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A World of

Easter Eggs
A Reading AZ Shared Reading Book
Word Count: 327
Home Connection:
Initial consonant r-blends
Your reader is learning to identify words with the
r-blends fr, br, gr, and dr, such as frog, bring, gray,
and drip. As you read the book together, have him
or her look for words with these blends and make
a list of them to share with the class. Then help
your reader think of one or more new words that
contain one of these blends. Have your reader add
the words to the list.



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Written by Myka-Lynne Sokoloff


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Written by Myka-Lynne Sokoloff


A World of Easter Eggs

Shared Reading Book
Level 2
Learning AZ
Written by Myka-Lynne Sokoloff
All rights reserved.


Easter and Eggs

Easter and Eggs...................................... 4

People celebrate Easter all around the

world. Easter always comes in spring.

The Easter Bunny................................... 6

Its hard to think about Easter without

thinking about eggs. Like springtime, eggs
can make people think of things that are
fresh and new. Easter eggs are a tradition
in many places.

Colorful Eggs from Ukraine................... 7

Chocolate Eggs from Italy...................... 8
Fancy Eggs from Russia......................... 9
One Huge Chocolate Egg....................... 10

Color Your Own Easter Eggs................ 11

Glossary................................................. 12

A World of Easter Eggs

Shared Reading

The Easter Bunny

Some people say the Easter Bunny hides
eggs for children to find. Some say he
brings baskets filled with chocolate eggs
and rainbow-colored jellybean eggs.
Long ago, children in the country of
Germany knew about the Easter Bunny.
When German settlers came to America,
the children made nests for the Easter
Bunny to use. Today children have Easter
baskets with nests of Easter grass.

Some Easter eggs are painted bright,

pretty colors.
Some are made of candy.
Some are made of metal and jewels.
They are all beautiful eggs.
A World of Easter Eggs

Shared Reading

Chocolate Eggs from Italy

In Italy, people give fancy chocolate
eggs for Easter. The eggs have colorful
decorations. Many of the eggs have a toy
or a gift hidden inside. Some are huge,
some are small, but all of them are
beautiful eggs.

Colorful Eggs from Ukraine

In a country called Ukraine, people give
colorful eggs for Easter. These eggs are
called pysanky [pih-sahn-KIH]. People
draw designs on the eggs with wax. Then
they color the eggs. They do these steps
many times. The wax keeps the designs
from changing color. The designs and
colors have special meanings.
What Some Pysanky Colors Mean
sun, joy
spring, new life

A World of Easter Eggs

Shared Reading

One Huge Chocolate Egg

Some eggs are good to look at. Others
are good to eatand eat.
In April 2012, chefs made a giant
chocolate egg in Argentina. The egg was
almost 28 feet (8.5 m) tall and more
than four tonsthats lighter than an
elephant but twice the weight of a rhino!

Fancy Eggs from Russia

Long ago, Russian rulers gave beautiful
eggs for Easter. It took a year or more
to make each egg from
gold, colored metal,
and jewels. Each egg
held a surprise.

On Easter Sunday, the eggs surface

began to melt in the sun. Chefs cut up
the egg and shared it with the crowd.

A World of Easter Eggs

Shared Reading



wn Easter Eg



baskets (n.) woven or plastic containers for

holding or carrying things
chocolate (n.) a food made from cacao
seeds that is a popular treat
decorations (n.) objects used to beautify
designs (n.) patterns of lines, shapes,
images, or colors
Easter (n.) a Christian holiday held on
a Sunday in spring

What you need:

G newspaper
G  cup hot water
for each color
G hard-boiled eggs
G one cup or bowl
G 20 drops of

painted (n.) covered a surface with color,

either for decoration or to make
a picture

for each color

food coloring
for each color

surface (n.) the outside or top part of

a thing; the part of the ocean
or land that touches the air
above it

G a big spoon
G a grown-up

G 1 teaspoon white
vinegar for each color

to help you

tradition (n.) a belief or custom that is passed

down from year to year and
generation to generation

What you do:

1. Spread out newspaper.

wax (n.) a sticky, moldable substance

produced by honeybees or a
similar substance

2. A
 dd vinegar, water, and one color to each bowl.
3. Dip an egg until you like the color.
4. Let eggs dry on paper.

A World of Easter Eggs

Shared Reading


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