the Toyota
Mekong Club Championship
2015 tournament.
Lao Toyota FC has never
faced opponents from Malaysia
and Indonesia in the past.
However Toyota FC lost to
Yangon United FC (Myanmar)
2-5 in the Toyota Mekong Club
Championship 2015 at Yangon
Uniteds stadium earlier this year.
In the first leg: Lao Toyota
FC will face JSW Bengaluru
FC (Indonesia) in Vientiane on
February 24, 2016.
On March 9 Lao Toyota FC
will travel to face Ayeyawady
United (Myanmar) at its home
venue in Yangon and Toyota FC
will travel to see Johor Darul TA
ZIM (Malaysia) at their home
ground on March 16.
In the second leg: On April
13 Lao Toyota FC will face Johor
Darul TA ZIM in Vientiane. On
April 27 Lao Toyota FC will
travel to face JSW Bengaluru
FC in Indonesia. On May 11 Lao

Toyota FC will face Ayeyawady

United in Vientiane.
Toyota, as the sponsors of
local club Lao Toyota, were also
pleased to announce the results
of this years regional Toyota
Mekong Club Championship
(TMCC) 2015 tournament on
December 25.
On the occasion, Buriram
United received the championship
trophy from Kyoichi Tanada,
President of Toyota Motor Asia
Pacific and President of Toyota
Motor Thailand.
After an exciting match at the
Suphachalasai National Stadium
in Bangkok, Buriram United
won by a margin of 1-0 against
Boeung Ket Angkor FC in the
final on December 20.
We knew the Cambodian
side would be dangerous on the
counter, and I had told my players
there are no easy games at this
level. But Im happy we were
strong enough to win this latest
trophy, said Alexandre Torreira
Da Gama Lima, Head Coach
for Buriram United. TMCC is
a football tournament amongst
Mekong countries initiated by
Toyota in 2014 under the Toyota
Mekong Football Project. It is
now in its second year.

Horford leads Hawks to

121-115 win over the Rockets
HOUSTON (AP) -- Al Horford
had 30 points and 14 rebounds
to lead the Atlanta Hawks to
a 121-115 victory over the
Houston Rockets on Tuesday
Atlanta trailed by 19 early
in the game before rallying for
the victory. Kent Bazemore
added 26 points and Paul
Millsap and Jeff Teague both
had 22 as the Hawks won
for the seventh time in eight
Dwight Howard led
Houston with 30 points and 16
rebounds, while James Harden
had 26 points, 10 rebounds and
eight assists.
Atlanta took a lead late
in the fourth quarter and
employed the hack-a strategy,
intentionally fouling Howard
and Clint Capela repeatedly.
The strategy was largely
successful until Howard made
a free throw to take the lead
with just over two minutes
Atlanta then scored the
final nine points of the game
to steal the road victory.
Oklahoma Citys Russell
Westbrook scored 27 points and
Kevin Durant added 26 to lead
the Thunder to a 131-123 win
over the Milwaukee Bucks.
Enes Kanter added 23
points while rookie Cameron
Payne had a career-high 16 for
the Thunder.
Westbrook and Durant
both scored more than 20
points for the 25th time this
season as Oklahoma City
overcame an early eight-point
deficit to win for the 11th time
in its last 14 games.
Khris Middleton scored a
career-best 36 points to lead
In New York, Carmelo
Anthony scored 24 points and
Derrick Williams added 18
to lead six Knicks in double
figures and end a four-game
losing streak with a 108-96

Houston Rockets Dwight Howard (left) has his shot blocked by

Atlanta Hawks Paul Millsap during the second half of an NBA
basketball game on Tuesday.
--Photo AP

win over the Detroit Pistons.

Jose Calderon added 15
points, Kyle OQuinn had 12,
Robin Lopez scored 11, and
Kristaps Porzingis finished
with 10.
Ersan Ilyasova led the
Pistons with 19 points. Marcus
Morris and Reggie Jackson
each had 17.
Williams scored 16 of his
points in the final quarter,
hitting 5-of-6 shots from the
The Memphis Grizzlies
beat the Miami Heat 99-90
after Marc Gasol scored seven
of his 23 points in overtime.
Zach Randolph added 17
points for Memphis. Mike
Conley and Jeff Green had 16

apiece, and Mario Chalmers

scored 12 points. Gasol would
add eight rebounds, six assists
and four blocks, including a
pair of rejections in the closing
In Denver, LeBron James
scored 34 points on the eve
of his 31st birthday and Iman
Shumpert added a season-high
16 as the Cavaliers beat the
Nuggets 93-87.
Kevin Love had eight
points and 14 rebounds to
help Cleveland finish off a
four-game West Coast swing
with a 2-2 mark. The Cavaliers
rested Kyrie Irving on the
second night of a back-to-back
as he works his way back from
a fractured left kneecap.