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--------- Dumps MGD2 na pasta Roms no mais fecham o emulador quando se d Import
- Assinaturas do HappyASR e FlycBoy removidas
- Agora o emulador tem suporte Unibios at a verso 1.3
- Novo Background

----------[kog]King of Gladiator
[kof96-1a]The King of Fighters '96 (Bootleg)
[kof2002-5c]The King of Fighters 2002 Plus (Set 3)
[kof2002-5d]The King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus
[kof2002-5e]The King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus II
[kf2k4spe-5a]The King of Fighters Special 2004 (Plus)
[kof10th]The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary
[kof10th-5b]The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Extra Plus
[lans2004]Lansquenet 2004
[ltorb1]Jonas Indiana and the Lost Temple of RA
[svcchaos-5c]Snk Vs Capcom Chaos Super Plus
+ Verso mais recente da zlib.dll (v1.2.3)

----------[garou]Garou - Mark of The Wolves
253d-p1.rom (fa50e446 -> e7c40dfa)
* Corrige o bug nos golpes de Gato

[kof2001]The King of Fighters 2001

262d-p1.rom (9381750d -> 2af7e741)
262d-p2.rom (8e0d8329 -> 91eea062)
* Corrige o bug nos menus

[kof10th-5a]The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Unique

* Agora clone de kof10th, usa uma nova s1 (10de5d7c) que corrige alguns bugs

[kof2003-5a]The King of Fighters 2004 Ex (Hero)

271d-p1.rom (9cfd1bb7 -> [p1]9bd97e8b, [p2]8c06e880, [p3]96842d45)

[kof2003-5b]The King of Fighters 2004 Ex (Ultra Plus)

271d-p1.rom (6134d515 -> 4793b724)

[mslug4-5a]Metal Slug 4 Plus

263d-p1.rom (89694a20 -> ce15b634)

[mslug5]Metal Slug 5
268d-m1.rom (792e07c1 -> 2f621a2b)
268d-p1.rom (d99c035c -> 5d1a8668)
268d-p2.rom (768ee64a -> 47662c5e)

[pochi]Pochi and Nyaa

267d-c1.rom (2bd02a33 -> 75fa4f27)

* Renomeado para pnyaa

[pokerngt]Poker Night
* Renomeado para poknight

[rotd]Rage of The Dragons

264d-m1.rom (7e06206d -> c5d36af9)

[samsho5]Samurai Shodown V
270d-m1.rom (18114fb1 -> 65495887)

[samsh5sp]Samurai Shodown V Special

272-p1.rom (3e3961f5 -> [p1]d5d492a9, [p2]b85f2c0f)
* Dump MVS
272-m1.rom (3ca75c37 -> 203d744e)

[svcchaos]Snk Vs Capcom Chaos

269d-p1.rom (f59cd7b0 -> dbe53050)
* Corrige bugs da anterior
269d-s1.rom (aaef740c -> 772b18dc)
269d-m1.rom (b042e390 -> 7b7bf462)

[svcchaos-1a]Snk Vs Capcom Chaos Plus (Set 1)

269d-p1.rom (1cc8fb7a -> [p1]e17c87d9, [p2]73413fd4, [p3]9c4f6f36)
* Renomeado para svcchaos-5a, agora usa a s1 aaef740c

[svcchaos-1b]Snk Vs Capcom Chaos Plus (Set 2)

269d-p1.rom (1cc8fb7a -> [p1]f74bf96d, [p2]60f0c498)
* Renomeado para svcchaos-5b, agora usa a s1 aaef740c

[lastblad]The Last Blade

234-v4.rom (13583c4b -> 0e34157f)

--------[diggerma]Diggerman (Nonsupport)
[vliner]Dyna V-Liner (Nonsupport)
[garoup]Garou - Mark of The Wolves (Prototype)
[jockeygp]Jockey Grand Prix (Nonsupport)
[irrmaze]The Irritating Maze (Nonsupport)
[kof2001-1a]The King of Fighters 2001 (Home Version - Console Fix)
[kof99p]The King of Fighters '99 (Prototype)
[samsh5sp-1a]Samurai Shodown V Special (Console)

By Snk-NeoFighters Team:

-------------iq_132 (por kof10th e mslug5)
oak2003 (por kog)

===================================- www.Snk-NeoFighters.com ===================================

= NeoRAGEx 4.x =

Aps a EGCG anunciar que no mais continuaria atualizando o NeoRAGEx, muitos fans do
emulador se
sentiram orfos, mas a histria comea a mudar agora.
Tudo graas ao magolouco, que conseguiu quebrar as protees que a EGCG havia colocado,
pudemos mexer no emulador e atualiz-lo.
Tambm devemos essa verso ao Shoometsu, que participou ativamente da atualizao e
ensinou a mim
e ao JiMMy a alterar o NeoRAGEx.

