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April 2004

Environmental Standard for Vehicles

Vehicle Parts, Materials, Operating Fluids

VW 91101

Avoidance of Hazardous Substances

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In case of discrepancies the German version shall govern.

hazardous substance, environment, environmental substances list

The following changes have been made as compared to VW 911 01, 2001-05:
Section 1:

preparations, and products added in 2nd paragraph; reference to Appendix 1 of VW

911 01 removed; exemplary entry now in section 4 (Designation)

Section 2:

explanation of terms now in new section 2 (Terms); definitions of substance and

preparation added

Section 3:

renamed Requirements

Section 3.2:

reference to Appendix 1 of VW 911 01 replaced by reference to VDA 232-101; note

on EU Directives added

Previous issues
1993-11; 1996-08; 1996-10; 1999-04; 2001-05


Environmental policy: Policy and specifications acc. to VW 911 00

This standard provides information on substances, preparations, and products the use of which is
banned, restricted, or subject to other requirements due to the following regulations:

laws in countries which are sales markets for vehicles produced by the VW Group or

internal decisions within the VW Group, independent of legal regulations and the location of

The standard applies to substances, preparations, and products which are used in the vehicle or in
vehicle parts, and which are used as operating fluids or produced during the operation of the
vehicle or during its repair and maintenance.
The Environmental Standard for Vehicles relates to the use and handling of such materials which
are known to contain or potentially could contain hazardous substances.

Form FE 41 - 01.03

In this regard, it makes no difference whether the undesired substances are introduced as additives
or as impurities or whether they result at a later point in time.

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Norm vor Anwendung auf Aktualitt prfen / Check standard for current issue prior to usage.

Klass.-Nr./Class. No. 97 21 0

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VW 911 01: 2004-04



Object which consists of one or several substances or preparations. Its

design, surface, or shape is specified in the product engineering process and
is more important for the definition of its function than its chemical


Element of products which is produced using a material having a uniform

chemical composition


Chemical element and its compounds in natural form or artificially produced. A

substance may include additives required to maintain product stability and
impurities introduced due to the production method. It does not include
solvents which can be separated from the substance without adversely
affecting the substances stability and without modifying its composition.


Mixture or solution consisting of two or several substances



Emission restrictions in the vehicle interior

The occupants of vehicles produced by the VW Group must not

be damaged in their health or

be subjected to discomfort due to emissions in the passenger compartment.

The following regulations shall be complied with:

VW 501 80, Components in Passenger Compartment; Emission Behavior

For parts used by AUDI AG: Guideline for Use No. 3211, Audi Laboratory, Ingolstadt.


Substances subject to mandatory declaration and banned substances

VDA 232-101 shall apply.

The use of wood is subject to mandatory declaration. The wood species shall be designated with
the applicable abbreviations acc. to DIN 4076.
The following EU Directives are especially important in this context:



The substances, preparations, and products listed in section 1 shall not emit ionizing radiation that
exceeds natural radiation.

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VW 911 01: 2004-04


The following entry shall be made in the technical documentation concerned:

Avoidance of hazardous substances acc. to Volkswagen standard VW 911 01.

Referenced standards1

Guideline for
Use No. 3211

Requirements for the emission behavior acc. to VW 501 80 for materials

and acc. to PV 3942 for components in the passenger compartment, in the
trunk and in the air ducts used in vehicles by Audi AG.

VW 501 80

Components in Passenger Compartment; Emission Behavior

VW 911 00

Environmental Standard for Vehicles; Vehicle Parts, Materials, Operating

Fluids; Policy, Specifications


Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 May 1999

concerning the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative
provisions of the Member States relating to the classification, packaging
and labelling of dangerous preparations


Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 September

2000 on end-of-life vehicles


Council Directive of 27 June 1967 on the approximation of laws, regulations

and administrative provisions relating to the classification, packaging and
labelling of dangerous substances


Council Directive of 27 July 1976 on the approximation of laws, regulations

and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to restrictions
on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and

VDA 232-101

VDA list for substances which are subject to mandatory declaration.

Substances contained in parts and materials (VDA test sheet).

In this section terminological inconsistencies may occur as the original titles are used.