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I. For each person listed, describe their contribution to Atomic Theory, and place them
chronological order.
1) Bohr, Niels

5) Millikan, Robert

2) Chadwick, James

6) Moseley, Henry

3) Dalton, John

7) Rutherford, Ernest

4) Democritus

8) Thomson, J.J.

II. Identify, by name and brief description, the three types of nuclear radiation.
III. Identify the three primary sub-atomic particles. Be sure to include the name, symbol,
relative charge, location within the atoms, relative mass, and what they do in the
IV. Define the following Vocabulary terms.
a. radiation

g. cathode ray

b. atomic mass unit

h. transmutation

c. mass number

i. half-life

d. atomic number

j. nuclear decay

e. atomic mass

k. fission

f. isotope

l. fusion

V. Draw and briefly describe Thomsons CRT experiments and Rutherfords Gold Foil