Agradecimentos muito especiais ao nosso amigo neo04 por vir fazendo durante todo esse
constantes atualizaes em seu dat, o qual nos serviu de base para fazer o dat do NeoRAGEx


* kof10thu


* kof2003 (agora segue o dump PCB)

* svcchaos (bootleg substitudo pelo dump PCB)




EGCG (pelo emulador)

magolouco (por quebrar as protees)
neo04 (pelos dats anteriores, nos quais nos baseamos para fazer esse)
iq_132 (pela p1 de svcchaos)

======================================- www.Snk-NeoGeo.com =====================================

From NeoRAGEx 0.6b readme


---------------------------------------------------------------------COMMON KEYS:


- Toggle in/out to system menu (Key redefenition etc)


- start 1 player game


- start 2 player game


- Coin1/Select


- Coin2/Select


- Volume -


- Volume +


- Record sound output


- Show/Hide frames/Sec


- Full throttle (ON/OFF)


- Save preview shot (8-bit only)

'F1' - Reset (Toggle in/out to MVS-settings)

'F2' - Audio Setting (ADPCM/FM/OFF)
'F3' - 8/16-bit audio output
'F4' - Audio channels (MONO/STEREO)
'F5' - 8/16-bit colordepth
'F6' - Scanlines (ON/50%/OFF)
'F7' - Interpolation (ON/OFF)
'F8' - Edge enhancement (ON/OFF)
'F9' - Take Screenshot
'F11' - Save state menu
'F12' - Load state menu

- Hmmmm... what might this key do?




- pl1 up

DOWN - pl1 down

LEFT - pl1 left
RIGHT - pl1 right

- pl1 Button1

- pl1 Button2

- pl1 Button3

- pl1 Button4

NUMP 8 - pl2 up
NUMP 2 - pl2 down
NUMP 4 - pl2 left
NUMP 6 - pl2 right

- pl2 Button1

- pl2 Button2

- pl2 Button3

- pl2 Button4

- pl1/pl2 hotkey1

- pl1/pl2 hotkey2

- pl1/pl2 hotkey3

- pl1/pl2 hotkey4

You can change the key layout in the options menu.


How do I overclock a certain game?

Type ,desired Hz after the game in the ini file. EX: 142096,metslug2.zip,20000000
This will set the 68000 cpu to 20 Mhz and will also overclock the z80 the same
percentage. In some games timing is very important, in that case overclocking
can make the game unstable. We have already overclocked some games so you might
not see any difference if you dont overclock them even more.

Where do I have to put my neo-geo bios files?

You can have them either unpacked or in a zip-file named neogeo.zip. Put them in
the same directory as NeoRAGEx.exe or in either rompath1 or rompath2.

Where do I put my roms?

In either rompath1 or rompath2. You can define your own rompaths in the
options/directories menu.

How could i enter the menu without exiting the game?


How could i enter the Dipswitch settings menu?

There are 2 ways to do this:
1. You can use F1 to switch between Dipswitch menu directly. No need to go through
NeoRAGE menu at all.
2. Or Enter the machine settings from the main menu. Select MVS Settings=ON. Accept
changes and reset NeoRAGE. Now you can change the softdip settings as you like.
When you are done leave the softdip and enter the NeoRAGE Main Menu again.
Change MVS-Settings=OFF and reset NeoRAGE.
Note! Remeber to leave the dip-menu before Pressing F1 or reseting.

What does the (?) mean in the gamelist?

It means that the game is not a tested dump. But propably will run ok anyway. It has

nothing to do with the name of the dump!


Certain Video cards force VSYNC if you use tripple buffering... this slows
down the emulation alot. If you have problems with speed turn tripple
buffering off.

If you have 60hz as refreshrate at res640x480 or res320x240

use tripple buffering with VSYNC and enable full
throttle (press '9') to get the most steady frame rate.

Remember to try all the different options in Video menu to find out what
works best on your hardware. And dont forget to checkout interpolation...

========================- http://home.swipnet.se/~w-50884/emulator/rage.htm ====================