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My Global Study Program Experience to Normandy

France a standout amongst the most charming goals on the planet, known for its
express grand magnificence was the place where I inspired chance to visit as a piece of
global study program. On 4th September, 2016, my jouney to Normandy began with high
trusts, desire, energizing nerves and perfect points. The global exposer program aims at
considering the market moves of universal business from various culture and nations.
The platform was in a manner that there was a senior faculty

to the batch of 45

understudies. Mr. Gurpreet Bhatia , Faculty in financial matters IILM, was the pioneer for
the france cluster. He shared his own and his expert beneficial encounters with students
in regards to the way of life of French people group. After the presentation students
loaded onto their flight towards Paris (France) After 12 hours of associating flying the
flight arrived in Paris, where faculties from E M Normandy came to welcome the students.
Mrs. Severiene , HOD Foreign dialect and her colleague teacher Ms. Briggate presented
themselves for the benefit of the college and our worldwide program facilitator in
Following five hours drive from Paris airplane terminal to caen , all the students were
taken to the inn allocated close to the college. Classes began on 6 th September 2016 with
the presentation of the college and the courses. The courses included doing business in
france, business start up, supply chain management, business project and business
In the primary week students were given presentation about the standards and standards
of the school and guidelines and directions which we should follow in the Appart city,
Caen our residential area and we were likewise given the school personality card and
Caen tramp travel card and on the principal day all the legitimate customs were finished.
After that a presentation of the module business ventures is given by educator Alain De
Lamaziere and few tips were also given on the best ways to make ventures . After that
another module called Supply Chain Management was additionally presented by
educator Roger Soluiex and we had regular classes for two-three days of Supply chain
management and doing business in france which was our third module and was taken by
Professor Marie-Piere Sechnez. E M Normandy additionally sorted out a mechanical visit
to Le Havre port in Caen itself for the module Supply Chain Management where we were
informed about the boats, Cruise and how compartments are laoded into Cruise . We
went to the entire port through the transport and after that we went to Etreat shoreline,
this is trip which is likewise composed by the college and in the primary week a group
building action was additionally sorted out by the montage for the students.
In the second week we had a presentation of the module business projects in which we
needed to demonstrate our advance on the projects to the teacher. We likewise had a trip
to festyland in Caen itself where we are given a few assignments which we need to
perform in a group. The group were made in such a way that every group contained two
students from each of the three campuses. We additionally had one journey to Omaha
shoreline which was likewise situated in Caen , this outing was additionally held in the
second week , in this outing students were taken to the burial ground and a gallery which
contained the belongings of the French officers. In the second week, the students were

additionally taken to Paris by the college. In Paris the understudies went to Effiel Tower,
Montparsenne and a 30 mintues travel through cruise in the Caen waterway which was
likewise sorted out by the school. It was a fun day for me and every one of the student
and in addition faculty appreciated that day. Students likewise went by the caramel
manufacturing plant (caramel dsingy) an industrial visit composed by the college.
In the third week another module business start up was introduced which was instructed
to the students by the Swedish educator Max Mikael Bjorling. Students delighted in the
12 hours classes of the module business start up. In the third week one more trip was
likewise held to the close-by gallery in Caen Normandy. Normandy has a background
marked by second world war which was likewise acclaimed by the name D-Day . The
exhibition hall contains all the substance of that d-day and students were given a
mouthpiece to listen all the historical backdrop of gallery and also the historical backdrop
of the Normandy. The third week closes with a last presentation of the business projects
in which understudies need to show the final advance reports of their projects to the
teacher. The fourth week started with an outing to Mount Saint micheal. Its a 2 hours
drive from Caen Normandy and it was an exceptionally excellent place situated at the
focal point of the sea. There was a congregation at the highest point of that mount and
we need to go to that congregation by climbing the stairs and it was exceptionally
wonderful place. In the fourth week we likewise had an industrial visit to Billys ranch
where students were given the information of the juices and wine. Students


taste the wine. The fourth week closes with summarizing every one of the modules , a
few modules had a final presentation and some had final MCQ exams. Every one of the
student effectively finished every one of the modules. On 30 th we were exchanged back
to the air terminal for returning to the nation of origin. And 1 st October, morning 4 am we
were back to our nation with a bunch full of memories.