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Unit I

Java Programming
Part A
1 Define Java.[CO1-L1]
2. What is a Class? [CO1-L1]
3. What is an Object? [CO1-L1]
4. What are different types of access modifiers (Access specifiers)? [CO1-L1]
5. What is method overloading and method overriding? [CO1-L1]
6. Define String Constructors. [CO1-L1]
7. List the access specifier used in JAVA? [CO1-L1]
8. What is the difference between Array and vector? [CO1-L2]
9. What is a package? [CO1-L1]
10. What is meant by Inheritance? [CO1-L1]
11. What is an Abstract Class? [CO1-L1]
12. What are inner class and anonymous class? [CO1-L1]
13. Define interface and write the syntax of the Interface. [CO1-L1]
14. What is the difference between abstract class and interface? [CO1-L2]
15. What is an exception? [CO1-L1]
16. What is meant by JAVA package? [CO1-L1-Nov/Dec 2014]
17. What are the types of Exceptions in Java? [CO1-L1]
18. What are the different ways to handle exceptions? [CO1-L1]
19. How to create custom exceptions? [CO1-L2]
20. Write the properties of Threads. [CO1-L1-Nov/Dec 2014]
21. What is multi-threaded programming? [CO1-L1-Nov/Dec 2014]
22. Write the life cycle of thread. [CO1-L1]
23. What is daemon thread and which method is used to create the daemon
thread? [CO1-L2]
24. What is the purpose of toString() method in java ? [CO1-L1]
25. Define Applet. [CO1-L1]
1.Describe the concepts of OOP. [CO1-L1]
2.What is meant by package? How it is created and implemented in JAVA. [CO1L2]3.What is meant by interface? How it is declared and implemented in
JAVA.Give example. [CO1-L2]
4.Explain in details the concepts of applets. [CO1-L2]
5.Describe Exception handling in java? [CO1-L2-Nov/Dec 2015]
6.Discuss the concept of synchronization in thread and develop a JAVA code for
reader/writer problem. [CO1-L2]

7.Describe the concept of I/O with example. [CO1-L1]

8.Explain the detail about string handling. [CO1-L2]
9.What is meant by constructors? Describe the type of constructors supported by
java with example. [CO1-L2]
10.Define inheritances. Explain in details types of inheritances supported by
JAVA with example program. [CO1-L2]
11.Explain in details stream classes with suitable example. [CO1-L2]
12. Write a Java program to draw
smiley using applet. [CO1-L2-Nov/Dec 2015]
13. Compare Overloading and Overriding. [CO1-H1-Nov/Dec 2015]

1. What is web 2.0?[CO2-L1]
2. Define RIA. [CO2-L1]
3. Define collaboration. [CO2-L1]
4. List the Collaborations tools. [CO2-L1]
5. What are the collaborative processes. [CO2-L1]
6. Define Web services. [CO2-L1]
7. Write short notes on Software as service(Soas). [CO2-L1]
8. Write short notes on Social networking. [CO2-L1]
9. Define Website. [CO2-L1]
10. Differences between web sites and web server. [CO2-L2]
11. Define internet. [CO2-L1]
12. Define intranet. [CO2-L1]
13. Differentiate between internet and intranet. [CO2-L2]
14. Define HTML. [CO2-L1]
15. Explain about HTTP Connection. [CO2-L2]
16. Define cascading. [CO2-L1]
17. State the use of web server logs and list the contents of a message log. [CO2L1-APRIL/MAY 2011]
18. How will you create a password field in a HTML form?[CO2-L2-NOV/DEC 2011]
19. List any four common browsers. [CO2-L1-NOV/DEC 2011]
20. State the uses of internet protocol. [CO2-L1] (April/May 2012)
21. Define Tags. What are the two different types of tags? [CO2-L1]
22. What are the rules to define a tag? [CO2-L1]
23. What is the use of <pre> tag in HTML? [CO2-L1]
24. What is cellpadding and cell spacing attributes? [CO2-L1]
25. What are style sheets? [CO2-L1]
26. What is selector string? Specify any three forms of selectors. [CO2-L1]
27. What are the various style sheets? [CO2-L1]
28. Give example for inline style sheet. [CO2-L1-April/May 2013]
29. How will you embed the external style sheet? [CO2-L2- April/May 2014]
1.Elaborate with the example usage of CSS in html. [CO2-L2]
2.Discuss on i) web server ii) xhtml[CO2-L2]
3.Discuss about the client/server strategies in internet. [CO2-L2]
4.List and explain in detail about various selector strings. [CO2-L2]

