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FS 5



Episode 2
MY ATM CARD (Available Tests and Measures)
Name of FS Student

Joy R. Constantino


Resource Teacher
Cooperating School

Arnel L. Poja

Year & Section


Signature _________________

Paso de Blas National High School

Your Target
At the end of this activity, you will be adept in designing, using, and interpreting
results of objective tests.

Your Way
Designing and using assessment tools sound interesting, especially if you know their
curricular intentions. Take calculated strides in pursuing this interesting task through these

Step 6: Reflect on your experience.

Step 5: Analyze and interpret the data

and obtained from it focusing on target
Step 4: Conduct the pen-and-paper test
in a class.
Step 3: Make a Table of Specification and
construct pen-and-paper test items on the
subject observed.
Step 2: Study the teachers objectives of the
lesson. Observe his/her class, focusing on the
evaluation part of the lesson.
Step 1: Visit a class on a subject area of your choice.

Your Tools
As you visit schools, study the teachers objectives, formulate test items, and
interpret results, make a clear documentation of your tasks using the activity forms
provided for you in this book. For your paper-and-pen test items, customize a table of
specification, and prepare the test material based on the prescriptions of the school where
you do class observation.
Name of the School Observed: Paso De Blas National High School
School Address: Paso De Blas, Valenzuela City
10 , 2017
Year Level:
Grade 7

Date of Visit: January

Subject Area:

Teaching Learning Objectives:

There's no lesson plan produced by the teacher but he has a budget of
time looks like a syllabus. But based on my observation, his learning
objectives given below.
At the end of the lesson, 85% of the students with 75% proficiency
should be:
a. recognize the characteristics of an angles; and
b. illustrate the interior and the exterior angles.

Desired conditions and criterion levels of the learning

The desired conditions of the learning objectives are the good attitudes of the
student processes on how the learn on a certain task. On how they perform
very well on the given questions.
The criterion level that the teacher constructed was only based on how the students
well perform on a given activities given to them. The test item for the
assessment of their learning is based on the book.

Other notes:
The teacher itself did teaching passionately inside the classroom. But
as what I saw him inside the faculty, he even not prepared for his
lesson. He doesn't have a visual Aida or anything. He was only reading
his book for the next lesson. He doesn't have a paper test for
assessment. He only had a book that he studied. Sometimes book was
wrong as what I saw on the given example about the given interior and
exterior angles.

Your Analysis
Do you think the teachers learning objectives was appropriately
assessed by the test items? Why? Or Why not?

I think some of his learning objectives appropriately assessed by the test item because the
level of difficulty given questions gives to the students was based on what the teacher
discussed. The level of the difficulty on the given example is the same on the given
questions. So that it implies that it met up the goal of the teacher to the students.

Why did you have to study the teachers learning objectives prior to
developing an assessment tool?

I study this learning objectives of the teacher because I believe that there will be a time to
me that I will become a teacher in Math so that, right now, right in this time, I will do my
best to understand what's happening inside the classroom and how's the behaviour of the
students together with their teacher. I know that it takes long time to learn the behaviour
of the different person. In observing teacher is one thing that can help me to grow more
with patience to the students. And I learn that there are an appropriate tools needed in a
given task. Of course as a teacher, you need to scale the learning of the students inside the
classroom using the assessment tools. And of course if the assessment tools used by the
teacher not appropriate based on my observation, in my future life as a teacher, I will
always remember that this tool is not appropriate so that I didn't use it.

Your Reflections

Write your personal reflection of thoughts and feelings regarding the Peace
Concept on Focus. Share your reflection with your FS teacher and classmates.

I learn so much on how assessment tool used appropriately to the given objectives. Of
course, as a teacher, you need to consider the learning of the students in the objectives
that you are listed. If they learn it so fast or it takes note time to understand and how I
measure the learning of the students? Of course, if the objectives stated very well and the
topic presented so much understandable, then you will go now with your assessment and
what tools are appropriate to this. Of course, the checklist must be presented time to time.
It's your pleasure that needed to secure.