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The CMVG Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Campus Ministry Volunteer Group, profess our passion for
participating in the work of a Ministry that proclaims Christ to the University of the
Philippines. In light of our specialized Ministry in and to the University of the Philippines and
the Catholic Students Community, we commit ourselves:
Section 1. To the People We Serve
We serve students, faculty, staff and administrators that have come to the University to search and
learn. Although called to serve the Catholic community, we will not restrict our ministry to persons
of a particular age, gender, race, creed, physical ability or sexual orientation. Our first concern is for
the well-being of those we serve as they join with us in the mission of the Church. As leaders within
the faith community, we seek no unfair advantage that our position may give to us. We adhere to
appropriate interpersonal boundaries in relating with those we serve.

Section 2. To Gospel and Pastoral Values

We look to Scripture, the rich heritage of the Roman Catholic Church, and the movement of the
Spirit of God throughout the entire human story to promote the value and dignity of the person and
the unfolding of the reign of God in human history. We commit ourselves to providing a safe and
healthy environment in which to conduct our ministry. This environment would be free of any form
of harassment or deliberate disobedience to University policies.
Section 3. To Discipleship and Service within our Church
We promise our community of faith an active discipleship in the Spirit and Mission of Jesus. We will
relate with others in ways that respect their dignity as persons and their freedom of conscience
without compromising our own beliefs. We recognize the privileged relationship we have with the
people we serve and promise them acceptance and confidentiality. We will give our community of
faith dedicated service. We will work hard, given a reasonable job description and work schedule.

Section 4. To Personal Faithfulness, Integrity and Well-Being

We will actively pursue our own faith development and enrichment. We will seek not only personal
integrity but also an integration of our faith, our ministry and our lifestyle. We will care for our own
health and personal well-being less our own needs interrupt or undermine our ministry.
Section 5. To the University of the Philippines and the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice
We embrace the goals and purposes of UP and seek to enrich the local community of faith, and the
universal church, with its fruits.

Section 6. To Broader Social Concerns

We recognize the University as a privileged place for public debate on the many social concerns
facing our society today. We promise our community of faith that we will speak the Gospel values
within this forum and collaborate with others in the pursuit of peace and justice in the world.

Section 7. To the Standards of Our Profession

We strive for holiness, wholeness and excellence in our ministry. Our standards give us a starting
point from which we can grow as professionals in service to the Church, the CSC, and the University.