CSS Selectors
5. Explain WWW and HTTP Protocol. [CO2-L2]
6. Discuss the structure of the HTTP request message. [CO2-L2-Nov/Dec 2012)
7. Explain HTML elements in detail also State the types of lists supported by
HTML and explain them in detail. [CO2-L2-April/May 2011]
8. Discuss the various features available in HTML to format the text with example.
9. Explain how tables can be inserted into HTML document with example. [CO2L2]
10. Explain about the XHTML DTD with an Example. [CO2-L2]
11. Explain the significance of XHTML with the help of a real time application. 12.
12.Write necessary code snippets[CO2-L2-May/June 2014)
13. Building Advanced Web 2.0 Applications. [CO2-H3]

Part A
1. What is JavaScript?[CO3-L1]
2. What are the primitive data types in javascript? [CO3-L1]
3. What are the Escape Codes Supported in JavaScript? [CO3-L1]
4. What is JavaScript name spacing? How and where is it used? [CO3-L2]
5. How many looping structures can you find in javascript? [CO3-L2]
6. Mention the various Java Script Object Models. [CO3-L2]
7. How Scripting Language Is Differs from HTML? [CO3-L2]
8. What are the different types of objects in JavaScript? [CO3-L1]
9. Justify JavaScript is an event-driven programming [CO3-L1]
10. What is the use of pop up boxes in java script? [CO3-L1]
11. What is DOM? [CO3-L1]
12. Enlist any four mouse events. [CO3-L1]
13. List ad various level of document object modeling. [CO3-L1]
14. What are they validation properties and methods? [CO3-L1]
15. Define event bubbling. [CO3-L1]
16. How to create arrays in Javascript? [CO3-L2]
17. Write a simple program in JavaScript to validate the email-id. [CO3-L2]
18. Write short notes on JDBC.[CO6-L1]
19. Write short notes on JDBC drivers. [CO6-L1]
20. What are the advantages of servlet over CGI? [CO6-L2]
21. Write down the methods of servlet interface[CO6-L1]
22. What is the difference between CGI and servlets? [CO6-L2]
23. Define Servlet Life Cycle? [CO6-L1]
24. What is JSP? [CO6-L1]
25. What are advantages of using JSP? [CO6-L1]
26. Explain lifecycle of a JSP. [CO6-L2]
Part B
1.Using HTML and Java script, design a scientific calculator.[CO3-H3]
2.Develop the code for converting currencies to US dollar using Java Servlet.
3.How to write function using Java Script? Give Example. [CO3-L2]
4. Explain sub classes and super classes in Javascript. [CO3-L2]

5. Discuss about Javascript debugging. Explain how local and global functions
can be written using java script[CO3-L2-May/June 2012]
6. Explain the way in which java script handles arrays with example. [CO3-L2May/June 2012]
7. Develop a Java script to find the factorial of the given number. [CO3-H3]
8. Design a servlet program which displays the different content each time the
user visits the page. [CO6-H3]
9. Develop a Java script program to create Popup box, alert and confirm box.
10. Implement a Java script program to print the numbers from 0 to 50. [CO3-H3]
11. Design a Java script program to create user registration form. [CO3-H3]
12. Implement a script to demonstrate the use of Date object. [CO3-H3]
13.Explain JavaScript & document object model (DOM ) with example. [CO3-L2]
14. Explain in details the JDBC CONNECTIVITY with example program.[CO6-L2]
15. Implement the JDBC database access in detail. Write a java servlet to conduct
online examination. [CO6-H3-April/May 2013]

Unit IV
Part A
1. What is PHP? [CO5-L1]
2. List the data types used in PHP. [CO5-L1]
3. How type conversion is done in PHP? [CO5-L2]
4. Write the uses of text manipulation with regular expression in PHP. [CO5-L2]
5. List the important characteristics of PHP. [CO5-L1]
6. How to Include PHP in a Web Page? [CO5-L2]
7. Write a simple PHP Script. [CO5-L1]
8. How do you include comments in PHP? [CO5-L2]
9. What are variables in PHP? [CO5-L1]
10. How do you declare a variable using PHP data types? [CO5-L2]
11. How do you declare and initialize an array in PHP? [CO5-L2]
12. What are associative arrays in PHP? [CO5-L1]
13. What is the scope of variables in PHP? [CO5-L1]
14. List some built in functions in PHP. [CO5-L1]
15. List the PHP standard Flow-controls statements.[CO5-L1]
16. $a=3; [CO5-L3]
17. List the functions to create a pattern. [CO5-L1]
18. Write a PHP script to set the background colour to blue on Tuesday in a given
date. [CO5-L2]
19. What is cookie? Give example in PHP[CO5-L2]
20. What is XML ? [CO5-L1]
21. Define XML attributes. [CO5-L1]
22. Write the main difference between XML and HTML. [CO5-L2]
23. What is meant by a XML namespace? [CO5-L1-April/May 2011]
24. What is XML namespace? [CO5-L1-Nov/Dec 2012]
25. What is the purpose of namespace? [CO5-L2-May/June 2014]
26. Compare DOM and SAX in XML processing. [CO5-H1-May/June 2013]
27. What are complex types? [CO5-L1]
28. What are all the Transformation techniques? [CO5-L1]
29. What is XSLT? [CO5-L1]
30. Define the term DTD. [CO5-L1]
31. List two types of DTD declaration[CO5-L1]
32. How to declare DTD attributes? [CO5-L2]
33. What is XML schema? [CO5-L1]

