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Complete the dialogues with some or any

(1) some, (2) some, (3) some, (4) any, (5) any, (6) some, (7) some, (8)
some, (9) any, (10) any, (11) some, (12) any, (13) any, (14) some.
C. Write questions and answers using the prompts given
1. A: What would you like dinner
B: Id like vegetable soup, please. (La traduccion me gustaria sopa de
verduras, por favor),
B: Id like some vegetable soup, please. (le aad some), (Traduccion:
Quiero una sopa de
Verduras, por favor)
A: Would you like dessert, too?
B: No, thank you
2. A: Do we have got fruit?
A: We have got any fruit. Es lo que puse ing. Que tambien hace la misma
pregunta (tenemos fruta?)
B: Yes, there are some peaches and oranges on the table.
A: Great. I would like fruit salad for dessert.
D. Put the dialogue in the correct order. Write 1-7
So, Lyn what would you like (1)
Some chicken soup. I'm not very hungry (2)
Would you like a salad, too (3)
No, thanks. I don't really like salads (4)
What about dessert. They've got great cheesecake here (5)
No, I don't want any dessert (6)
OK, Now, where's the waiter. (7)

5c At the supermarket

Label the pictures.

A bottle of milk.
A glass of orange juice.
A slice of bread.
A packet of crisps.
A cup of hot chocolate. (es otra opocion: A cup of coffe)
A can of soda. (es otra opocion: A can of limonade)

B. Complete the dialogues whith how much or how many

1. Ken how much..
Ken how many.
2. Fred OK how much..

Fred And how many.

Fred What about onions. How many..
C. Write questions to the answers below using how much or how many
1. How many packets of crisps do you have
How many packets of crisps have you got? es mi respuesta
2. How much coffee do you drink a day.
3. How much milk have you got in your fridge.
How many bottles of milk are there in they fridge? es mi respuesta le
pongo How mani porque la respuesta dice que solo tiene una botella
de leche.
4. How much cheese do you eat.
How much cheese do you want? es mi respuesta pongo de esa
manera porque le pregunta cuanto queso quieres? La respuesta es:
no quiero queso
5. How much water do you drink a day.
6. How many eggs do you eat a week.

Answer the questions

I eat two slices of bread a day.
Theres one packet of pasta in the cupboard.
I drink three glasses of milk a day.
I drink one bottle of orange juice a day.
There are five eggs in the fridge.

5d Fast food

Write the prices.

$ 11.85.
$ 37.15.

B. Look at the pictures.

2.- Lisa would like a burger and chips.
3.- Peter would like a pizza and a water.
Peter would like a slice of pizza and a bottle of water
4.- Mary would like a Chinese food and a ice cream.
Mary would like tacos and some ice cream
C. Complete the dialogue with the sentences
(1) c. (2) a. (3) d. (4)b.
D. Match
1. (d)

2. (c) 3. (a) 4. (e) 5. (b).