34. What is the purpose of XML schema? [CO5-L1-April/May 2013]

35. What are the disadvantages of schema? [CO5-L1]
36. Explain DTD for XML Schemas. [CO5-L2]
37. Write about DOM. [CO5-L1]
38. What is SAX? [CO5-L1]
39. What are the levels of DOM? [CO5-L1]
40. Compare CSS and XSL. [CO5-H1]

Part B
1.Develop a PHP program to do strings manipulations.[CO5-H3]
2. List and explain the XML syntax rules in detail. Explain how a XML document
can be displayed on a browser. [CO5-L2-April/May 2011]
3. Explain the role of XML namespaces with examples. [CO5-L2-May/June 2012]
4. Given an XSLT document and a source XML document explain the XSLT
transformation process that produces a single result XML document.[CO5-L2Nov/Dec 2012)
5. Write short notes on Event-oriented parsing. [CO5-L2-May/June 2014]
6. Explain the following: i) XML namespace ii) XML style sheet. iii) XML attributes
iv) XML Schema[CO5-L2]
7. Explain XSL with suitable exemple. [CO5-L2]
8. Develop a program using PHP that creates the web application for result
publication. [CO5-H3]
9. Design simple calculator using PHP. [CO5-H3]
10.Design application to send a email using PHP. [CO5-H3]
11. Develop the data base connections in PHP with suitable example. [CO5-H3]
12. Implement the PHP code for querying a database with suitable examples.
13. With example explain about XSL and XSLT transformation[CO5-L2]
14. Write a PHP program for string manipulation. [CO5-L2]

Part A
1. What is Ajax?[CO4-L1]
2. What technologies are being used in AJAX? [CO4-L2]
3. Explain the limitations of AJAX. [CO4-L2]
4. Describe AJAX Control Extender Toolkit. [CO4-L2]
5. What is the syntax to create AJAX objects? [CO4-L1]
6. How can you find out that an AJAX request has been completed? [CO4-L2]
7. What are the different ways to pass parameters to the server? [CO4-L2]
8. What are the extender controls? [CO4-L1]
9. List out the advantages of AJAX. [CO4-L1-Aril/May 2014)
10. Define Web service? [CO4-L1-Nov/Dec 2011)
11. What are the different applications that could use web services? [CO4-L2]
12. What are the features of web service? [CO4-L1]
13. What are the rules to be followed in designing the web service? [CO4-L1]
14. What is meant by WSDL? [CO4-L1-April/May 2011]
15. Why do you want to describe a web service? [CO4-L2-May/June 2014]
16. What are the four transmission types of WSDL? [CO4-L1]
17. State the significance of a WSDL document. [CO4-L2-Nov/Dec 2012]
18. What is UDDI? [CO4-L1-Nov/Dec 2011]
19. What are the benefits of UDDI? [CO4-L1]
20. What are the core elements of UDDI? [CO4-L1]
21. List some examples of web services. [CO4-L1-April/May 2012]
22. List out some web service technologies? [CO4-L1]
23. What is SOAP? [CO4-L1]
24. Define SOAP structure. [CO4-L1]
25. Define the need for SOAP. [CO4-L1-April/May 2013)
26. What is JWSDP? [CO4-L1]
27. What are the specifications of web service architecture? [CO4-L1]

1. Explain about the object that helps AJAX reload parts of a web page without
reloading the whole page. [CO4-L2- May/June 2014]
2. Explain technologies are being used in AJAX? [CO4-L2]
3. Explain the concept of JSON concept with example. [CO4-L2]
4. Explain about Ajax Client Server Architecture. [CO4-L2]
5. Develop a web application for Airline Reservation System using AJAX. [CO4H3]
6. With a simple example illustrate the steps to create a java web service. [CO4H3-Nov/Dec 2012)
7. Show the relationship between SOAP, UDDI, WSIL and WSDL[CO4-H1]
8. Explain the creation of a java web service Client in detail with examples. [CO4L2-May/June 2012)